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  1. buffynmarvel

    Question Anyone want to beta read my Marvel/Slayer crossover?

    Hi! 😊 I write a Marvel/Slayer crossover where OC Slayer, Selene Teresi, is Tony Stark's daughter. Picks up from Season Two of the series. I'm wondering if someone wants to beta read the episodes as I finish them? I'm currently working with a writing coach on an original novel until August...
  2. youremyalways

    Best Buffy stuff

    Just wondering what people think is best about buffy I hope you guys are well :)
  3. just gonna leave this here.....hehe

    just gonna leave this here.....hehe

  4. janas

    janas art stuff

    Well let's start with them 😘❤
  5. B

    Buffy and Spike - a rant

    May I just say, I hate that spike laid down the charm and kindness leading up to them getting together. He was nice and helpful, then they actually got together and he was totally different. Back to his old vampire ways, pushy and aggressive and predatory and it completely took away from all the...
  6. docsharkboy

    Question How do you guys think spike would've died at the end of his original run

    You guys ever wondered how Spike would've died? Like at the end of his original five episode run he was meant to get dusted and I know it would be really easy to say that Buffy would've dusted him but I don't actually think she would've. I think he would've escaped and then Angel would've...
  7. Madido24

    Was Buffy a liar when it came to her rule of not killing humans ?

    -“- So let me explain. I’m sure you all remember the episode, but some of you were oblivious to that one detail, one spot that instilled discomfort in the hero’s unbreakable rule of never killing humans. that moment when Buffy hurled an ax at the Knight of Byzantium’s rib cage when the...
  8. Miss Muffet

    Should Dawn have died instead of Buffy?

    I've seen people talk about this topic before, but I haven't seen a thread for it, so I made one :) Do you think Dawn should have sacrificed herself in 'The Gift' instead of Buffy? Why?
  9. DeadMansParty

    Big Fan, New Here

    Heyyyy all 😊 I’m new here, but a longtime fan of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly / Serenity. I used to spend a lot of time in the old AOL Buffy Chat. Watched every show (multiple time lol) and played every game. Never read the books or comics that continues the seasons but I’m sure I’ll learn more...
  10. telperion66

    My First Buffy Fan-Fiction (Introduction)

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at writing any kind of fan-fiction, and yes, of course it had to be for Buffy (one of my favourite shows, along with Angel) I hope you take the time to check it out. There's plenty more of where this came from, as I've got loads of time on my hands and I'm...
  11. buffynmarvel

    Fan Fiction on Wattpad

    Hi! I hope this is the right place to post this. If anyone's interested, I've uploaded Part One of Slayer on Wattpad. Its rated Mature for violent imagery just to be safe. And heads up, Angel is in this because I love their relationship. It will semi-follow the series as of Part Two, but I'll...
  12. BuffyNvrForgets

    Classic (Non Canon) Buffy Comics. (Are they better than the Canon comics? Discussion)

    Ever since I finished the show, I've begun to collect all the comics I can get my hands on. And boy, is that a harder task than it needs to be. It generally means constantly checking my local used bookstores... But now I'm the proud owner of all of season 8, most of seaon 9, and (the pride of my...
  13. BuffyNvrForgets

    Buffy Relationships (A polite, and civil place to discuss Buffy ship opinions!)

    Part of the reason I joined these Boards, is because I had so many complex thoughts and opinions about this show! One of my most complex are my Ship opinions. This can be a heated topic, so I wanted to set some groundrules for this thread, not only because I want this be a fun, comfortable...
  14. HushSarah

    Question Does anyone know if Angelus raped as well as tortured?

    Does anyone know if/when/what scene during rewatching the series (Season 2 specifically) if Angelus in his darker days had ever raped as well as tortured anyone? I bring this up because (and I keep my distance from FB groups) it's been implied/mentioned allegedly that Angelus had raped his...
  15. KaitKat

    Was Wes Right Choices S3 EP19

    After the major and Faith took Willow hostage in exchange for the return of the box of Gavrok, Buffy is immediately in favor of not the exchange prior to destroying the box which the major needs to ascend. Wesley is not necessary in favor of sacrificing Willow but would be willing to stating...
  16. T

    Discussion I've never seen: Favorite Evil Henchpersons?

    Rewatching again (again again) and thought of a fun question. Must have been asked somewhere but a search here and on Google didn't turn it up. I'm rewatching season 5 and Jinx made me think of it. Who are you favorite evil "henchmen"/ "henchpersons?" . That is, not the villains themselves...
  17. heckate

    THE NEVERS... Buffy Style!

    Someone on one of the Nevers FB pages suggested someone make this... so I did. Enjoy! The Nevers (HBO) - BUFFY STYLE!
  18. Miss Muffet

    Why didn't Buffy stake Spike in 'Beneath You'?

    Why didn't Buffy stake Spike when she didn't know he had a soul? I may be missing something, as I haven't seen 'Beneath You' in over a year, but I honestly can't figure it out. Ideas?
  19. buffynmarvel

    Bangel relationship

    Hello! :D What are people's thoughts on Buffy and Angel's relationship? I know it's a massive discussion in the fandom, and there's a reason I'm asking. I'm a writer, and I got into fan fiction last year and I absolutely love it :) I'm writing a Slayer / Marvel crossover with an OC Slayer...
  20. buffynmarvel


    I'm new to this forum. I've read things on here before but I've just signed up because I want to ask some questions and join in conversations with people on here :) So hello! How is everyone? I love Buffy and often re-watch a lot of episodes. Despite the age and bad CGI in a lot of ways, it will...
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