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buffy 2020

  1. fauxindigo

    New Years Eve Ep.

    In honor of the new year and the holiday and because I love a good holiday episode, which pair(s) served best as the last of the year and first of the year dose of the 'verse? Which ones would've made for the best holiday themed? I think Hush is the best New Years eve / final episode of the...
  2. danzalthar

    Question Have you guys checked any of these "new Buffy" shows?

    We all know Buffy changed television definitely and there is a lesson learned from her in every TV drama. However, I have never seen any other shows being compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer as much as the recent Wynona Earpp and Warrior Nun. I actually started watching them due to such...
  3. adam934

    My Buffy Monopoly Board

    Hello fellow Scoobies, During lockdown 2020 we've been granted a lot of free time. During this time...
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