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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 12 - December 2009

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

Happy Holidays Buffy-Boards! :santa2:

And welcome to our December '09 Edition of the BB Newsletter! As many of you have noticed, the Newsletter has been on hiatus for the past few months. During that time our banners and graphics have been revamped (pardon the pun), and the Newsletter itself has undergone some minor changes.

Starting this month, certain sections of the Newsletter will be appearing only on a bi-monthly basis. This includes most of our new segments, as well as some of our submission and interview sections. So if you don't see your favourite section this month: don't fret! It will be making an appearance in our next issue. That being said, our Question of the Month and Birthday sections have been discontinued for now. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Haven't seen our past issues? Wondering what all this is about? The BB Newsletter is a monthly thread designed to keep our members informed of the latest Board News and Events. It includes Member Recognition sections to highlight some of the great members and posts we have, Interviews so you can get to know your fellow members, as well as several ways that you can show off your talents to the rest of the boards!

As always, we welcome you to stop by our Feedback Thread and tell us what you think. And if you happened to miss our last issue, it's still availble for viewing here.

New Members

On behalf of our members and staff here at Buffy-Boards, we'd like to send one last "Welcome!" to all of our new members for the month of November '09:


New to the boards? Wondering where on earth to start? A good place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions: here you'll find loads of information on our board rules and features, as well as a Troubleshooting section in case you run into problems. You can also stop by Check In and introduce yourself to your fellow BB-ers, or post in our Newbies and Lurkers: a space just for new members!

Once you've settled in a little bit, other parts of the board that you may want to take a look at include:
  • Bad Eggs: Get adopted by a fellow board member, and let them be your own personal guide to BB! This is a great idea for new members who are feeling a little overwhelmed (or confused!) by the boards. Just start a thread asking to be adopted in our Bad Eggs section and the next person to post will become your new mentor!
  • The Sorting Tome: Stop by the mystical Sorting Tome and post asking to be sorted into a Board Dormitory. Once sorted, you'll gain access to a new part of the boards that only you and members of your dorm can see. It's a much smaller setting than the main boards and a great way to meet new people. You'll also have the chance to participate in regular dorm activities, events and contests!
  • Angel Investigations: After you've read through the FAQ, this is the next best place to find answers to your board-related questions. Take a quick look through the threads to see if your question has been asked before. And if you're still left wondering, start a thread in Angel Investigations with your question and it will be answered ASAP. Or, if you're feeling a little shy (or would rather your question remain private) you can also post in our Confidential Member Concerns area: where only you and BB's Staff will see your thread.

Board News

Interdorm Competition: Give Another Dorm a Gift!

To celebrate this holiday season, the dorms of BB are participating in a new Interdorm Competition: Christmas Gifting! Each of our four dorms have been randomly assigned another dorm to create a banner for to celebrate the holiday season. Banners should represent what the assigned dorm is all about, as well as present a sense of dorm unity in some way. Members have been hard at work making banners individually and in teams, and are sure to have produced some great work! The "gifts" have been sent to the appropriate dorms, and voting is taking place now to decide the overall winner. For more information on this competition, you can visit this thread or see the thread that has been posted in your dorm.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Your Regular Programming will return after these short messages...

**Cue dramatic action/adventure music**

“In a world of drab and unoriginal forums, only one Board fights back against the onslaught of relentless pretenders to bring you the fun........and the mother of all BB competitions!
Do you possess the courage? Do you have....the Talent?”


Coming soon.....

New Mods: BB Welcomes Three New Junior Partners to the Team!

This month, the Buffy-Boards staff welcomed not one, not two, but three new Moderators to the team. Congratulations to Mumrik; an aspiring writer and student from Germany, TheChosenTwo; a student and frequent Art Class poster from The Netherlands, and Flannen; a student on the road to becoming a teacher from the UK.

Moderators (or "Mods") are the members of staff that take care of various projects, forums and the day to day running of the boards. To help you identify them, Moderators have the title "Junior Partner", a bolded username and a larger avatar than most members. For a complete list of the forum staff, take a look at the Forum Staff list here.

Welcome New Prefects!

Recently many dorms have had prefect elections once again, and a new team of Prefects are quickly settling into their positions just in time for the often busy holiday season. In September, Flannen was voted to be the new Raiden Prefect and Wanabee-slayer was chosen to take care of Merrick. In early November HisMrs took over as Vahla Ha'nesh Prefect, followed this December by Revolver who took the final spot as Drogyn's new Prefect.

Prefects are elected by the members of their Dorm to organize and run Interdorm/Dorm Competitions and Events. They help promote Dorm Pride and are always coming up with new and exciting things to keep their dorm-mates busy!

All I Want for Christmas..... is BB Merchandise!

That's right folks, the BB Store has some exciting new additions to share! Great for last minute gift-ideas (or as a treat for yourself!) this holiday season. Once again, we're offering two different BB Holiday Ornaments for 2009 for you to hang on your tree:


In addition, we have created special Dorm Holiday Designs that are currently featured on various Buttons and Stickers! Check out the BB Store to see all the new designs!

These won't be available forever, so stop in a pick up yours now! And be sure to keep an eye on BB News for upcoming designs and product additions.

Buffy-Boards Q&A's: Kelley Armstrong, Keith Szarabakja and Georges Jeanty!

A few months ago, Mr. Pointy and Lyri began organizing Question and Answer sessions with various folks related to the Buffyverse. Members had the chance to submit their questions via threads in the Board News Forums, and the answers were posted to our new Buffy-Boards Articles system.

First up was Kelley Armstrong: a famous author and writer for the Angel Comics. She was kind enough to answer our questions back in October; talking about her experiences working on the Angel Season 6 series, making the switch between novels and comics and the possibility of doing a comic book for her own series Otherworld. Her interview, posted by Mr. Pointy, can be found here.

This month, Lyri sent in our questions for Keith Szarabakja: an accomplished actor best known to Buffy Fans for his role as Holtz on Angel the Series. He took the time to speak to us about Voice Acting, his role on Angel (and what it was like working on the show), writing and some of his other projects such as The Dark Knight and his play Dark Tale. To read the full Q&A posted by Lyri, take a look at the article here.

Finally, Buffy-Boarders had the pleasure of a Q&A Article featuring Georges Jeanty: artist extraordinare known for his works on Bishop: The Last X-Man, Superman, Green Lantern and of course Buffy, Season 8. He spoke about putting our favourite characters into a world of pen-and-paper, being a BtVS fan himself and revealed just how much he knows about Twilight. The full Q&A posted again by Lyri, can be found here.

A huge thank you to Lyri for all of her hard work in getting the Q&A's organized, sent in and posted. It couldn't have happened without you! :)

If anyone has any suggestions (or contacts!) for a Whedonverse-Related VIP that we could potentially hold a Q&A with, please contact Mr. Pointy with the details!

Buffy Articles: Writers Wanted!

With the BB Articles section up and running, BB is looking for volunteers to write Whedonverse Articles on a topic of your choice. These articles will be posted for members to read and comment on, and is a great opportunity for aspiring writers! If you're interested in volunteering, send a sample of your article and the topic that you would like to write your article about to Buffy Summers or SpikedBuffy .

10 Years of Angel: BB Celebrates!

This October, the members of BB put on their party hats and broke out the punch for our 10 Years of Angel Celebration! Every day for 10 days a new thread was opened to discuss different aspects of the show: from favourite scene, to the quotes you couldn't get out of your head, to re-visiting entire seasons of the shows 5 year run. A Debate thread was also started to question if "Angel would have been better off if he had never met Doyle" and although things didn't quite go as planned, BB-ers took advantage of the topic and had a good time trying to decide on an answer.

Also that week, BB held three contests centered around AtS! A Poetry Contest: where members were asked to put their rhymes to the test and post their Angel-Centric poems, a Caption Contest: where members submitted entertaining captions for five AtS Screencaps and an Art Contest where contestants submitted their "10 Years of Angel" themed artwork! Plenty of quality entries were submitted for all three contests, but in the end Fredsicle was the Poetry Contest Winner, CSWEET took home first place for the Caption Contest and Frketson won the Art Competition. Congratulations all and thanks to everyone who participated in this event!

Also a big thanks to Nix who designed a Forum Style for the occasion, and to everyone who helped put this event together!

Remembering Andy: A Letter from Laurie Hallett

On March 29th, 2009 beloved Buffyverse actor Andy Hallett tragically passed away after a five-year battle with congestive heart disease. The members of Buffy-Boards gathered together to write condolences for his family, and remember Andy for the great actor he was. Our admin, Buffy Summers, then printed all those posts and mailed them to his family.

This November, Laurie Hallett (Andy Hallett's Mother) took the time to write us a kind reply and send along a few photos of Andy:
I can't thank you enough for the many pages of beautiful sentiments of my son. I loved reading all the wonderful things said about Andy. It is so appreciated by me and also his Dad. I will try to find the site tonight.

Day by day I am trying to cope with this incredible tragedy that has turned my life upside down. I miss Andy more & more every day & will never accept this. He was and always will be the light of my life. The best son I could every ask for, and so much more.

Thank you again,

Laurie Hallett
If you'd like to take a look at the thread, it's still available for viewing here. Thanks again to all those that wrote condolences, it seems as though your words were very much appreciated.

New Forum Style

This month a new Spike-Centric Forum Style became available for BB-ers to use, called "Just Rewards". Graphics were provided by Angelic Slayer and the colouring was done (as always) by Buffy Summers. Also, as the holiday season is upon us, the Buffy Christmas Style has been restored as the forum default and snowflakes have been added to the home page.

If you'd like to change your Forum Style, go to your User Control Panel and click on the Edit Options link on the left side of the page. Forum Styles (or "Skins") can be changed there, under the "Miscellaneous Options" section.

Bone Crushing, Robot Killing and Lots of Angelus: BBTV does Season Two!

That's right folks, BBTV will be holding sessions for Season 2 of BtVS starting December 23rd!

Paul Tonks said:
After the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer became a ratings success the show was renewed with a bigger budget and twice as many episodes. Seeds are sown through the early episodes for many of the stunning plot developments later in the season: there's a slow burn for the relationships building between Buffy and Angel, Giles and Jenny and Xander and Cordelia. Most importantly, we're introduced to important semi-regulars Spike and Drusilla, Oz and fellow Slayer Kendra......But nothing that came before it prepared audiences for the latter half of season 2. In the extraordinary double act of "Surprise" and "Innocence" every aspect of the show grows up in a big hurry: the result of Buffy sleeping with Angel is a series of tragedies everyone is powerless to predict or prevent, a piece of powerful storytelling conveyed with pared-down dialogue and remarkable performances from the young cast. All of these threads are tied together then torn apart by the two-part finale "Becoming". With a cliffhanger ending to rival The Empire Strikes Back, the second chapter of Buffy The Vampire Slayer closes in tantalising style leaving everything at stake
source: [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Complete-Season/dp/B00005A0Z7"]Paul Tonks, amazon.uk review[/ame]
Viewings will be scheduled for every Wednesday starting at 9PM Eastern, 9PM Pacific and 9PM UK Time; that's three times every Wednesday! So no matter where you live in the world, be sure to tune in and watch along with your fellow BB-ers.

And if you're a fan of other Whedonverse-related shows like Dollhouse, How I Met Your Mother, Castle or Bones, be sure to stop by the main BBTV area to find the times of our other weekly viewings.

To participate in BBTV, click on the "Community" tab at the top of any BB page and go to "Chat". Enter in your password then join the channel: #BBTV.

Unleash Your Inner Actor: RPG Now Casting!

The New Horizons RPG is back, and getting revamped! With a story in place and a fresh start coming in January, roles have opened up and the time to audition is now!

Never heard of it before? In this exciting BB RPG: "Angel & Co are fighting for their lives in the alley and have surprise reinforcements from Buffy and the slayers. Join them now as their two worlds become one.". It's been five years and nine chapters since the story had its beginning, now it's time to get this game running again! The story thus far is up for viewing here and you can find all the information about the revamp here.

The current cast consists of:
Kean as Buffy Summers
Black Eye Guy as Willow Rosenberg
Flannen as Rupert Giles
Lyri as Gwen Raiden
and Angels baby101 as Dawn Summers

... and the Available Roles are:
Robin Wood
Indra - (Our Slayer, turned Vampire)

Anyone interested in Auditioning can send Black Eye Guy an Audition with a list of their top 3 characters!

BB Sims: Creating the Cast of BTVS!

Are you an avid Sims Fan? Looking for a fun way to bring the Buffyverse into your game? You're in luck! Presenting BB Sims; a new project on the boards that's looking for creative minds to help create our own virtual Sunnydale!

Whether you have the Sims 2 or the Sims 3 at home, you can help design characters and (eventually) a whole playable neighborhood of Sunnydale. Just stop by the sign up threads (you can find them in the project's main forum, here) and let us know which of your favourite Buffyverse Characters you'll be creating. Once you're finished, you can post an image to your Sims in the forum or get help from a fellow BBer in our Questions Thread.

After Darkness News: Much Anticipated RPG Now Open!

Last month After-Darkness made an exciting new addition to the forums and started a new RPG called Daybreak:
Marauder said:
The Year is 2408 A.D.

The World Has Ended. Nuclear Apocalypse. Though nobody cares about that anymore.

Everyday life meant nothing anymore. Career, Social Status. It all meant nothing, all that was left, was to survive. People began to change. Millions died due to exposure and effects of nuclear radiation, and countless more due to hunger and the initial blast. But there were those that lived, those who gained amazing abilities. People who could suddenly fly, move things with their minds, start fires with no outside help. They were the new wave of hope, specifically in the United States, and they were the reason that many survived.

Four Women in Particular with incredible abilities, banded together, vowing to save the world from itself. They Founded the Oleander Initiative, working together and gathering loyal followers. It took many years, but they proved to be successful, salvaging the resources they could to create a large and sprawling sanctuary that covered much of what used to be the Midwest called "Avalon City"

Slowly but surely they began to admit people into Avalon City, going through extensive "testing" to prove that they could be viable to help repopulate society, and from all exterior views, things seem to be going quite well.

But not everyone believes that The Oleander Initiative's motives are pure. Many people are not admitted into the city and many are taken to highly secretive facilities spread throughout the country called "Waiting Camps" and many are never heard from again, and there are some that believe The Oleander Initiative to be conducting some kind of human cleansing in order to create a perfect race.

Admist this new wave of hope, there is a huge underground movement consisting of people from all walks of life, some with abilities and some without who see The Oleander Initiative as the New World's answer to the Nazi Party. They seek to uncover and expose The Oleander Initiative for what it is, a task that proves insurmountably hard with the growing amount of dedicated, loyal and almost fanatical followers that have flocked to the party as a last hope to save humanity.

Can this unlikely band of misfits get their act together and uncover the secrets of the Oleander Initiative. ARE there any secrets to this organization? And just what exactly is going on at these "Waiting Camps"? The fate of the World is at stake, and one thing is for certain, at the end of the day, one team will succeed and one team will fail. What side will you take?

Daybreak is now looking for interested RPG-ers to join the cast, so hurry and send your application in today! If you'd like to read more about the RPG, information is available right here.

After-Darkness is BB's Sister Site; a message board centered around all things SciFi! They have devoted forums to discuss your favourite shows like Supernatural, Fringe, Being Human, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. As well as a SciFi News area, General SciFi Discussion, Shoutbox and Art/Fanfic Forums! Stop by After-Darkness - A SciFi Forum and join today!

Scoobie Happenings: Members & Staff News

With the holidays coming fast the members of BB have been busier than ever, but despite the hustle and bustle of December we've had a lot of old faces return and a bit of news to report on. Remember, if you have news that you'd like featured in the newsletter, send it via PM to Angelic Slayer or email us at buffy-boards@hotmail.com.
  • This month we had plenty of old members returning to BB, including Anita Blake, frankie, hannahfngrl26, DrusillaRox, Kean, Lyri and many more! Welcome back everyone!
  • TheChosenTwo had her first photoshoot last month, we hope you had a good time!
  • As was mentioned in September, Faith has temporarily taken a step down from the boards because of health reasons. Take care of yourself and we hope that everything gets sorted out for you soon!
  • XDruX has been busy planning a December Trip to Amsterdam, sounds like it will be a fun trip!
  • A new baby ferret named Tempe was welcomed by Crashing Doors to his family last month.

From Our Members

This is the part of the newsletter that features the art, photos, writings, essays, videos and other submissions from our beloved members! Whether you've got something to say, a photo or art piece to show off or something a little more elaborate send it in to Angelic Slayer or email it to us (with your username included) to buffy-boards@hotmail.com. This section is all about you BB, so come out of your shell and get those submissions in now!

This month, we have a submission from Fake Shemp. Her sister created this figure for her named George, and it's even complete with some Dorm Pride!
Thanks for the submission, Fake Shemp! It's definitely one of a kind! ;)

Caption This!

Each month, the Newsletter Staff posts a Whedonverse image for you to come up with a creative and entertaining caption for. When the brilliant idea strikes you, we ask you to PM your caption to Angelic Slayer by the Newsletter deadline. From the entries we recieve, the Staff will choose the best of the bunch to be featured the following month. The author of the winning caption will recieve a small button to feature in their signature for the month. Please note that an entry must be kept family friendly (no adult content or foul language) to be considered.

The winner from our last issue is....


Congratulations Crazy Flakes! Very crafty!

And this month, we're challenging you to come up with a caption for....


photo courtesy of dana.thedudes.nu

We've had some brilliant entries in the past, and can't wait to see what you come up with this month! Be sure to send in your entries by January 2nd, 2010.

Five Questions With....

In this bi-monthly section of the newsletter, the Moderators of BB send out a list of five questions for one lucky BB-er to answer in hopes of getting to know him/her a little better. In return, that member is allowed one question to ask the Mods and two of the best Mod responses are featured. Wondering what questions we're asking? Well here they are:

What is your fondest memory of BB?
If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
What's your earliest memory of BB?
Who do you admire?
What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?​

This month, we're featuring Rainbowimagine. A Merrick member who joined the boards back in May of 2009, from The Netherlands. Her answers were as follows:

Rainbowimagine said:
What is your fondest memory of BB?
The way I was welcomed. It was so warm and friendly and crazy! I remembered that people told me not to be scared of all the crazy people. Since I'm crazy too I thought I'd fit right in! Hehe !

If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
I would have every member to make an ode to another member. Could be anything: a nice compliment, a youtube thingy, perhaps a nice banner. I'd have the moderators to make a list of who makes an ode to who so that every member gets his or hers own nice little ode.

What's your earliest memory of BB?
I haven't been a member for such a long time; since May. So I'm very very flattered to be picked for this months' questions.

Who do you admire?
My best friend. She never does anything she feel uncomfortable about. She just follows her intuition. That's impressive.

Oh yeah and James. He has truly opened my eyes about stage fright. I look up to that man quite a lot and my amount of stage fright is huge when it comes to school tests. I mostly open a presentation with: "Ok, there's something I should say before I start and that is that I'm scared to do this". This May I went to see James on his 'marstersclass' and he was gonna play Spike in front of us. He opened with the very same line and that made my eyes nearly pop out. I thought: "What? You scared?". Later I asked him what to do about stage fright. He told me to use it and don't be afraid. Last week I passed my vocal exam after failing it 3 times. That was a real victory to me and I'm gonna thank him for it later.

What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?
Cheese! Oooh and I love to make a pizza toastie! Yummmm... :)

And in return, she asked the Mods:
"What is the perfect BB recipe?"

Buffy Summers said:
Lurkers + Members + Staff = Awesome
Flannen said:
Dedicated Whedon fans with a dash of respect, discussion and fun! (sw)
Thanks to Rainbowimagine, Flannen and Buffy Summers for your great answers! And don't forget to keep an eye on your inbox BB, you never know when you may be featured!

Watcher's Trivia: How well do YOU know the Buffyverse?

As promised, the Newsletter has a few new segments that will be making their premiere over the next two months. The first is our new monthly Watcher's Trivia. Every issue we will be giving you three new BtVS/AtS questions and then it's up to you to send us your best guess! The following month the answers will be revealed, and of course three new mind-bending questions will be given out.

A big thanks to ILLYRIAN who not only came up with the idea, but has also provided the questions for this month!

So the trivia questions for December 2009 are....
  1. In the second episode of the series, Luke fought with Buffy. Before Buffy, when and where did he last fight with a vampire slayer?

  2. When Spike was resurrected by the Amulet (in AtS, Season 5), how many days was that after he died in the hellmouth?

  3. and finally, Buffy once called Sunnydale a "a mystical who's it". But when the Spanish first settled there, what term did they have for the town and what did it mean?

Good luck BB! Remember to send your best guesses to Angelic Slayer, and keep an eye out next month for the answers.

Theme Challenge: Calling all BB-ers!

The second and final newsletter addition for this month is a Theme Challenge; a new way for BB-ers to get involved in the newsletter! Every other month, we will give BB a particular theme. From that, we ask members to send in a Buffyverse-centric Graphic, Poem or Short Story that somehow relates to this month's theme. Once the entries are in, members will get a chance to vote on their favourite entry and the winning piece will be featured in our following issue.

One entry is allowed per month, per person (although group entries are more than welcome as well). And please ensure that no graphics are larger than 800x600 pixels, and written entries no more than 400 words.

This month's theme, since it is almost the end of 2009 is....

Happy New Year!

We can't wait to see what you come up with BB! Get those thinking caps on and make sure you submit your entries to Angelic Slayer by January 2, 2010.

Quote Of the Month

We're very lucky at BB to have an active membership of great folks and plenty of high quality posts every month. In this section of the newsletter, we like to feature two outstanding posts that have been made in the past month.

For December...

Posted by Wishing Oceans in the "Say anything's possible; Who should Angel be with?" thread:
I like Cangel, but I have to admit that I enjoy Dangel a lot more. I've always been a sucker for couples with a lot of history and development, and IMO Dangel definitely fits the bill. I think that Darla and Angel really knew each other, and went through a lot together. Plus, I just love the spark between them. Although I know that even if Darla was still alive they just couldn't end up together [ really, I think that the heroes, meaning Buffy and Angel, really can't end up with anyone. In the end, they have to be alone.] I still like to imagine them together.
and Posted by Anya Jenkins-Harris in the "Am I Supposed to Hate Dawn?" thread:
I don't hate Dawn, because I understand her. I'm the same age now as she was at the beginning of season five (I hope you all feel old. ;-) I joke...), and I too have an old sister. I feel like my sister is more important than me a lot of the time, and it is hard, teenage life is hard enough in general. I suppose I see a lot of myself in Dawn, except for the fact I'm obviously not a key (As far as I know) - She was annoying at times, yeah, but I think generally it was just hard for her being a teacher and trying to find her place in the world, especially when her sister was the slayer, and had all these friends surrounding her, when Dawn didn't really have anyone. I think she definitely matured over the course of seasons 5 through 7, and stopped being as whiny and annoying. I'm not going to say 'She wasn't whiny and annoying' because yeah, she was, but she has her reasons. When I first saw her in season five, I was confused. Then I was jealous, because I wanted to be Buffy's sister ;-) I suppose that's why I never really found her annoying, she was always the character I empathized most with in the 'verse when I was younger, because she was the youngest, the outsider, and that's generally how I've always been, around my family and my friends.

Thanks for the great posts you two; very interesting points of view!

Member Recognition

We're just about at the end of this month's issue, and it's time to put the spotlight on a few folks who have helped to make BB a better place this month.

For our new readers, this is the section of the newsletter where every month, the Staff at Buffy-Boards would like to take the time to acknowledge members whose behaviour and attitude has been outstanding. These are members that have been an example to the spirit that is BB, and really gone out of their way to help make this the friendly environment that we all enjoy. Without further delay, congratulations to the following members:

Our New Member of the Month, for November 2009 is....


and our Member of the Month, for November 2009 is....

Again, a big congratulations to you both! We couldn't have asked for two nicer folks to have around, keep up the great attitude!

Also this month, we're handing out our first ever Why We Fight Award. As part of our efforts to eradicate bullying on the board, The BB Staff has decided to add this new monthly award to reward Respectful behaviour around BB. Members who receive the WWF Award have shown nothing but respect for their fellow members this past month; demonstrating politeness around the boards as well as a consideration for others' opinions.

The first recipient of the Why We Fight Award, for November 2009 is....


Congratulations MY! Your respectful manner around the boards has not gone unnoticed, and it's very much appreciated by the members of BB.


And that's all for this month folks! A big thanks to all of our contributors this issue, as well as everyone who has taken the time to send us a suggestion. And of course thanks to the readers who waited so patiently for this issue, without you guys we wouldn't be here! On behalf of all the staff here at BB, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

Just a reminder that all submissions can be sent in via PM to Angelic Slayer, or by email to buffy-boards@hotmail.com (be sure to include your username in the email, so we know who you are!). And again, all submissions are due in by January 2, 2010. So mark your calendar folks!

See you in the new year BB, and until next time...

.... Happy staking to all, and to all a good night! :santa2:

Awesome! :)
Good things come to those who wait. :)
Great. Love the wwf award.
Good one
Wild At Heart
Wild At Heart
amazing newsletter, i love this can't wait for the next one!!! great job =D
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