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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 10 - March 2009

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

March 2009

Special Andy Hallett Tribute Edition


Happy Saint Patrick's Day, BB!

Welcome to the March 2009 edition of the Official Buffy-Boards Newsletter, dedicated to the memory of Andy Hallet and his portrayal of "The Host" (also known as "Lorne") on Angel: the series.

Haven't seen the newsletter before? Curious as to what it's all about? The BB Newsletter is a monthly thread put together by a team of three moderators here at BB. It contains updates on Board upgrades and features, member, Jossverse and other board news, and features outstanding members and posts. It is also your chance to speak out and be heard by sending in your submissions, or get to know some fellow BB-ers.

After you're done reading, be sure to stop by our Newsletter Feedback Thread and let us know what you think of the newsletter. And if you're you happened to miss it, last month's edition of the newsletter is always available to read right here.

Welcome New Members!

On behalf of all the members and staff of BB, we'd like to send out another board-wide welcome to our new members of February, 2009. It's great to have all of you a-board and we hope that you're enjoying yourselves! Be sure to stop by the Check In forums and say "hello" to your fellow members, and take a look over the handy FAQ section before posting.

If you think that you could use a little extra help, the Bad Eggs section is a great feature on BB. Simply post a new thread in Bad Eggs and a fellow Buffy-Boarder will take you under his or her wing as an "adoptee." Your new "parent" will be your own personal guide to the boards. You can also post a request in the The Sorting Tome to be sorted into a Board Dormitory. Home to many secrets and competitions, the dorms are a great way to get to know your fellow Buffy Boarders.

Our new members for the month of February, 2009 were:


Moderator Updates

This month, we welcomed VisionGuy back to the moderating team. A long time Buffy Boards member and moderator, real life caused VisionGuy to take a temporary hiatus from his modly duties. Now that he has been blessed with more free time to devote to us here on the Buffy Boards, we have been blessed by his return.

If you have not already done so, feel free to stop by his Welcome Back thread and wish him well.

Also, Kean has announced that she will be taking a break from BB for at least a few months to work out some offline business. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her when she returns.

Moderators are identified with the title "Junior Partner" and a custom avatar. They perform duties like planning board events, overseeing assigned board sections and the chat room, editing or moving posts or threads as required and responding to member complaints, queries, or infractions. Members are invited to please feel free to take concerns or questions to the appropriate member of the Buffy Boards staff.

Board News

Andy Hallett : Rest in Peace

On March 29th, 2009, a sombre feeling took over the boards as the Buffyverse lost a shining star: Andy Hallet. Known for his role on Angel as "The Host" (aka Lorne), the actor passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after a five-year battle with congestive heart disease.

sfx.co.uk said:
Actor Andy Hallett, renowned for playing Lorne in Angel, has died aged just 33.

Posting on his MySpace page, former Angel make up designer Dayne Johnson broke the news late this evening. He said: "It is with great sadness and my heavy heart to have to tell those of you who do not know, that Andy Hallett passed away last night. His friendship and laughter will be remembered forever."

Andy Hallett was born in Massachusetts and moved to Los Angeles where he got the role of the karoake-loving Host after Joss Whedon saw him singing in a Blues revue. The role was his first ever job as an actor. He had been in ill health for some time.

A fan favourite, he was a regular on the convention circuit, and visited the UK many times appearing at events and signings.

As more and more fans logged onto BB to learn the heartbreaking news, posts of sympathy poured in and many members changed their avatars or signatures as a way to honour the Angel star. BBtv organized a pair of Special All Lorne Memorial Viewings that many members attended, showing off just how talented this actor (and singer) was.

Buffy Summers has started a thread (here) where members can post messages to Andy's Family that will be printed out and sent to them, and it has been decided that all proceeds from the BB Holiday Ornaments sales will be donated to a charity in Andy's memory. Also, if you would like to send a card to Andy's Family on your own, the appropriate address is below.

Andy Hallett
PO Box 924
Osterville, Mass.

On behalf of all of the staff and members of Buffy-Boards, we'd like to once again send our condolences on the loss of Andy Hallett. He was an amazing actor and all-around good man that will without a doubt, be missed.


Congratulations New Prefects!

Last month, the Dorms of BB were asked to elect a member to take over as Prefect for 2009. As it turns out, each dorm will have a new prefect this year, congratulations to...

MozYa (Vahla Ha'nesh), Nix (Raiden), Blondie Bear (Merrick), and SpoonsAreCool (Drogyn)!

And on behalf of all the dorms, a big thank you to last year's prefects Joyce Summers, Angelic Slayer, SpikedBuffy, and Lyri for your hard work!

Prefects are members who have been nominated and elected by their dormitory's members to organize dorm activities and helping with interdorm challenges. They also look after the dorm's private forum and members.


Downtime and BB Outside of the Boards

Within the past few weeks BB has experienced some downtime due to some technical difficulties, but the blow wasn't quite as harsh as many members flocked to BB's off-board profiles and the IRC Chat.

All of BB's Social Networking Profiles can be found under the new "Community" tab at the top of your page, but be sure to bookmark the following sites for your BB fix and updates:

BB on Twitter
BB on Facebook
BB on Myspace
BB on LiveJournal


New Avatars and Skin

On March 14th, Buffy Summers took the time to upload some new Dollhouse Avatars that have already made their way onto profiles everywhere. Also in the spirit of Dollhouse, the wonderful Lyri made an Echo Skin, the 100th designed for Buffy-Boards to date.

If you'd like to see a certain avatar on the boards, please upload your photos to the Gallery and it will be created during the next round of avatar updates.


Kean and Lyri Banned? April Fools 2009!

Over the past few years, a select few staff members have managed to pull the wool over BB's eyes for our annual April Fool's joke-- and this year was certainly no exception!

On April 31st, news broke that a "rip-off" Buffy-Boards had been set up at Proboards.com by a mysterious internet user. Buffy-Boarders quickly rushed in to defend their beloved boards (with some very entertaining results) as the staff scrambled to take action against this copycat board.

But the story didn't end there, just a few hours later it was announced that Kean and Lyri had set up the website as an April Fool's joke that had gone horribly wrong, and they were promptly demoted and banned from the boards (after a rather public altercation with Buffy Summers). Mixed reactions flooded the boards: could it be? Our beloved Moderators took a joke just too far? Never to be seen again?

Well, of course not. This is April Fool's at BB after all. As it turns out, a certain Senior Partner tipped off Buffy Summers ahead of time to Kean and Lyri's plan, and the two were "April Fooled" right back. Whether you were fooled or not by the scheme: t was an April Fool's Day to remember: that's for sure!

Did you miss the big show? The threads are still available to read: Here (Thread #1), here (Thread #2), and here (Thread #3)


Board Upgrades

This month, the boards recieved two major upgrades:
  • You can now view the Social Groups that you are a member of right on the Main Page (right above the Board Statistics)
  • A new Facebook-Like status is now available at the bottom left of your posts!
    Just click the "Edit" button to type in your status, and click it once more to save your changes


Note from the Board Staff

If you haven't already, please be sure to stop by the thread regarding Dollhouse Spoilers for some clarification on the rules surrounding spoilers for the series. :)

Also, just another reminder for all members to please keep signatures within the limits of 725 x 150 pixels (this includes all text, banners and buttons, etc). Moderators will be editing and/or removing any signatures that are not within these limits so please double check yours to ensure they are within the rules. If you're still not clear on how large that is, you can always read up on signature rules in our FAQ Section, here.

And finally, the Staff has noticed quite a bit of unfriendly behaviour this last little while and would like to remind everyone to please be respectful of your fellow members and their opinions. Disagreements happen everyday but we expect members to treat each other in an appropriate and respectful manner, regardless of a difference of opinion. Personal attacks and inappropriate posts will not be tolerated. If you find anything on BB that you feel is offensive, objectionable or illegal please don't hesitate use the "Report" function or PM a Moderator to bring it to our attention.


BB Big Brother

After a great response to the idea thread, BB Big Brother is offficially coming to a computer screen near you! This 2 week competition will feature 12 of BB's finest members playing a BB version of the popular Reality Show. Not only will the winner recieve endless bragging rights, but they will also be recieving a special prize from the BB Store. Applications are now open and will be accepted until the end of the month, so be sure to read through the rules carefully and sign up for this exciting BB first! For more information, check out the main thread here.


Buffy-Boards Ficathon Takes on an Apocalypse!

Back by popular demand, the second edition of the Buffy-Boards Ficathon 2009 has begun! With an all new theme in order, participants will be showing off their writing talents through fanfics where Buffy and/or the Scoobies take on their annual apocalypse. To keep in time with when the Hellmouth usually blew on TV, the fics will be posted throughout May. All submissions should be beta'd and PM'd to Lyri by April 30th, 2009 (not Kean, for obvious reasons). Authors are reminded that if you have sent your submission to Kean already to please forward a copy to Lyri ASAP. Interested in writing? Stop by the main thread for contest details and a few slight rule changes, here.


As the RPGs Turn: the latest and greatest in BB Role Playing entertainment

The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is moving forward with some exiting new storylines and a revamped cast. In this RPG, your fellow BB members deliver fantastic performances as good guys gone bad and bad guys gone good in this upside down take on everyone's favourite "˜verse. Due to recent cast shakeups," The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is undergoing some plot reconstruction and will reconvene as soon as the busy mods complete their work.

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri "“ Darla
Kean "“ Angel
Black Eye Guy "“ Faith
Mesektet Ra "“ Drusilla
Joyce Summers "“ Buffy
Crazy Flakes "“ Willow
Lindsey MacDonald "“ Glory
palabravampiress "“ Giles
Faith - Xander

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is the longest running RPG here at BB, so be sure to check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary in order to get up-to-speed. Like "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass," NH has recently been on hiatus due to cast changes. The BB staff is hard at work adjusting the plot accordingly. As soon as the mods finish their work, expect this RPG to come roaring back with the much anticipated War of the Slayers! Both team Scooby and the rogue slayers led by Ansara, Drusilla, and Indra have been feverishly consolidating forces for the past year. The situation has reached a boiling point, so you're not going to want to miss a post!

The current cast list is as follows:

Angel - played by Slayergal
Illyria - played by Angels Baby101
Spike - played by Mesektet Ra
Buffy Summers - played by Kean
Willow Rosenberg - played by Black Eye Guy
Xander Harris - played by palabravampiress
Faith - played by Faith
Gwen Raiden - played by Lyri

Indra - (Slayer) - played by palabravampiress
Drusilla - (Vampire) - played by DarklyDreamingDrusilla

New Horizons is currently casting for the roles of:

Robin Wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


Art Classes Update

This month, the BB Art Students tackled their next round of lessons and a new class opened for business! The Beginners learned a little about Icon Colouring, the Intermediate Class took on some Basic Banner-Making and finally the new Advanced Class made some beatiful backgrounds to learn Basic Manipulation.

The next round of lessons coming very soon so all those taking part are reminded to stop by the BB Art Tutorials forum frequently for updates.

Class sign up thread is again, now Closed as the lessons have started. If you would still like to participate, please send a PM to either Faith or Lyri.


Guess the Big Bad: Bonus Round!

Over the past few months, the dorms of BB have been asked to come up with three guesses as to who the mysterious Twilight may be, as well as an explanation as to his background/ possible motives. Those involved in the Season 8 comics are starting to hint at a reveal of his identity coming very soon, and with that reveal the chance to make a guess with your dorm disappears!

All guesses should be submitted by a house representative to this thread, so stop in your dorms and come up with your guesses as soon as possible!


After-Darkness: Have YOU joined?

For those of you who haven't heard, After-Darkness is BB's sister site where you can discuss all things Sci-Fi! Not quite sure what you'd talk about? Just a few of the shows discussed at AD are....
  • Being Human
  • Doctor Who
  • Torchwood
  • Fringe
  • Harper's Island
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Reaper
  • Smallville
  • Supernatural

As well, the site features Role Playing Games, an area to discuss other Sci-Fi shows, Sci- Fi News and much more!

Starting next month, the BB Newsletter will be featuring a post or news tidbit from After-Darkness to keep you up to date with what's happening there. In the meantime, be sure to register by visiting the home page, here.


In Other News"¦

The new "Dragonball: Evolution" Movie starring James Marsters is set to hit North American Theatres April 10th, 2009
Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan welcomed a new life into the world this month, giving birth to a beautiful Baby Girl on March 24th, 2009 named Satyana Denisof!
On February 24, 2009 Amber Benson released her latest novel "Death's Daughter" available at amazon.com
On a recent visit to "Live with Regis and Kelly", David Boreanaz revealed that and his wife Jaime Bergman are expecting a second child!
More baby news was revealed earlier this week as People Magazine revealed that Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband are expecting their first child!
and finally Firefly star Nathan Fillion's hilarious new series "Castle" premiered March 9th, 2009 on ABC.

Also, members can still pick up their Official Board Merchandise here. These are a must-have for Buffy-Board lovers, so be sure to get yours now!

BBTv is still going strong with both screenings and re-screenings of your favourite BTVS episodes happening two days a week! Stop by the main area or check out the Calendar for dates on the next event!

and brought to you by some of the "BB's Insiders", Boards Buzz made it's full-length debut last month! Be sure to check it out for behind the scenes BB Awards gossip, here.


This month we've seen only a few tidbits Member News popping up around the boards, so remember BB: if something newsworthy happens to you or a fellow BB-er, you are more than welcome to send it in to palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer; and we'll be sure to spread the word!

Lindsey McDonald has taken a week-long trip to London (BB insiders tell us that he may be trying to sneak on-set of the new Terminator Movie)
caitaintdead has recently become engaged! Congratulations!
and Blondie Bear is going back to college. She has been accepted to a PhD program for British Literature at Middle Tennessee State University. Awesome to hear, congratulations BB!

From The Members

Are you feeling artsy today? Writing a poem about your favourite Buffy episode? Be sure to send in your creative works for our "From The Members" section! Submissions can be sent via PM to palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer.

Question of the Month

As many of you know, each month the Newsletter Staff posts a question for the members of BB to answer as best as they can. Once all of the submissions are collected, the top entries are featured right here and a new question is posted for YOU to answer! Last month, we received an entry from Edmund Blackadder, but palabravampiress forgot to post it, so we're presenting it to you now. Sorry, EB!

Last month, we asked:

"If you were presented with the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, in what capacity would you want to work with him and why?"

Edmund Blackadder replied:

I would want to be his teaboy, then over the course of my employment, I would slowly change his milk and sugar to soya milk and sweet and lo in a diabolical scheme that would eventually seem him getting angry at a member of staff at Starbucks for giving him, what he believes to be, sour milk and sweetener and get kicked out of Starbucks by Ngendra, a mid-level manager who doesn't take too kindly to his staff being shouted at - it doesn't matter who you are, Ngendra stands up for his staff.

I like Ngendra!

This month, with the untimely death of Andy Hallet juxtaposed with the joyful news of birth of little Satyana Denisof, BBers are professing feelings of ambivalence and ambiguity left and right. We're not quite sure how we should fee, so we're asking you:

"How do you feel about the stark contrast of life and death presented to the BB community this month?"

Please PM palabravampiress your answer by April 28, 2008!

Caption This!

As promised, we're pleased to present another new section starting in the BB Newsletter this month: "Caption This!", a fun new way for members to get involved in the Newsletter. Each month, we will post a Whedonverse image for you to come up with a creative and entertaining caption for. When the brilliant idea strikes you, we ask you to PM your caption to palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer by the Newsletter deadline. From the entries we recieve, the Staff will choose the best of the bunch to be featured the following month. The author of the winning caption will recieve a small button to feature in their signature for the month. Please note that an entry must be kept family friendly (no adult content or foul language) to be considered.

This month's "Caption This!" image is...


image courtesy of: ChosenTwo.com Gallery

We can't wait to see what you come up with BB! Be sure to send in those submissions by April 28, 2008!

Five Questions With"¦

As many of you know, each month the Moderators of BB send out a list of five questions for one lucky BB-er to answer. In return, that member is allowed one question to ask the Mods (to which we will feature two of the best responses). The questions that will be asked are"¦

What is your fondest memory of BB?
If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
What's your earliest memory of BB?
Who do you admire?
What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?

This month, however, the "Five Questions With..." segment has been put on hold, in order to bring you a special "Five Questions With... The New BB Prefects!" segment next month! So keep your eyes peeled because it's going to be great!

In the meantime, the Mod's answers to this month's questions are....​
Lou said:
"My answer is.....Thin Mint ice cream mixed with Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice cream microwaved for 15 seconds with cherries. Oh, and my answer to question #2 and #3 are "Sushi" and "Guy #2"
Buffy Summers said:
"Mohito. Rabbit. Car wax."
Kean said:
"Elvis, My pinky finger, But it was only that one time, Judas Priest"
Lyri said:
Cake, Las Vegas, Really?! I can DO that?!, Jason
Thanks for those insightful answers everyone! :thumbsup:

(*palabravampiress and angelic slayer let out a sigh, 'the BB Buzz is going to have a field day with this one...'*)

Quote of the Month

Another month of great posts has passed, here are two in particular that really stood out in March, 2009:

Posted by Joan the Vampire Slayer, in the "Spike Leaving" thread:
Gosh, I think her comment was inspired by a variety of feelings on her part. Yes, he is a dear and trusted friend at this point, and I think in part she felt she needed him there for emotional support. But there's also something to be said for him as a warrior mentioned. He is their strongest fighter at that point - so realistically, it makes sense for her to keep him around for the final battle. But I got the feeling it was personal, like she wanted him to stay for her.

It's interesting too, in the context of this quote, when we take their final scene into consideration. Would you say she was ready in "Chosen" to let him go? What changed? She let him die, after all. Sure, he wanted him to leave with her, but she didn't really fight him in the end. Don't get me wrong, she knew his sacrifice was the right thing for him to do. It was neccesary for his ultimate redemption but...I argue she had accepted, and was ready and willing to lose him. You can hear the pride in her voice when she tells Giles it was Spike who saved the world, and closed the Hellmouth. She was alright with his death; but why?

I guess my question is; why wasn't she willing to give up Spike before, when he was endangering everyone around him?? What changed between "First Date" and the final episode?
And posted by Giants Rule 04 in the "Passion" thread:
I said this elsewhere, but I'll add it again in this thread.

In my humble opinion, "Passion" is the best episode of season 2, and one of the best of the series. Giles and Jenny were about to be reunited and you could sense his enthusiasm about that throughout the entire episode. That just made his heartbreak all the more difficult to handle when he sees Jenny and realized that she is dead.

If nothing else, this episode introduced Angelus to us; the real Angelus, that is. We had heard for a year and a half about how vicious, how evil, how heartless Angel's other half was. This is the first time that we experience that for ourselves. The ruthless fashion in which he kills Jenny and arranges her body to inflict maximum damage to Giles is unthinkable and speaks to Angelus' true nature. It was a very well written and well acted episode.

Thanks to you both for your insightful posts, they certainly got the rest of us thinking! And watch out BB, you never know when your post just may be next!

Member Recognition

We're almost at the end of this month's issue, which means it's time once again to announce the Member and New Member of the Month for February, 2009.

This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. So without further delay, congratulations go out to these BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, February 2009 is:


The Member of the Month for last month, February 2009 is:


Congratulations to you both, without a doubt they are well deserved! Keep up the great work!


On behalf of all the members and staff of BB, we'd like to wish the following members one last "Happy Birthday", we hope you have an awesome year to come:





Happy Birthday! :cake:


And that's all for this month, BB. Thanks as always to all those that helped out with this month's newsletter. If you have any ideas, comments or concerns about the Newsletter, please feel free to PM either palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer with your thoughts, and don't forget to send in those submissions!. Readers are also always welcome to stop by our our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback Thread and give us your thoughts on how we're doing!

We can't wait to see your submissions BB, the deadline for the April, 2009 issue will be April 28, 2009, so be sure to send in those submissions ASAP!

Until next month Buffy-Boards, Happy Staking!


And if you haven't already, be sure to stop by post your condolences for Andy Hallett's Family, here
Rest In Peace, AH
Great newsletter ;)
I was new in febuary but dont see my name :S
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