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BB Tips & Tricks #1: Reply, Multiquote & Adding quoted text to a post

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
I am going to be re-issuing our Tips & Tricks series, highlighting some of the more confusing or hidden features of the board, now that we are on XenForo 2.0 and some of the features have changed a bit. .

I thought we would start with using reply and multiquote to reply to posts while quoting another member's (or several's) post.

So if you take a look at a post down there on the right hand bottom side, first you have Comment (to add a note directly on to a post that doesn't continue the thread topic and you don't need someone to reply to), Like (which is pretty self explanatory) and then the ones we're looking for:

+ Quote - Clicking on this one will add the post in question to the Multi-quote. You can add multiple posts in this way. When you are ready to insert your quotes into your reply, click on "Insert Quotes" down below the box where you type your post. A box will pop up that will let you order and/or remove your selected quotes. Click Quote Messages to insert the quotations into the reply box. This is a good feature to use if you want to quote posts as you read the thread so you can reply to them all at once later.

Reply - Clicking on the Reply link will quote just that one post and put it in the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the thread. It is in essence "quoting" that post and inserting the quotation into the reply box.

You can also click on Reply in a post, type your response in the reply box, then move to a new line and click on Reply in another post to quote more than one post in your reply. This should be done rather than making separate posts for each post you want to respond to. If you hit Post reply, then realize you missed something you want to respond to, just hit Reply to insert the quotation in to the reply box, type your response, then copy the post you just typed. Click on Edit in the post you just made and paste the added text at the bottom. Then click on Save. Voila!

Hope that clears that up a little bit!
This is great. I never noticed the "insert quotes" on the reply box before.
A bit, A BIT! If I can do that the least it'll be is a lot! Considering my understanding of software, it might be a miracle rather than a lot.
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