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  1. Miss Muffet

    Love With A Soul vs. Love Without One

    Can soulless beings in the Buffyverse love? This has been a question that fans have talked about recurringly. Canon gives us two different answers. Many of the intellectuals of the verse say, no, they can't. You have to have a soul to love. On the other hand, we have the soulless beings...
  2. EffulgentBitca

    Did Spike began changing before getting a soul?

    Spike has always retained a bit more humanity in him than the average demon. The Judge makes it clear enough in Spike's first season that he stinks of it and as we get to know him we see how Spike is, indeed, driven by destructive, yet very human emotions from his preserved love for his mom, to...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    2 vampires with a soul - A mistake?

    Hi all, Ok so I will try to be as neutral as I can about this sudject because I really want your inpun on this. So at the end of S6, the writers decided to give Spike a soul. Personaly, I think it was a mistake on a writing point of view (not character). Here are my reasons why and my...
  4. theslayerettes

    Vampire with a Soul: Angel vs. Spike

    As far as we know, (based on the show) Angel and Spike are the only vampires with souls. When Spike got his soul we assumed that it worked just like Angel's does. But it seems to me like the soul affects them differently. With Angel, it is made clear that he and Angelus are separate entities...
  5. Teddie Westside

    Souless vs with soul

    You're introduced to Angel at the beginning of Buffy Take his human past (Liam) His vampire past (Angelous) Then his vampire with a soul time on Buffy (Good Mopey Angel) Then on Angel (Bad Angel) [I mean when he got all epipanied off] Okay then there's Spike Abused poet (William)...
  6. G

    Question Why did Spike try to hide his soul?

    So I just re-watched 'beneath you' (season 7) (so SPOILERS obviously) and Spikes behaviour in that episode is really chaotic: First he comes to Buffy not 'looking to atone' but to help, but at the same time making it clear that he's sorry about the almost rape ('I don't have word for it...
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