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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 13 - January/February 2010

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada


Hey Everybody! Happy 2010! : party:

And of course, welcome to our first 2010 edition of the BB Newsletter! Since February is a shortened month (and a certain newsletter writer had a rather busy end of January) this is a double issue covering both January and February of 2010. And as was announced in our last issue, the newsletter now has some columns that will only be appearing on a bi-monthly basis. Which means our "Caption This!" and "Five Questions With..." sections have been omitted this month, but will return in our next issue (there will be another issue released this month for March 2010).

So you're new to the forums? Not sure what all this newsletter business is all about? Well; you of course! BB's Newsletter is designed to keep members informed about what's happening around the boards, and showcase some of the talented members we're lucky enough to have. Keep reading for updates on Board News, Member Happenings and plenty of sections to help you get to know some of your fellow BB-ers.

Once you're finished reading, feel free to leave us a comment in the Newsletter Feedback Thread, or take a look back at Last Month's Issue which will remain available for reading.

New Members

On behalf of our members and staff here at Buffy-Boards, we'd like to send one last "Welcome!" to all of our new members for the months of December '09 and January '10:


Just joined BB? A little lost and wondering where to begin? A good place to start off is our Frequently Asked Questions: here you'll find loads of information on our board rules and features, as well as a Troubleshooting section in case you run into problems. You can also stop by Check In and introduce yourself to your fellow BB-ers, or post in our Newbies and Lurkers: a space just for new members!

Once you've settled in a little bit, other parts of the board that you may want to take a look at include:
  • Bad Eggs: Get adopted by a fellow board member, and let them be your own personal guide to BB! This is a great idea for new members who are feeling a little overwhelmed (or confused!) by the boards. Just start a thread asking to be adopted in our Bad Eggs section and the next person to post will become your new mentor!
  • The Sorting Tome: Stop by the mystical Sorting Tome and post asking to be sorted into a Board Dormitory. Once sorted, you'll gain access to a new part of the boards that only you and members of your dorm can see. It's a much smaller setting than the main boards and a great way to meet new people. You'll also have the chance to participate in regular dorm activities, events and contests!
  • Angel Investigations: After you've read through the FAQ, this is the next best place to find answers to your board-related questions. Take a quick look through the threads to see if your question has been asked before. And if you're still left wondering, start a thread in Angel Investigations with your question and it will be answered ASAP. Or, if you're feeling a little shy (or would rather your question remain private) you can also post in our Confidential Member Concerns area: where only you and BB's Staff will see your thread.

Meet the Newbie: Introducing one of BB's Newest Members!

This month, we're happy to bring you the first of many BB Newbie Interviews! The part of the newsletter where we talk to one of our latest and greatest members, and hopefully learn a little more about them. Acting as our very first, brave newbie this month is GrrArghx3! A Buffy/Angel shipper from Atlanta who first burst onto the scenes last December. Since joining she's made lots of friends here at BB, and has learned to love BtVS' spinoff 'Angel'. Here's what she had to say:
Hey GrrArghx3, thanks again for agreeing to do this interview for us. So you've been a member for a little while now, but after you joined did anything in particular help you in finding your way around?
The members here are all extremely helpful :)

And just who was the first member that you met on the boards?
Anya Jenkins-Harris. She adopted me :-D

That's great! So here's the must-ask question for any Buffy fan: who's your favourite Buffyverse Character?
It's hard to choose, really, but if I could only pick one I'd have to say Wesley. He evolved so much over the course of both shows.

And say that you can go back in time and rewrite one major event on "Angel" or "BtVS", what would you change?
For Buffy, I'd change Oz leaving. He was such an awesome character! For Angel, I'd change Cordy's Jasmine storyline. I hated that so much.

If you had to choose, which would you say is your favourite "Angel" or "BtVS" episode of all time?
Becoming. Both parts are amazing start to finish!

Very interesting, I'm sure that some of your fellow BB-ers wouldn't mind the changes! Moving a little off topic here, what's your favourite genre of music, band or artist?
Punk rock! :-D As for my favorite band, it differs from time to time, but right now I'm really enjoying Go Betty Go.

So you seem to be a music fan! What's your idea of the "best day ever"?
My favorite hangout here in Atlanta is The Masquerade. Going there and being able to hang out with my friends while listening to the best local bands is an awesome day.

Sounds like a good day to me! And in the spirit of Valentine's Day: What's your favourite Buffyverse Ship and Why?
My favorite 'ship is Bangel! :-D The reason I like them so much is because of how great their love is. They went through so much together and they never stopped caring. I think that's beautiful. Even years after they seperated, their connection was still strong. It was just like they're made for each other!
A big thanks again for being our first interview-ee, GrrArgh! And welcome again to the boards.

Board News

The Buffies Coverage! 2010

Last Wednesday, February 24th the Fifth Annual BB Awards were held in the BB Arena; a whopping four hour event where we feature the best of the best members of 2009. Members spent days finding the right outfit (and date!) for the ceremony and then crowded into our Audience Area where craziness ensued throughout the ceremony. On stage, presenters Black Eye Guy, Flannen and Angelic Slayer were busy presenting the awards and special segments (with the help of Buffy Summers and The Sorting Tome), and counted down the top 5 moments in the past five years of BB Awards. It was a night of shoe-flying, Angel-stealing fun that is sure to be remembered and certainly created lots of buzz around BB!

You can still check out all the festivities by clicking here. The list of winners this year were as follows:


Congratulations again to all of our nominated members and winners for this year, and thanks to everyone involved with the ceremony!

BBGT: Have YOU Got the Talent?

Have you got talent BB? BBGT is here to find out! Auditions for our very first BB's Got Talent Contest will be happening sometime within the next month, so get your talent warmed up and ready to show the world! As Old Master 3.0 pointed out in the main BB News Thread:
Old Master 3.0 said:
....auditions can consist of ANYTHING (within reason, of course. This is still a family site. :p) you want to do, whether it be singing, dancing, comedy, rapping (no art, as the BB already holds separate competitions for that sort of thing), or any other shenanigans you can dream up for your video/audio audition.

We can't wait to see what you come up with, BB! In the meantime, here's a replay of the advert to get those ideas going:


Interdorm Competition: Debates!

The dorms have had a busy few months and are now in the midst of a competition that has challenged the members of BB to do what they do best; debate aspects of the Jossverse! In this house-versus-house competition, each dorm has been given an opposing point of view to do their best and present. The competition started off with a great Round 1 debate between Vahla Ha'nesh and Drogyn: their topic was "Dollhouse was too Echo-centric, resulting in its cancellation.", Vahla Ha'nesh: FOR the statement, Drogyn: AGAINST. Followed by Round 2 between Raiden and Merrick: their topic was "Tara was more important than Oz to Willow's journey.", Merrick was FOR the statement, and Raiden was AGAINST.

The results are in and the two dorms that are advancing to the final round are: Drogyn and Raiden!!!

Congratulations to both dorms on awesome first rounds! Debaters from both teams should get ready for the upcoming final round where they will be debating "The Scoobies were a more effective and efficient team than Angel Investigations.". Members who aren't involved with the Competition can also take a look at the action so far by checking out the following threads: Round 1: Vahla Ha'nesh vs Drogyn, Round 2: Raiden vs Merrick.

BB Articles: New Georges Jeanty Q&A on the way!

With the identity of Twilight revealed and questions buzzing around our Season 8 forums, Lyri has kindly organized another Question and Answer segment with the talented S8 artist Georges Jeanty! Members jumped at the opportunity and asked some pretty interesting questions of Jeanty, stay tuned to the BB News area for updates and his answers. In the meantime, here's some of the questions that you may be able to expect an answer to:
Georges, how far in advance has season eight been plotted? Is it all written in stone or has Joss included some wriggle room for the other writers?
You said in our last interview with you that you hadn't seen the show before you started the comics, so when you found out that Twilight would be
did you realize how big of a shock it was gonna be, where you expecting the response it got?

Your cover for Felica Days The Guild comic was awesome, You drew Vi on the Alternate cover for Time of Your Life pt.1. Is there a different approach to drawing two different characters who are played by the same actress?
Who is your favorite Buffyverse character and why?

Any hints for what's to come for Buffy and her friends?

As a fan yourself, who did you prefer Buffy with; Angel or Spike? Do you think she'll end up with either of them in the long run?
Will Faith take a backseat (like Xander and Giles) in the remaining issues or will she still be a core character in the Twilight storyline?
Will the relationship between Faith and Buffy develop more? I saw they have reconciled in Retreat. Do you think they need more reconcile scenes?

Is Buffy season 8 one of your favorite comics you've ever drawn?

Interdorm Competition: The Dorms Exchange Gifts and Twilight is Revealed!

A couple months ago in the midst of the holiday season, the prefects of BB organized an Interdorm Competition for the artists of BB to create "Christmas Gifts" for each other! The challenge was to create a banner for another dorm that not only reflected what that dorm is all about, but promoted a sense of board unity on BB. Lots of banners were submitted and it wasn't easy to choose the winner, but in the end Drogyn and Vahla Ha'nesh took home the grand prize of 500 House Points. Drogyn had the winning entry for "Best Representation of a Single House", while Vahla Ha'nesh scored highest in the "Best Representation of Dorm Unity" category.


Thanks to all those who took part in the competition, and the prefects for organizing it. And keep an eye out BB for an announcement this week about a new way to get involved and win your dorm some points!

Also, this month was an exciting one for the Buffy Season 8 Forums and the identity of the mysterious Twilight was revealed! As promised, the points for our Guess the Big Bad for House Points Competition have been tallied up and posted. The results were as follows:

Drogyn: 400 Points
Merrick: 400 Points
Raiden: 150 points
Vahla Ha'nesh: 50 points

Congratulations to Drogyn and Merrick for their joint win! And a big thanks to all those who took the time to participate. If you'd like to see exactly where the points came from, feel free to read the thread (beware of spoilers for Twilight's Identity): here

BB Merchandise: New Products Now Available!

The BB Store has recently been updated with the addition some new products; including Plus Size and Maternity T-Shirts, a Throw Pillow and new re-usable Mugs! New designs are also now available (see below!) with more coming soon, so keep an eye on cafepress.com/buffy-boards for more updates.

Also, just a reminder that our Holiday Edition Ornaments and Dorm Pride Button/Stickers are only available for a limited time. If you're interested in purchasing one, please be sure to order within the next couple weeks before they're gone!

New Style: Life of the Party

This month a lovely new style called "Life of the Party" was made available for everyone to use. The Lorne-Centric skin is a classy dark-coloured style with a gorgeous top banner and buttons, created by one of BB's finest artists. Thanks to Lyri for providing the graphics and Buffy Summers for sorting out the colour scheme.

New Fanart Rules: Artists Please Read!

With Plagiarism having become a growing problem here at BB, new rules were introduced in December for our Fan Art forums that all artists should take note of. In addition to posting a clear list of rules regarding using others' artwork (details can be found in the main thread, here), the staff now asks that all artists post their resources along with pieces of artwork to ensure credit is give where it is due. An example of a potential resource list is as follows.

Images: http://www.screencap-paradise.com
Textures: http://seeingred.shattered-memories.net
Gradients/Stocks: www.deviantart.com/profile/
Text: www.dafont.com

Again, please make sure to read through that main thread for all the details of the rule changes.

Buffy Season 2 Continues, along with How I Met Your Mother on BBTV!

Are you a fan of BtVS Season Two? Well of course you are, who wouldn't enjoy a season of our favourite show that includes Angelus in leather pants, Xander in a speedo, Spike making his first deal with the Slayer and Willow haunting the streets of Sunnydale? The viewers of BBTV have just finished watching "Lie to Me" and "The Dark Age" and will soon be moving on to the appearance of Kendra in the "What's My Line" two-part arc.

In non-Buffyverse news, the BBTV-ers gathered in the Chat Room to watch the explosive series finale of Dollhouse last month. And of course there are still weekley viewings of How I Met Your Mother; where you can catch the hilarious Alyson Hannigan and Doctor Horrible himself: Neil Patrick Harris. And if you're a fan of other Whedonverse-related shows like Castle or Bones, be sure to stop by the main BBTV area to find the times of our other weekly viewings.

To participate in BBTV, click on the "Community" tab at the top of any BB page and go to "Chat". Enter in your password then join the channel: #BBTV.

Calling All Writers! How would you like to write about the Buffyverse?

With the BB Articles section up and running, BB is looking for volunteers to write Whedonverse Articles on topic(s) of your choice. These articles will be posted for members to read and comment on, and is a great opportunity for aspiring writers! If you're interested in volunteering, send a sample of your article and the topic that you would like to write your article about to Buffy Summers or SpikedBuffy .

Unleash Your Inner Actor: RPG Now Casting!

The New Horizons RPG is back, and getting revamped! With a story in place and a fresh start coming in January, roles have opened up and the time to audition is now!

Never heard of it before? In this exciting BB RPG: "Angel & Co are fighting for their lives in the alley and have surprise reinforcements from Buffy and the slayers. Join them now as their two worlds become one.". It's been five years and nine chapters since the story had its beginning, now it's time to get this game running again! The story thus far is up for viewing here and you can find all the information about the revamp here.

The current cast consists of:
Kean as Buffy Summers
Black Eye Guy as Willow Rosenberg
Flannen as Rupert Giles
Lyri as Gwen Raiden
and Angels baby101 as Dawn Summers

... and the Available Roles are:
Robin Wood
Indra - (Our Slayer, turned Vampire)

Anyone interested in Auditioning can send Black Eye Guy an Audition with a list of their top 3 characters!

BB Sims: Creating the Cast of BTVS!

Are you an avid Sims Fan? Looking for a fun way to bring the Buffyverse into your game? You're in luck! Presenting BB Sims; a new project on the boards that's looking for creative minds to help create our own virtual Sunnydale!

Whether you have the Sims 2 or the Sims 3 at home, you can help design characters and (eventually) a whole playable neighborhood of Sunnydale. Just stop by the sign up threads (you can find them in the project's main forum, here) and let us know which of your favourite Buffyverse Characters you'll be creating. Once you're finished, you can post an image to your Sims in the forum or get help from a fellow BBer in our Questions Thread.

If you have any questions about the BB Sims project (or were wondering just where to start!) feel free to PM Angelic Slayer with your questions.

After Darkness News: Episode Discussion and Possible Forum Additions!

This month at AD, Episode Discussion has been going strong! With Being Human, Smallville, Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries all February airing episodes there's been lots to talk about all over AD. A trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has also been posted for both UK and USA viewers here for those of you who have been waiting for it!

In other news, Vilandra has posted a note for anyone working on the Masters of Science Fiction about possibly switching to a format similar to a wiki. It has also been proposed that AD create a possible Battlestar Galactica/Caprica forum. So if you're a BSG/Caprica fan and you're looking for a place to post, head over to the thread here and make your voice heard!

Not a member? What are you waiting for? :)

After-Darkness is BB's Sister Site; a message board centered around all things SciFi! They have devoted forums to discuss your favourite shows like Supernatural, Fringe, Being Human, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and many more. As well as a SciFi News area, General SciFi Discussion, Shoutbox and Art/Fanfic Forums! It's a similar layout to BB (very easy to navigate) and you may even see a few familliar faces there! Stop by After-Darkness and join today!

Scoobie Happenings: Members & Staff News

It's a new year at BB and our members have had just as much going on offline as around the boards. If you or a BB-er you know has had something newsworthy happen that you'd like to share, send it along via PM to Angelic Slayer. But anyway, here's some of the tidbits we came across for this month's member news:

Joan the Vampire Slayer has been asked to apply for admission to the Honors Society for Students of English Literature at her college of choice. Congrats Joan!

New member BuffyBro got a new tattoo last month to celebrate his love of BtVS! Very snazzy BB, we're sure Joss would be proud!

ILLYRIAN has recently written a screenplay for a music video! Great work!

and HisMrs had quite a surprise this month when she found out an old friend of hers taught Kirstie Alley how to Twitter!

Jossverse Happenings: What's happening in the Whedonverse these days?

There's been loads of Whedonverse news since our last issue to share, it's certainly been a busy few months for our favourite actors, actresses, writers and producers:

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the wonderfully talented Julie Benz will be appearing in ABC's new Drama Pilot, "No Ordinary Family". And if that wasn't enough, Dollhouse's favourite techy Fran Kranz is set to join the cast of NBC's Comedy, "Friends With Benefits".

Now that "Dollhouse" has aired its final episode, Joss Whedon's new project has been announced! Everyone's favourite director will be working on a documentary about Comic Con, and some of the super-fans that gather there.

Our resident Grey's Anatomy fans got a bit of a treat two weeks ago, when J. August Richards guest starred on the show. He pulled off a great performance as a younger version of the Chief.

Alyson Hannigan recently took home a 2010 People's Choice Award, "Favourite TV Comedy Actress" for her work on "How I Met Your Mother".

Oz fans cried a little tear when last week USA Today posted an article claiming that Seth Green and his girlfriend Clare Grant are now engaged. Although it should be noted, the actor has yet to comment on the story.

Battlestar Galactica fans will be pleased to hear that James Marsters is to appear in the show's new Prequel, "Caprica". See him in action (for a second or two, anyway!) in the trailer, here.

And finally Marc Blucas (who we will all remember as the actor who played Riley in BtVS Season 4 & 5) has joined the cast of ABC's new drama pilot "True Blue". More info can be found at the thread, here.

From Our Members

Sadly, we didn't receive any submissions for this segment this month but we will have another issue coming out this month!

If you have a...
  • Video
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Photoshop, PSP or GIMP Piece
  • Audio Clip
  • Short Fanfic or Story
  • Essay
  • Poem
  • Photograph
  • Word search
  • Comic strip
  • Other Miscellaneous Creative "Thing" that can be shared online
(*phew!*)... that you'd like to share with your fellow BB-ers, please PM it to Angelic Slayer before March 15th, 2010. All entries must obviously be kept family-friendly and although Buffyverse related entries are not required, they are preferred. And keep an eye out next month to see what your fellow BB-ers submitted!

Writer's Corner: Featured Fanfic Section

We're very lucky here at BB to have lots of gifted writers that post alongside us every day. In our Introduction to the Watcher's Diaries forums there are over 500 stories available for everyone to read and comment on, and we would like to start featuring some of those fanfics here. So here it is, our new bi-monthly section where we take a minute to feature a fanfic that has been posted here at BB.

This month, we start by bringing you a fanfic centered around a couple that *most* BB-ers will agree on; Xander and Anya. In her first short (but sweet!) installment of "What Should Have Been" our very own Anya-Jenkins Harris explores what may have been going through our favourite couple's minds as they prepare to walk down the isle. It's a new take on "Hell's Bells" and with Spike/Buffy and Willow/Tara outlined as couples in future chapters, it promises to be a fan favourite some day. :)

Hopefully she'll post more soon, but in the meantime check out this excerpt from the first chapter:

....Despite everything, [Anya] was still happy to be getting married. She never thought this day would come, and now it had; and there was Xander. She truly loved him, in her demon days she'd never thought this possible, never thought there was someone in the world she'd fall in love with. She didn't think true love existed, with all the calls she got from scorned women, it seemed hard to believe that love was real, but it was, and Xander was her soul mate, she just knew it.

Xander; who's mind was so confused, didn't know how to respond. Had any of that been real? Sure, the demon-guy had had something against Anya, for making him like that; but what if that'd be how things really turned out? He refused to let himself hurt Anya like that, he loved her so much it hurt sometimes. Seeing his Mom and Dad arguing out of the corner of his eye, caused him to pause. Did he want his relationship with Anya to turn out that way? He was a Harris, was he doomed to relive his parents fights?...
Wondering how the story goes from here? Read the rest in the thread, here. And keep an eye out in April for our next featured fanfic!

Watcher's Trivia: How well do YOU know the Buffyverse?

In our last issue we started a new monthly section to bend the minds of our members and test your Buffyverse knowledge! In this Watcher's Trivia section we give you three BtVS/AtS Questions that it's your job to answer before our next issue! Then we will be posting the answers and winners (who will earn 20 house points for each correct answer!), along with three new questions the following month. So let's get started, shall we? Last month we asked:

1) In the second episode of the series, Luke fought with Buffy. Before Buffy, when and where did he last fight with a vampire slayer?
2) When Spike was resurrected by the Amulet (in AtS, Season 5), how many days was that after he died in the hellmouth?
3) and finally, Buffy once called Sunnydale a "a mystical who's it". But when the Spanish first settled there, what term did they have for the town and what did it mean?

And the answers? HisMrs was the first this month to send in not one, not two, but all three correct answers in! Her house, Vahla Ha'nesh will be awarded 60 points for her efforts:

1. In the second episode of the series, Luke fought with Buffy. Before Buffy, when and where did he last fight with a vampire slayer?
ANSWER: "1843. Madrid. She caught me sleeping."

2. When Spike was resurrected by the Amulet (in AtS, Season 5), how many days was that after he died in the hellmouth?
ANSWER: 19 days

3. and finally, Buffy once called Sunnydale a "a mystical who's it". But when the Spanish first settled there, what term did they have for the town and what did it mean?
ANSWER: "Boca del Infierno"- it meant The Mouth of Hell.

This month, we've got three new questions for you. And for one of them, you may have to travel a little out of the Buffyverse for the answer:

1) Which Buffyverse character said this, to who, and in which episode: "Smackdown on Red Riding Hood. This could get ugly."?

2) "Wolfram" (part of the name of our favourite evil law firm) is also an alternative name for what?

3) Giles discovers on BtVS that a Dr. Ferris Carlyle transcribed a lost pre-Germanic language and what he learnt he kept to himself until some boys went missing. Where did those boys go missing?[/LIST]​

Thanks to ILLYRIAN once again who mustered up the questions this month. Now it's up to you guys: PM any answers that you have to Angelic Slayer by March 15th, 2010! Again, the first members to send in a correct answer will receive 20 house points towards next year's Dorm Award!

Theme Challenge Reminder: Calling all BB-ers!

This is just a reminder about our bi-monthly Theme Challenge; a new way for BB-ers to get involved in the newsletter! Every other month, we give BB a particular theme. From that, we ask members to send in a Buffyverse-centric Graphic, Poem or Short Story that somehow relates to this month's theme. Once the entries are in, members will get a chance to vote on their favourite entry and the winning piece will be featured in our following issue.

One entry is allowed per month, per person (although group entries are more than welcome as well). And please ensure that no graphics are larger than 800x600 pixels, and written entries no more than 400 words.

The current theme, since we just started 2010 is...

Happy New Year!

So far we don't have any entries for this, but you still have another month! Tune into your creativity BB and send along your submission by March 15th, 2010!

Quote of the Month

We've had a lot of posts on BB since our last issue, a lot of well written posts at that! Here though is our two picks from January and February:

For January:

Posted by Bluebird in the A Children's Show? thread:
I've heard people say that before too. Buffy was being repeated on tv, back when we had cable channels, and my dad would sometimes see me watching it in the living room. He was one who thought it was a silly kids show, until he started sitting down to watch it with me one day. It was the Bargaining two-parter, and he ended up getting really into it haha. My mum came home, saw it was Buffy, and said 'get this shite off' or something alone those lines, and he refused. He wanted to know what happened at the end. :-D He'll now admit that it isn't a stupid kids show, and that he was wrong. And coming from my dad, who's as stubborn as me, that shows how good the show is. That it can change their mind when people give it a chance.

Posted by callousnstrange in the Giles love: Top 10 Reasons Why Giles is the Best Guy in the Buffyverse thread:
Giles has to be in my top 3 favorite characters. I recently noticed that he has alot of very humorous lines that at first I didn't notice, but after pausing and thinking about what Giles just said I start cracking up. He has some very good quotage that I think sometimes goes unnoticed.

Such as the "tacky" line in "Fear, Itself", or the line about hoping Xander pokes the wrong charmed object and gets sent to an alternate demension where there is a 50 foot Giles in "All the Way". Also when Giles gets drunk it's amazing. "bloody hell" in response to Willow coming out to the Scoobies.

And one of my favorite Giles moments is a silent one, with only an exchanged look between him and Buffy as he stands in the Magic Box wearing a wizard outfit.

For February:

Posted by Chris in the Why does everyone hate it?!?! thread (condensed slightly for readability, full post available at the link):
I don't hate the season, but I definitely think it has it's problems:

Many parts of Jasmine's master plan just don't make any sense. When the Beast first arrived, I thought he was great. Not as an interesting character, but as a force of evil to be fought. I loved the apocalyptic feel of his actions (rain of fire, mass killings, raising the dead, causing eternal darkness). But raising the Beast doesn't really make any sense from Jasmine's perspective. She wants to give birth to herself and then create a new world of blissful slaves. Summoning a rampaging invincible demon doesn't really help with that. What if he had killed Angel and Faith, leaving no one to stop him?

........The season did have some high points - Faith's return was excellent, her interaction with Wesley especially. The Lilah/Wesley relationship was also great. The Beast was a very effective menace, it just should have been part of a plot that made more sense. Spin The Bottle was hilarious, and I actually like Connor. And once Jasmine was actually born, parts of that storyline were interesting (The Magic Bullet in particular is intriguing and creepy), but it ended lamely and wasn't nearly as thought-provoking as it tried to be.

Despite all my problems with it, I do still enjoy it, but it's one of my least favourite Angel seasons, only beating the fifth.

Posted by racheltng in the Let's Talk About Joyce thread:
I love Joyce because they wrote her realistically. She gave good advice, and she gave bad advice. I love "The Talk" she had with Buffy in Passion because she learned this horrible thing, from her perspective - oops I didn't notice that my daughter's having sex with an older man - and she tried to salvage the best out the situation without driving Buffy away. I actually think she did a better job with it than a lot of parents would have, ie, it didn't degenerate into a screaming match.

She also veered to the other extreme when she threw Buffy out of the house in Becoming, Part II, but you can see from her face right after Buffy walks away that she immediately regrets it. It came from emotion, not logic. She has the "I never thought I'd be THAT parent" look on her face." It's also realistic that it takes Buffy and Joyce a long time to earn back each other's trust in S3.

Thanks to all four of you for those great posts, keep it up! And watch this space next month Buffy-Boarders, you never know when your post may pop up!

Member Recognition

We're just about through this month's issue, and it's time to put the spotlight on some members who have stood out among the rest these months.

For our new readers, this is the section of the newsletter where every month, the Staff at Buffy-Boards would like to take the time to acknowledge members whose behaviour and attitude has been outstanding. These are members that have been an example to the spirit that is BB, and really gone out of their way to help make this the friendly environment that we all enjoy. Without further delay, congratulations to the following members:

Our New Member of the Month for December 2009 is....

Our Member of the Month for December 2009 is.....

Our New Member of the Month for January 2010 is....

Our Member of the Month for January 2010 is....

Congratulations to you all, and thanks for being a-board. We really enjoy posting with you, keep up the great work! :thumbs:

Also following in the footsteps of last month's issue, is the new Why We Fight Award. As part of our efforts to eradicate bullying on the board, The BB Staff has decided to add this new monthly award to reward Respectful behaviour around BB. Members who receive the WWF Award have shown nothing but respect for their fellow members this past month; demonstrating politeness around the boards as well as a consideration for others' opinions.

The recipient of the Why We Fight Award, for December 2009 is....

and the WWF recipient for January 2010 is....

Congrats to you both! Your attitude has not gone unnoticed, and we appreciate it.


And once again, that's the end of our newsletter for this month! Thanks to everyone who sent in a submission and everyone who helped behind the scenes. We've had a great and eventful start to 2010 Buffy-Boards, let's keep it up! We've got lots of Dorm Competitions happening, BB's Got Talent and plenty of projects around the boards-- so get involved! No matter what your talents, it's your chance to shine and have fun doing it. :)

On that note, all submissions or suggestions for the newsletter can be sent in via PM to Angelic Slayer, or by email to buffy-boards [at] hotmail.com (be sure to include your username in the email, so we know who you are!). And again, all submissions are due in by March 15, 2010. That gives everyone two weeks to get those submission in!

We'll be back in a few weeks, but until then.... Happy Staking!

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