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riley finn

  1. HushSarah

    Riley vs. Spike

    Just finished my re watch of Season 4 and it keeps dawning on me why I always preferred Riley for Buffy more than Spike and yes, even Angel. Spike was a prominent character in S4, his character more or less introduced The Initiative in full view. One could argue the Scoobies wouldn't have known...
  2. pizzaslayer

    Riley’s dorm room

    Can we talk about Riley’s burgundy sheets and his HEADBOARD. Like who brings that to a college dorm?
  3. S

    Question New here, With a slash question

    Hi, so I used to be really into Buffy and some of the slash forums. Particulary Graham/Riley. I used to go on this one site that slash recs but haven't been able to find it lately. It was a Graham/Riley pairing and Doctor Walsh was doing experiments on Graham with some of the monsters and he...
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