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  1. docsharkboy

    Question How do you guys think spike would've died at the end of his original run

    You guys ever wondered how Spike would've died? Like at the end of his original five episode run he was meant to get dusted and I know it would be really easy to say that Buffy would've dusted him but I don't actually think she would've. I think he would've escaped and then Angel would've...
  2. NikonTheVampire

    Question What kind of FanFic do you like to Read

    I know there are different Genres and pairings. I see that the vast majority prefer Spuffy instead of Bangel. Some slash fics. Angst. What kind of fics do you like to read about. I love fics that could fit in the universe that Joss created. So a pairing between Giles and Buffy or Spike and...
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