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  1. xxstaindrosesxx

    Best and Worst Character in each season of Angel

    Since @crazy chicklet created one for Buffy, I thought I would toss one up for Angel. Season 1 Best: Much like Buffy, I feel like everyone in the first season is really solid. Obviously we can't have the show without Angel, and I like how they're doing the monster of the week thing, but he's...
  2. crazy chicklet

    Angel being cute

    Look at my favorite dorky and insecure manpire
  3. anIrishlullaby.png


    Connor isn't sleepy 🥱
  4. janas

    janas art stuff

    Well let's start with them 😘❤
  5. BuffyNvrForgets

    Can We All Take a Moment to Appreciate Summer Glau (River)???

    I recently forced my sister to watch all of Firefly. She had some odd notions about the Whedonverse I just had to correct (including the opinion that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the only good thing Whendon had ever been affilitated with, having never seen any Whedonverse property aside from that...
  6. DeadMansParty

    Big Fan, New Here

    Heyyyy all 😊 I’m new here, but a longtime fan of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly / Serenity. I used to spend a lot of time in the old AOL Buffy Chat. Watched every show (multiple time lol) and played every game. Never read the books or comics that continues the seasons but I’m sure I’ll learn more...
  7. buffynmarvel

    Fan Fiction on Wattpad

    Hi! I hope this is the right place to post this. If anyone's interested, I've uploaded Part One of Slayer on Wattpad. Its rated Mature for violent imagery just to be safe. And heads up, Angel is in this because I love their relationship. It will semi-follow the series as of Part Two, but I'll...
  8. BuffyNvrForgets

    Buffy Relationships (A polite, and civil place to discuss Buffy ship opinions!)

    Part of the reason I joined these Boards, is because I had so many complex thoughts and opinions about this show! One of my most complex are my Ship opinions. This can be a heated topic, so I wanted to set some groundrules for this thread, not only because I want this be a fun, comfortable...
  9. HushSarah

    Question Does anyone know if Angelus raped as well as tortured?

    Does anyone know if/when/what scene during rewatching the series (Season 2 specifically) if Angelus in his darker days had ever raped as well as tortured anyone? I bring this up because (and I keep my distance from FB groups) it's been implied/mentioned allegedly that Angelus had raped his...
  10. telperion66

    Buffy's weakness for boys in season 1

    Hi guys, I've watched BTVS and Angel forever. One thing that I just pieced together as it were is something we learn about Buffy's character early in season one. Clearly from the onset, there is a romantic attraction between Angel and Buffy, but in the episode 'Never Kill A Boy On The First...
  11. Miss Muffet

    When did you first ship Cangel?

    Cangel fans, when did you first ship Cordy an Angel romantically?
  12. buffynmarvel

    Bangel relationship

    Hello! :D What are people's thoughts on Buffy and Angel's relationship? I know it's a massive discussion in the fandom, and there's a reason I'm asking. I'm a writer, and I got into fan fiction last year and I absolutely love it :) I'm writing a Slayer / Marvel crossover with an OC Slayer...
  13. buffynmarvel


    I'm new to this forum. I've read things on here before but I've just signed up because I want to ask some questions and join in conversations with people on here :) So hello! How is everyone? I love Buffy and often re-watch a lot of episodes. Despite the age and bad CGI in a lot of ways, it will...
  14. RogueSlayer111

    Question What are some of the best nicknames that Lorne gives Angel and co?

    Posts all your funniest nicknames here. Thank you.
  15. NotEvilAngel

    Does Angel include spoilers for Buffy?

    Ok, so I'm in the middle of watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I want to watch Angel, but I don't know if that includes spoilers for Buffy. If you watched Angel, can you please let me know if it does or doesn't? Thank you!
  16. S

    Question Buffy & Angel Ebooks

    Does anybody know where I can get my hands of the entire Buffy & Angel ebook collection? I know that a few years ago they officially re-released a few in that format but then stopped. I would love to have the entire collection on my ereader.
  17. Wesxfred

    Question Was Season 4 really that bad?

    I want to start off by saying that I get why some people hate this season. The whole Cordelia thing is terrible and it ruins her character for me, but I would probably say the this Is my favourite season of either show *GASP* Ikr! I'm gonna tell you a few reasons why and feel free to comment x...
  18. Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Angel returns to Sunnydale in BtVS S5E17 after hearing about Joyce's death.
  19. PrincessBuffy16

    Angel's curse and Buffy

    Hi, I had something on my mind for quite some time now, and it appeared again in my mind now that I am rewatching the show. The reason Angel loses his soul after sleeping with Buffy in season 2 isn't because of the deed, it is because of her and the moment that they have shared. Being intimate...
  20. G

    Angel theme is not good compared to buffy

    No spoiler as on season 3 angel theme song is not good compared to the buffy theme song I've never seen angel just seen all the theme song for it as I'm on season 3 of buffy
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