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season 5

  1. Miss Muffet

    Connor, not Dawn

    Weird thought I had: What if Dawn and Connor had had each other's roles? Connor would be Buffy little brother and Dawn would be Angel and Darla's child. How would this change the series, considering they'd respond to events differently?
  2. Madido24

    Buffy Pros and Cons

    BUFFY PROS AND CONS I noticed people reviewing each season through pros and cons and I have decided to do the same as I find it more readable for another reader and more practical for me. First off, I would like to say that I love BTVS. It has marked me quite later in late 2018 when it was...
  3. Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Angel returns to Sunnydale in BtVS S5E17 after hearing about Joyce's death.
  4. Sara1992

    How did Olaf’s hammer

    How did Olaf’s hammer appear on the shelf In the magic box? I’ve been wondering that for awhile now. Like who lifted it and bought it there ? Or did willow use magi ? Or is just something that the writers didn’t think was necessary to even explain ??
  5. always been bad.png

    always been bad.png

    What can I tell you, baby? I've always been bad.
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Dawn create Spuffy?

    Hi all, So I have been wondering about this for a while. We have talked a lot about how Dawn's addition to the core group changed a lot of things in the characters life. But do you think that Dawn's presence created Spuffy? Here are my points that could prove that she was at least in part...
  7. 07539282278d26c70a46140a89487ca2.jpg


    Not so scary anymore! He's just like us!
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Funny dynamic between Spike and Angel

    Hi all, So there is a lot of funny moments between Spike and Angel in S5 and I thought we could cherr each other up with a funny list of them. Here is one of my fave Spike-Angel moment in S5: What are yours?
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    What is OCC for Gunn to accept the W&H offer?

    Hi all! Ok so for me I always found it OCC for Gunn to accept the offer to work for W&H. S1 and S2 Gunn would never get along with the big and powerful evil. It was very hard for him to leave his old gang and work for a vampire, I find it hard for me to believe he would go along with an evil...
  10. EarthLogic

    Why was Angel sent that vision of the Black Thorn?

    Angel's last stand in Not Fade Away gets talked about a lot in terms of whether it was a good reiteration of the message of the show or whether it was really a futile exercise that in fact betrayed their core mission. But I haven't seen as much discussion about why the Powers sent Angel that...
  11. buffy1990

    Dawn and Ben

    As I was rewatching S5 this time around, I kept noticing the parallels/similarities between Dawn and Ben. They both existed in human form for some sort of purpose revolving around Glory. Dawn for the sake of being protected from Glory, and Ben as her human prison. Both of them being killed...
  12. M

    Did anyone else hate Dawn in this season?

    She was annoying as hell.. She was freaking 14! and was acting like a 3 years old brat! Just like how sometimes it pisses me off that parents don't do anything to discipline their bratty kids, I was annoyed that joyce or buffy didn't say anything to her if she was being a jerk or screaming.. or...
  13. WillowSummers88

    Question Joyce Summers

    I have sometimes wondered why they killed Joyce off so soon. Why not have her stay alive long enough to sacrifice herself to close the portal? Could she not close it? What do you guys think? She could have given Buffy and Dawn a big loving heart warming speech. Instead, she just dies on the...
  14. Joan the Vampire Slayer

    What if Dawn had been a boy?

    What if Dawn had been a boy? Would that have changed anything? Do we think that Buffy would have still done what she did? Discuss!
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