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james marsters

  1. IndianaSolo221

    Spike’s Expressions

    I was just looking at some Buffy promos/screenshots, particularly those of Spike, and I realized...his expressions are almost always doglike. From what I have read/understand, this is intentional, either on Marster’s part, or in the way he was directed/the way Spike was written. I guess it’s...
  2. pic.jpg


    Ain't that neat, luv?
  3. EA991E39-487E-4053-BDAC-06330EDBA73F.jpeg


    Bucket list #2 check Meet James Marsters
  4. AshSlays

    The search for the Marsters Spike comic

    So I was listening to cast interviews around when I finished BtVS about the comics and show. I remember listening to this one interview(No, I can't find it anywhere I look) of both Whedon and Marsters where they talked about the Spike special comic they co-wrote. That day, I knew that I needed...
  5. TarasBoyfriend

    Spike Needs Spider-Man

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer's James Marsters Waited In Line At Gamestop To Get Spider-Man Just Like The Rest Of Us Spike knows this game looks awesome ☺️ I would have freaked out and forgotten what I was there for if I’d been there and seen James Marsters.
  6. S

    Capital City Comic Con - Victoria, Canada

    Is anyone from the Seattle area or Olympic Peninsula going to the Comic Con in Victoria? James Marsters is doing an appearance!!! Really looking forward to meeting him!
  7. William The Bloody!

    William The Bloody!

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