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Art Challenges/Battles Rules

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Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
There has been an increasing interest in participating in art battles and challenges around the board lately, but with more and more threads popping up we thought there needed to be some guidelines and rules set. Please read the following, and if you have any questions, PM a member of the staff.

You must have at least 50 posts to participate in an art battle or challenge.

Rules for Art Battles

*Battles may be done either as a banner battle or a wallpaper battle. To start a battle, post a thread in the Art Challenges & Battles forum with the format: "Banner/Wallpaper Battle: username vs. username"

*Each battle will consist of 5 rounds. In each round, the artists will present 3 rules for the piece. Each artist should wait until the competition's piece has been posted before starting theirs for the round.

*Your art for the battle should only be posted within the thread for the battle.

*If you would like to be matched up by the mods for a battle, please PM a moderator to ask. We will match competitors based on skill and notify you of your partner.

*Once all 5 rounds have been completed, you may post a poll to ask board members to vote on the winner.

*There is a maximum of three art battles at one time per person.

Rules for Art Challenges

*Challenges are open to any member with at least 50 posts who wants to participate.

*Entries must be wallpaper sized, at least 800 by 600 pixels.

*Only 1 art challenge at a time will be allowed.

*In the challenge thread, no posting is allowed except to post entries/awards. If you have a question about the challenge, you may PM the moderator running the challenge. If you would like to comment on a piece, please do so via a karma comment or PM to the artist.

Note: Challenges may be started by members of staff only. Battles may be started by any member who meets the above requirements.

Thank you to HisMrs for writing out these rules.

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