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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 11 - April/May 2009

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

April/May 2009


Hello Buffy-Boards!

And welcome to this month's special double issue of the BB Newsletter! Unlike the newsletters that have been released in the past, this month we are doing a special double-feature to cover the months of both April and May. We've got double the news, double members of the month, double quotes of the month and more. From now on, the BB Newsletter will also be bringing you the latest news and happenings from our sister site: After-Darkness.

For those of you who haven't come across the the newsletter before, the BB Newsletter is a monthly thread put together by a team of three moderators here at BB to highlight news and events around the boards. Here you will find board and member news, updates about Jossverse projects and stars, outstanding member and post recognition sections, birthday lists and lots of ways that YOU can get involved and help us keep the newsletter going.

This past month mod and newsletter staff member extraordinaire palabravampiress has been away, so all those that have recently sent in submissions to her are asked to please forward your entry to Angelic Slayer to ensure that we can include them in next month's newsletter. Thanks for your understanding!

Be sure to send us your submissions for our "Question of the Month", "From The Members" and "Caption This" sections by this month's deadline of June 12th, 2009. And in the meantime, feel free to stop by our Feedback Thread to let us know how we're doing. Or if you'd like to look back at last month's issue, you can find it here.

Welcome New Members!

On behalf of everyone here at Buffy-Boards, we'd like to send out a board-wide welcome to all of our New Members for March and April 2009. As always, if you haven't already be sure to stop in to our Check In section to introduce yourself. Or if you think that you need a hand finding your way around, post in the Bad Eggs forum to have another member take you under their wing!

Another page for all new members to take a look over is our FAQ area, to get familliar with board rules and answer some of those questions that you've been meaning to ask. Or stop by and post in the The Sorting Tome thread to have it mystically sort you into a board dormitory. These dorms are home to BB secrets and fun competitions, and are a great way to get to know your fellow Buffy Boarders in a slightly more homey setting.

Our new members for March and April 2009 are:




Moderator Updates

After a brief period of computer troubles, SpikedBuffy has found her way back online. Also, our beloved "Slayers" Faith and Buffy Summers have returned to the boards after some time away for personal matters. It's great to have you both back!

And as many of you may have noticed already, Kean has also re-joined the Moderator team after a few months away from BB. Welcome Back!

And two of our Moderators were promoted to Heads of Special Projects or Head Mods this month. Now joining Old Master 3.0, congratulations to Lyri and Angelic Slayer!

Moderators are identified with the title "Junior Partner" and a custom avatar. They perform duties like planning board events, overseeing assigned board sections and the chat room, editing or moving posts or threads as required and responding to member complaints, queries, or infractions. Members are invited to please feel free to take concerns or questions to the appropriate member of the Buffy Boards staff.

Board News

The BB Dorms Get Re-Vamped!

The Dorms have gotten a facelift! With a fresh start around the boards, the dorm Coat of Arms and layouts have been revamped. Just in case you haven't caught the new COA's, here they are:


Thank you to Buffy Summers, Lyri and Angelic Slayer for the hard work you put into the new layouts.

For the next month, all members will have the opportunity to be resorted if they would like, or if you'd rather you can as always remain unsorted. If you would like to be resorted, please post in the new Sorting Tome Thread and if you'd like to be unsorted please PM a head moderator or admin and they'll be happy to remove you from your current house.

Also in dorm news, an old part for the dorms has been brought back: each dorm now has a Staff Member associated with it (a "Head of House" of sorts). These members are there to help the dorm with administrative tasks and help out if needed. Any house problems (or if your house needs something) members can feel free to go to these folks: Faith (Drogyn), Lyri (Merrick), Nix (Raiden ) and Angelic Slayer (Vahla Ha'nesh).

Elections for the new house prefects will be happening once the one-month "Dorm Amnesty" period is over and everyone is settled in. Please note that mods will not be eligible for prefect positions, this is a position for regular members only. Until the elections take place, feel free to take any dorm concerns to your Head of House. More info on the changes is avaliable, here.


The Time Out and Moving Forward

Last weekend, as many of you know several members from BB were given a "time out" from the boards for three days; in an effort by the administrative staff to take have a "cooling off" period from the recent behaviour around the boards and as a chance for a fresh start. There has been much said in debate of this-- far too much for us to report on here. However it is undeniable that a lot of thought has gone into the state of the boards from all of us this week: and I think that we speak for than a few of us when we hope that from this point forward, we can all move on and make BB the friendly, positive place that we all have enjoyed.

If you would like more details on this, you can still read through the thread: Welcome Back! - Buffy-Boards

Also as part of BB's Fresh Start, many of the forums have been "cleaned out" from old posts and new Karma Level Titles have been added. For more info on all of this, you can check out the BB News Forum.


BB-BB: Big Brother Coming Soon!

After a few months simmering on the back-burner, Buffy Boards' Big Brother Competition is coming soon. Applications have been sent in and the Big Brother Team is putting the last coats of paint on the Big Brother House where our lucky contestants will reside. Contestants and exact dates will be announced soon, so keep your eyes on the Buffy-Boards News Forum for updates.


Buffy-Boards Ficathon Takes on an Apocalypse!

The entries for the Second BB Ficathon are in and being posted now, as the writers of BB take on a fanfic centered around a Sunnydale Apocalypse. You can take a look at the first two entries by Andrew Crossett and ILLYRIAN here, and give your feedback to the writers here. Thank you to all those that participated and to Lyri for organizing the event. Great writing!


Art Class: Updates Coming Soon

Art Classes have been put on hold for the past few weeks, but will be back in action soon. If you're a current student or tutor in the Art Tutorials Section, please stay tuned to that section of the forum for updates.

And while you're waiting for the next round of classes, why not stop by the Art Class forums and give some feedback to BB's Artists.


The RPGs of Our Lives: the latest and greatest in BB Role Playing entertainment

The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is moving forward with some exiting new storylines and a revamped cast. In this RPG, your fellow BB members deliver fantastic performances as good guys gone bad and bad guys gone good in this upside down take on everyone's favourite "˜verse. Due to recent cast shakeups," The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is undergoing some plot reconstruction and will reconvene as soon as the busy mods complete their work.

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri "“ Darla
Kean "“ Angel
Black Eye Guy "“ Faith
Mesektet Ra "“ Drusilla
Joyce Summers "“ Buffy
Crazy Flakes "“ Willow
Lindsey MacDonald "“ Glory
palabravampiress "“ Giles
Faith - Xander

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is the longest running RPG here at BB, so be sure to check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary in order to get up-to-speed. The NH RPG is on hiatus for the time being, but once BB: Big Brother is back up and running things will be kicking off again. But applications are still being accepted, so if you're interested be sure to apply ASAP!

The current cast list is as follows:

Angel - played by Slayergal
Buffy Summers - played by Kean
Illyria - played by Angels Baby101
Spike - played by Mesektet Ra
Willow Rosenberg - played by Black Eye Guy
Xander Harris - played by palabravampiress
Faith - played by Faith
Gwen Raiden - played by Lyri

Indra - (Slayer) - played by palabravampiress
Drusilla - (Vampire) - played by DarklyDreamingDrusilla

New Horizons is currently casting for the roles of:

Robin Wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


Buffy Boarders Rejoice: Dollhouse News

Dollhouse Fans have a lot to be happy about this month, as Joss Whedon's new series has been given the go-ahead for Season Two and airdates are popping up worldwide.

On May 15th it was announced across the internet that FOX has renewed Dollhouse for an additional 13 episodes to air this fall. Later that week, the show had its UK premiere on SciFi Channel where it scored higher ratings than the Prison Break Series Finale (source). Dollhouse will be airing Tuesdays at 9pm on SciFi Channel for those UK members who are looking to catch up.

Also in airdate news, Australia has picked up the show and will be airing the first episode on June 8th of FOX8. And if that wasn't enough good news, it has been confirmed that FOX will air the 13th episode of the first season ("Epitaph One" featuring BtVS' Felicia Day), although particular dates are still to be announced.

Be sure to stop by our own Dollhouse section of the forums to catch the latest show updates and discuss the episodes with your fellow members.


After Darkness News: Fall Schedules and Star Trek

Episode discussion is slowly winding down as many shows are finishing out their seasons in time for the summer schedule. However plenty of members have been buzzing around AD as the renewal and fall schedules for their favourite shows have been announced.

Meanwhile, reviews of the new "Star Trek" flick and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" seem to be popular topics as the movies hit theatres. One review in particular we thought stood out to give other members a take on the movie, without too many spoilers:

By Velvet Sky, on the Star Trek Movie:
Velvet Sky said:
I thought it was a lot of fun, and I'd definitely check out 'another'. And it sounds like there's already talk of 'keeping it going'. Sure there were a few 'um, okay' kind of things. And a few semi-goofy acknowledgments of the original, but it was funny, and exciting, and fun. I enjoyed it, and I liked the cast, they all seemed to do pretty well giving off an 'air' of the originals, without too much seeming like they were doing impersonations....
check out the full discussion, here.

If you're a fan of Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Reaper, Chuck, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Being Human, Lost, Heroes or other shows in the sci-fi world, be sure to stop in and join the discussion! Feeling artsy? You can also post your non-Jossverse art (and comment on your fellow artists) in the Pictures in the Stars forum.

Until next month, that's all for AD. Hope to see you there!


In Other News...

Entertainment Weekly.com has recently released its list of 13 Great Pop-Culture Vampires, and Angel/Angelus made the cut! Coming in at #11.
After recieving a whopping 85 reviews on her new novel Death's Daughter, Amber Benson has posted a video of herself doing the Macarena. If you haven't seen it, you can still check it out here.
Michelle Trachtenburg's new movie "17 Again" hit theatres last month, and is still staying strong within the top 10 box office hits!
and Sarah Michelle Gellar has begun shooting the Pilot for her TV Family Drama "The Wonderful Maladys".

And if you consider yourself a Buffy-Boards fan, you can still pick up Official Board Merchandise here. These are a must-have for Buffy-Board lovers, so be sure to get yours soon!


And these past couple months we've been lucky to have a lot of great Member News to share. If something news-worthy happens to you or a BB-ers you know, PM Angelic Slayer or Palabravampiress and we'll be sure to include it in our next issue.

BB's long time member Mesektet Ra has announced early this month that she is pregnant! Congratulations to both you and Mark (we can't wait to see the baby pictures!)
In April, itsxpaperdoll and Cangel attended a fantasy festival/fair where they met James Marsters! We are all pea green with envy, ladies.
Randiann is officially finished with college. She's set to graduate with a Bachelor's of Arts in Native American Studies and a minor in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. And she has recently gotten engaged! Congratulations!
and Blondie Bear has sold a short story to an online magazine, Sorcerous Signals. "The Truthsayer" will be featured sometime in August. Way to go!

From The Members

Have you got your GIMP on today? Written a sonnet about your undying love of BB? Be sure to send in some of your creative works for our "From The Members" section! Submissions can be sent via PM to Angelic Slayer. This section has been dormant for several issues now, only you can bring it back BB!

Question of the Month

Question of the Month has been put on hold for this issue, but will return next month with your answers. In the meantime, we are re-opening this question for more entries:

This month, with the untimely death of Andy Hallet juxtaposed with the joyful news of birth of little Satyana Denisof, BBers are professing feelings of ambivalence and ambiguity left and right. We're not quite sure how we should fee, so we're asking you:

"How do you feel about the stark contrast of life and death presented to the BB community this month?"

Please PM Angelic Slayer your answer by June 12th, 2009.

Five Questions With"¦

In this new section of the newsletter, every month the Moderators of BB send out a list of five questions for one lucky BB-er to answer. In return, that member is allowed one question to ask the Mods (to which we will feature two of the best responses). The questions that we ask that lucky member are as follows:

What is your fondest memory of BB?
If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
What's your earliest memory of BB?
Who do you admire?
What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?

This month, as promised, we are featuring a quadruple section for BB to get to know our outgoing prefects. There time in the dorms may have been short, but they all did a great job and had interesting answers (and questions!) in response! So here they are: With 5 Answers from each Prefect and 1 response in return from the Mods:

First up is SpoonsAreCool, the outgoing prefect from Drogyn:

SpoonsAreCool said:
1) What is your fondest memory of BB? My fondest memory would have to be the most recent Buffy-Boards awards ceremony, even though I wasn't there for most of it, it was all very exciting!

2) If you could rule BB for a day what would you do? I'd make it a rule that after every sentence, you have to finish it with the "sw" face.

3) What's your earliest memory of BB? Probably my check-in thread, and how nice and welcoming everyone was. Also, how completey mental and lovable everyone was.

4) Who do you admire? On the boards? Everyone! In real life, except for myself, I'd say I admire my friend, Lynsey, she's done so much in her life, and she's always happy. I wish I could be like that.

5) What is your favourite thing to put on your toast? This will probably sounds weird, but.. Green Pesto on toast is lovely!
And her question for the Mods of BB....
"If you had to choose one board member to pass your modly duties to, who would it be?"

Lyri said:
My sister, River. Maybe then she'd understand why I'm here so much and how much work we do. She's forever telling me to get off the computer and hang out with her, lol
Next, we have Nix our outgoing prefect from Raiden:
Nix said:
1) What is your fondest memory of BB? Joining the site to be honest. I was so blown away be how welcoming everyone was and how easy it was to make friends :)

2) If you could rule BB for a day what would you do? Panic lol! I can't imagine ruling for a day as I think the team here are brilliant.

3) What's your earliest memory of BB? That would be joining back in June 2001 and the amazing welcome.

4) Who do you admire? Anyone that can put up with me!

5) What is your favourite thing to put on your toast? Nutella is my favourite
And in return, she asked the mods:
"How did you find Buffy-Boards?"

Angelic Slayer said:
Before joining BB I was a huge Harry Potter fan and lurked over at harrypotter-boards.com for a couple of years. Then when I found BtVS, I was having a lot of trouble finding an active message board. After a few days of Google searching I finally gave up and on a last-ditch effort I changed the harrypotter in "harrypotter-boards.com" to buffy (not really expecting it to work) and the rest is history. Looking back, I'm really not quite sure how I didn't find BB through Google but I suppose getting here is really all that matters!

Third is MozYa, the outgoing prefect from Vahla Ha'nesh:
MozYa said:
1) What is your fondest memory of BB? It probably has to be all the conversations and fun times I've had in the IRC. It's nonstop fun in there, a member is usually always about to talk with and when they're are a few people in the chat it's incredibly frantic. My favourite moment in the IRC is probably when me and Mesektet Ra got ~married~ which was hilarious and amazing or when Lindsey showed us all his visual representation of the IRC and it's regular members which he drew himself, the picture of me and Mesektet he drew was just awesome.

2)If you could rule BB for a day what would you do? Declare a day where we all celebrate how epically amazing the house of Vahla Ha'nesh is. All other house members would be slaves to VHers for the day and when asked 'Who is the greatest house?' they would reply 'Vahla Ha'nesh of course, no other house compares to their greatness'

3) What's your earliest memory of BB? I still remember the day I signed up, I was really bored and thinking about Buffy and thought 'I have no one to talk to Buffy about, I should go find a forum.' I ended up here signed up and then as I finished I got a call from a friend to go out to town. I forgot I'd signed up for a few days and then posted in the welcome thread.

4) Who do you admire? Mesektet Ra - It's hard to find a place to start with her. As the running joke goes in the IRC, Mes=Moz it is extremely uncanny on how much we think alike about nearly every topic imaginable. I consider her not only one of my best friends online but one of my best friends full stop, she knows more about my life than some of my friend in real life. All this aside though I admire her honesty with people, she will tell you straight for better or worse if your her best friend or worst enemy. Always there to listen to your problems and when you need advice, which she has given to me on many occasions with me. She is just someone that if I knew I didn't have her to speak to anymore I would actually be devastated.

5) What is your favourite thing to put on your toast? I could be boring and say butter or jam. However the best thing to put on toast; eggs and brown sauce. If I could have that for breakfast every morning I'd be starting the day a very happy chappy every day.
And what did he ask the mods?
"If you could choose to meet any other member of the boards for the weekend who would it be and what do you think you would do during that weekend?"

Lyri said:
Can't. It is physically impossible for me to choose between 4 members of this board. They are not my BB friends, they are just my friends, and in one case, she is my family. I know I'll meet all of them eventually, we've even got dates sorted in one case, lol, but if you held a gun to my head and told me I had to choose just one, I'd pull the trigger myself.

And last but most certainly not least, here is our outgoing prefect from Merrick Blondie Bear:

Blondie Bear said:
1) My fondest memory of BB is getting sorted into Merrick--I was still brand new, hadn't gotten adopted, and had no idea what the sorting was about, but when I got in there, everyone was welcoming and excited to have me. I had been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of people on the BB, but being in Merrick helped me make a core group of friends from which I could branch out and get to know other people.

2) If I could rule BB for a day, I would make everyone have a purple Sparmony skin.

3) My earliest memory of the BB is lurking. I was rewatching the series and since Mr. Bear won't talk to me about it and I knew I was going to be writing my Master's thesis on it, I wanted to find a discussion group. I Googled "Buffy discussion" and ta-da! I lurked for about a day before joining, and the rest is history.

4) A BB person I admire is Lyri. She was our Merrick prefect when I got sorted, and she made me feel welcome. She ran the house with a great sense of humor, good organization, and occasional kicks in the hiney. I'm kind of intimidated to live up to her example. Outside of the BB, I admire Mercedes Lackey and Neil Gaiman, my favorite authors in the whole wide world.

5) I like either butter or strawberry jam on my toast. :-D

And in perhaps one of the most interesting questions ever asked to a mod...
"Boxers or Briefs?"

Lindsey McDonald said:
Boxers or Briefs? Well, that's both an interesting and involved question. For one, there are many things we could be talking about here, each more compelling than the last. We could delve into the virile and masochistic world of boxing as a competition, and discuss the pros and cons of such violent sports. We could spend hours comparing breeds of dog, or exploring the voluminous tomes of history concerning rebellions and uprisings.

And that's only half of the question! After all of that, we get to discuss the wonders of short experiences. More importantly, I can finally apply some legal insight when we move onto the ins and outs of legal documents!

Oh, wait....you were asking about underwear?


Well, it's boxers then.
And there you have it folks! Thank you once again to our four prefects for your hard work, and for your awesome Q&A. And remember to always keep an eye on your PM's BB, you never know when you may just be next!

Caption This!

Each month, the Newsletter Staff posts a Whedonverse image for you to come up with a creative and entertaining caption for. When the brilliant idea strikes you, we ask you to PM your caption to Angelic Slayer by the Newsletter deadline. From the entries we recieve, the Staff will choose the best of the bunch to be featured the following month. The author of the winning caption will recieve a small button to feature in their signature for the month. Please note that an entry must be kept family friendly (no adult content or foul language) to be considered.

Last Month's Winner is....


Congratulations Friendly Lurker!

And for this month, we're challenging you to come up with a caption for...


image courtesy of: ChosenTwo.com Gallery

We can't wait to see what you come up with! Please PM Angelic Slayer with your entry by June 12th, 2009.

Quote of the Month

It certainly has been a busy couple months of posting here at BB, here are two posts that we felt stood out for the rest this
April and May:

For April...

Posted by Queen Crabbit in the BBTV Discussion Thread: Passion and Killed by Death thread:
Passion is one of my favourite episodes.

Although it's so sad you still have the "buffy-esque" moments in it - such as Cordelia asking Willow if she knew she had no fish in her tank, or our favourite little slayer's one-liners. Without bits such as this I don't feel it would have been such a powerful episode, as they reinforce the fact that it is our favourite characters this is happening too. When an episode gets all wrapped up in the dark and gloomy sometimes it can feel a little surreal, or like it's not really happening, so keeping in stuff like that really enhanced it, I felt. Although, I could be completely alone in that and talking absolute crap!

I love Angelus' soliloquy throughout the episode - although I haven't met many people that don't. I think it's really well done and the writers did an excellent job of not making it feel cheesy or distract from what's going on in the episode too much.

Jenny's death, being the main "thing" in the episode, obviously needs to be touched on. I feel for her in the fact that she obviously felt truly remorseful about what happened to/with Angel, but like people have said before me, she kinda bought it on herself. I don't think Joss could've got away with killing any of the other characters (well, aside from the core four + Cordelia, the only other one that would've made such a big impact was Joyce), although it would have been interesting if that'd've happened. But if it was one of them, then I don't think Buffy would have found it in her heart to forgive Angel later through the series', and I doubt we'd've had our favourite spin-off as not many viewers would either!
and Posted by Crazy Flakes in the New Buffy Game in the Works! (April Fools) thread:
I just saw this article yesterday and got really excited! Hopefully it'll be better than what I'm hearing about the new DS game.

"March 29th, 2009 - Buffy fans rejoice!

We've recently gotten word from UK-based gaming company Elixir Studios (Republic: The Revolution, Evil Genius) that a new Buffy game is in the works! Rumor has it that it will be titled Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Day of Glory and that it will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360. We haven't heard anything about when development will start, but we have been told to expect a summer 2010 release date."


Any ideas about what the plot will be? The title makes it sound like it'll be set during season 5.
And for May...

Posted by Kanazaka in the Amy Question thread:
I'd say that Amy fully embraced dark magic after being de-ratted, but dabbled in it since right after "Witch". It's never clear when Amy first started going to see Rack--before or after being de-ratted? If before, when she was in high school, then yes, Amy had already begun her journey down the dark path. Although, I've viewed the love spell in "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" as a youthful mistake more than anything else. Her anger and actions in "Gingerbread" went a bit further, and it didn't help that her last emotion (before becoming a rat) was hatred toward M.O.O. So, she eventually allowed magic to take over her life. However, I think Amy finally decided to be a villain once Willow decided that she no longer wanted to be friends with her. This rejection angered her to the point that she developed a vendetta against Willow. I also agree that she's angry at Willow because Willow became a powerful witch more quickly than she did.
and posted by Aly Fan in the Was it Really a Choice? thread:
I think the whole "Are you ready to be strong." wasn't meant as literally as, when we give you these powers you'll fight for us. I think it's more, are you ready to stand up and be counted for. The potentials had constantly been complaining that they weren't ready, or that they didn't have the power Buffy or Faith had. They knew that the bringers and the First were after them, and they needed protection. Buffy wouldn't have forced any of them to fight if they said no, and she'd have done it with or with out the potentials, because if she didn't try to defeat the first then she knew she would have lost anyway.

I agree that once the spell was done, no they didn't have a choice whether they became a slayer or not...BUT..they did have the choice in how to use there new powers! And i think that was the entire point of the statement Buffy was making..

Great posts all! Thought provoking, well rounded (and in some cases, misleadingly convincing!) replies.

Member Recognition

Well folks, we are again coming quickly to the end of this month's double issue: and as it is covering two months we have double the members that the Staff would like to recognize this month.

For our new readers, this is the section of the newsletter where every month, the Staff at Buffy-Boards would like to take the time to acknowledge members whose behaviour and attitude has been outstanding. These are members that have been an example to the spirit that is BB, and really gone out of their way to help make this the friendly environment that we all enjoy. Without further delay, congratulations to the following members:

The New Member of the Month for the month of March 2009 is:

The Member of the Month for the month of March 2009 is:


The New Member of the Month for last month, April 2009 is:

and finally, the Member of the Month for last month, April 2009 is:

Again, congratulations to all four of you: we all appreciate having you around. Keep up the awesome work!


On behalf of all the Staff and Members here at Buffy-Boards, we would like to send out one final (or in some cases, early!) Happy Birthday to all of the following members:






Happy Birthday All! We hope it was a great one!


And once again, that's all folks! There was certainly much to talk about this month, and as always the Newsletter Staff would like to send our sincere thanks to all those that contribute and help us behind the scenes month after month. If you have any thoughts on the newsletter, please stop by our Feedback Thread and let us know what you think.

And one final reminder that this month's deadline is June 12th, 2009, so don't be shy! No matter how small or long it may be, send in your submissions to us via PM (to Angelic Slayer) or if you would rather you can email us at buffy-boards@hotmail.com! Just be sure to include your username somewhere in the email so that we can properly credit you for your submission.

We've missed the "From the Members" section these past few months, and only you can help us bring it back. We can't wait to see your submissions!

Thanks for reading BB, and until next month: Happy Staking! :thumbsup:


And if you haven't already done so, you are still free to post your condolences for Andy Hallett's Family, here
Fake Shemp
havent read it yet but i must SQUEE at you for making me happy!!
I can't believe Lurker won the caption contest!!! You mean people!
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