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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 14 - March 2010

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada


Hey Everyone! Welcome to our very last, final edition of the BB Newsletter...

.... April Fool's! :silly:

Okay, so maybe I'm not the most believable prankster in the world, but you can't blame a girl for trying right? Anyway welcome to our first Spring 2010 issue of the newsletter, it's great to have you reading! With the warmer weather coming into effect (in most of the world, anyway!) folks seem to be becoming more and more active around the boards, and we have lots of happenings to report on this month. The newsletter has also had a *slight* face lift as our graphics templates met their demise in a recent computer crash. But I suppose that it is the season for spring cleaning, so maybe a new look isn't such a bad idea after all.

What's that you say? You're new to the forums? Not sure what all this newsletter business is all about? Well, you of course! BB's Newsletter is designed to keep members informed about what's happening around the boards, and showcase some of the talented members we're lucky enough to have. Keep reading for updates on Board News, Member Happenings and plenty of sections to help you get to know some of your fellow BB-ers.

And once you've read through this month's edition, feel free to leave us a comment in the Newsletter Feedback Thread or if you happened to miss it last month you can take a look at our Last Issue which is still posted for reading.

New Members

On behalf of all of the staff and members here at BB, we'd like to send a final "Welcome!" to all of our New Members of February and March 2010:


Just joined BB? A little lost and wondering where on earth to begin? A good place to start off is our Frequently Asked Questions: here you'll find loads of information on our board rules and features, as well as a Troubleshooting section in case you run into problems. You can also stop by Check In and introduce yourself to your fellow BB-ers, or post in our Newbies and Lurkers: a space just for new members! :)

Once you've settled in a little bit, other parts of the board that you may want to take a look at include:
  • Bad Eggs: Get adopted by a fellow board member, and let them be your own personal guide to BB! This is a great idea for new members who are feeling a little overwhelmed (or confused!) by the boards. Just start a thread asking to be adopted in our Bad Eggs section and the next person to post will become your new mentor!
  • The Sorting Tome: Stop by the mystical Sorting Tome and post asking to be sorted into a Board Dormitory. Once sorted, you'll gain access to a new part of the boards that only you and members of your dorm can see. It's a much smaller setting than the main boards and a great way to meet new people. You'll also have the chance to participate in regular dorm activities, events and contests!
  • Angel Investigations: After you've read through the FAQ, this is the next best place to find answers to your board-related questions. Take a quick look through the threads to see if your question has been asked before. And if you're still left wondering, start a thread in Angel Investigations with your question and it will be answered ASAP. Or, if you're feeling a little shy (or would rather your question remain private) you can also post in our Confidential Member Concerns area: where only you and BB's Staff will see your thread.

Board News

BB Gets Punk'd: April Fools Day Coverage

BB ending its run as its own forum? Joss canceling the comics over bad fan reactions? Old Master hates us all?? These are some of the headlines that took over BB on April 1st, leading many members to wonder if BB stumbled into some kind of Wishverse overnight! Keeping in line with old traditions, many members took advantage of April Fool's Day this year to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting members.

First, Buffy Summers announced in the Board News forums that BB would be soon merging with our sister-site, After-Darkness (a sci-fi message board). Citing vbulletin costs and available free time as the reason for the merge, she convinced dozens of BB-ers that soon we would all be logging into AD instead of BB. Reactions were mixed after the announcement, some of our older members in particular seemed to have their suspicions, but overall it was a very well played joke that got the best of us.

Next Kristine decided to step up and see how many of us she could fool. She posted a news article snippit featuring a quote from Joss Whedon, saying: "Due to recent complaint about 'unrealistic' storylines, I have decided to discontinue the Buffy season 8 series as of now. The fans have let me down, and this is my way of paying them back. This is the end of the Buffy saga, no more comics, no spin-offs, no movie. -Joss". Many fans (including myself!) were sent into a frenzy after she posted the thread, but quickly realized that it was all a joke. As it turns out though, the joke was still on us, as Black Eye Guy turned into a bit of a tyrant and infracted Kristine for not posting a link along with her article (tsk, tsk! ;)). After a rather embarrassing public argument, Kristine was banned from the boards seemingly forever.... until she and BEG admitted it was all just an April Fool's Joke.

Then if that wasn't enough, Old Master 3.0 got the attention of BB when he posted a thread with the title "OKAY, YOU KNOW WHAT?? I'M TIRED OF THIS ****. YOU ALL ******* SUCK!!!!" in Social Studies. Members flocked to the thread, saddened and a little terrified by the idea of OM leaving us forever... to find that he too decided to make April Fools out of us!

It was definitely another hilarious year for April Fool jokes, and with next years' hoaxes already being planned-- we're sure that next year won't be disappointing! :D

BB's Got Talent: Auditions Now Open!

BB's most anticipated competition is starting to creep closer and closer, with auditions now open! To help clear up any questions ahead of time, Old Master posted the contest Audition Requirements a few weeks early for our contestants and they are still available for viewing. Please note that the audition period started yesterday on April 17th, so any interested contestants can now PM their audition to Mumrik. The end date for the audition period should be posted soon.

The requirements are easy, and the contest is waiting for you! Read the three simple rules below and get started on your audition soon. We all know how much talent we have here, let's get ready to show it off folks! :D

1) There must be a 5-minute time limit on all auditions (audio or video format).
2) Contestants will be allowed to have non BB-members assist them in their auditions, (friends and/or family members) for both video and audio. (But no on-camera duets if it's a VIDEO singing audition. Only the BB contestant may appear on camera.)
3) Contestants should mark their video auditions with a BB reference, as well as mentioning of same in the clip itself.

If you think you might be interested in taking part in our first annual BBGT, check out the following link for more information.

A Thank You Note to BB-ers

Our administrator Buffy Summers recently shared a letter of thanks for us, sent after our donation to the Jason A. Fedele Memorial Scholarship. In the honour of beloved Angel actor Andy Hallett (who sadly passed away last year) we recently sent them all the proceeds from our BB Store.

Susan Fedele said:
It is with heavy heart that we accept your donation to the Jason A. Fedele Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of our beloved Andy Hallett, a true friend and tireless supporter of the fund.

The scholarship fund was established in memory of our son, Jason "Jay" Fedele, who was killed in a car accident on his way home from work on December 1, 1989. In the tradition of his giving nature and hard-working abilities, it is for graduating seniors who work, as well as go to school and put their "all" into everything they do.

Andy was just such a person. He epitomized the type of person the scholarship was for: hard-working from a very young age, thinking of others before himself, and always the "go to" person on any job or task he took on - a very giving individual. Andy was eager, enthusiastic, and energized with every job. Above all, he adored his family, was exceptionally respectful and helpful to the elderly, and always, always took time for his friends.

We will all miss him terribly and he will stay forever...in our hearts.

In peace & prayer,

Susan Fedele

PS Many thanks for thinking of Andy and the scholarship fund. It is so appreciated.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the donation. As you can see, it was much appreciated.

Say Cheese! New Smilies added!

Thanks to Buffy Summers for adding in some new smilies for us back in March (and of course a big thanks to Shelley over at BBSmiley, who made them!).

The new adorable smiles feature two categories: Witch Smilies and vbSmiley.com

New Forum Area: Who's Airing the Whedonverse?

BB has had a few new forum additions since our last newsletter, the first being a place to find TV Listings for your favourite Whedonverse programs. The new Show Times forum. Threads are created with a description of when the Whedonverse show airs and on which station. Also if you take a look at the thread titles, they will all be labeled with the appropriate country to help you find listings for your area.

If you happen to know when a Whedonverse show (BtVS, AtS, Firely or Dollhouse) is airing in your country, take a quick look over How to Use [The Show Times] Forum and post your findings!

Board Safety: Member Photos and a Quick Message for our Long-Time Members

Early last month in an effort to keep the boards as safe as possible for everyone, our rules regarding Member Photos were changed. From now on threads devoted entirely to Member Photos are no longer allowed (Member Photos being "real-life" photographs of members). As Buffy Summers explained in the news post:
In doing some research and contacting professionals who deal with cases of internet "grooming", it's come to our attention that aside from the obvious, criminals can discover personal information and details about where you live from the items in the background of your photographs. Having these pictures in threads which are not only viewable by all members but by the internet at large just seems too risky. Some of you have posted a good number of pictures in these threads over the years, and it just seems like a bad idea to leave them out there.

I would like to caution everyone to guard not only personal information about yourself, but pictures of yourself. PLEASE be careful about sharing photos. Think very carefully about whether you want a profile picture that is of you (you'll notice, I do not). Especially for our underage members, I strongly encourage you to not use a picture of yourself.
Although members are still allowed to post the occasional photo of themselves (ie: the VH Trading Card Signatures, for House/Board Competitions, etc...) the staff asks everyone to again please be *really* careful and always think first before posting any personal photographs online.

Also, as was mentioned in the thread: everyone please take a minute to look over your privacy settings and if nothing else, change those settings to only viewable by registered members. You can do this by clicking the "User CP" tab at the top of this page and going to "Profile Privacy". More information about the change is available here. Thanks everyone for understanding, we just want to do our best to make this a safe place to be!

Also, we did want to make one reminder to some of our older members. If you've had any contact via Facebook with a former member "Edmund Blackadder" (aka "Bored of the Dead"/"Dia DeLa Muerte"), please check out this thread for a short, but important message.

Love (and War!) is in the Air: New Ship Forums!

The Shippers of BB got a surprise last month when new Relationship Forums were added to the boards. Bangel and Spuffy fans both now have a safe haven where they can enjoy their favourite ship without worry of intrusion. In the new forums (called "Close Your Eyes" and "The Back Steps") only fans of the respective 'ship are allowed inside, so fans can spend some time just loving their favourite couple (rather than defending it!).

That being said, whenever our shippers are feeling up for a debate they can now enter the Battle 'Ship Forum! A place for fans to respectfully discuss which of their favourite couples reign supreme. Whether you want to prove how superior Xander/Anya is over his relationship with Cordelia, or show those Fresley fans that Gunn is the only man for Fred: you now have a place devoted entirely to debates of that kind!

Click on the icons below for a direct link to the new forums.

Introducing BB's Behind the Scenes Crew: New Meet the Staff Thread

The Moderating Team here at BB has just recently opened a new Meet the Staff thread in 'Buffy-Boards News' that members are more than welcome to check out if they like. The new thread features a quick run-down of which Mods take care of which projects, as well as individual short bio's for the current staff members.

So which staffer is willing to defend the monotone ways of Horatio Kane? And who has a sibling that actually hates the idea of vampires? You can find these tidbits (and lots of useful information, too ;)) by following this link.

Just a quick reminder that you can also take a look at the Forum Leaders Page to find out who Moderates exactly which forums (as well as a list of current prefects/VIPs). We also have a Who Should I Contact? Post for anytime you may be unsure of who to contact with your queries.

Welcome to the Angelus Arc: BBTV!

This month, BBTV viewers have been tuning into the first half of Buffy Season 2. With anointed ones, zombies, robo-dates and the judge now taken care of, our heroine moves onto her toughest opponent yet: her boyfriend. With "Innocence" over with and Angel now seeing a darker side of life again, things are about to get very interesting in dear 'ole Sunnydale. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 9PM (UK, Eastern and Pacific Times) to get your fix!

video courtesy of BuffyverseTrailers over at youtube.com

Not interested in tuning into BtVS? Well have no fear, there's still room for you at BBTV too! Over the next week or so BBTV-ers will be finishing up this season of Nathan Fillion's hit show Castle, as well as Alyson Hannigan's latest series How I Met Your Mother. Those viewings will be taking place Wednesdays at 10PM (Castle) and Mondays at 8PM (HIMYM). Also, now that the ground-breaking 100th episode has aired (which was directed by our favourite vampire, David Boreanaz) Bones fans can catch the final 5 episodes of the season viewed every Thursday at 8PM Eastern and Pacific.

Anyone interested in BB can access the channel by clicking the "BBTV" link under the Community Tab (at the top of any BB page), and entering in their information as prompted. Hope to see you all there!

It's Alive! The RPG is back, and promises to be better than ever!

The RPGers of BB have been busy this week, updating Chapter 10: Lost Connection of New Horizons. So far Sam, Riley, Faith, Gwen, Buffy and Willow have all made appearances and the actors have shown no sign of stopping yet!

Never heard of it before? In this exciting BB RPG: "Angel & Co are fighting for their lives in the alley and have surprise reinforcements from Buffy and the slayers. Join them now as their two worlds become one.". This RPG has been a long-time favourite for BBers, now in its fifth year of development it's been revamped and still has some roles open for casting! Check out the Revamp Thread here to get yourself updated on any changes that have been made, and for more information.

The current cast consists of:
Kean as Buffy Summers
Black Eye Guy as Willow Rosenberg
Flannen as Rupert Giles
Lyri as Gwen Raiden
and Angels baby101 as Dawn Summers

... and the Available Roles are:
Robin Wood
Indra - (Our Slayer, turned Vampire)

Anyone interested in Auditioning, please send Black Eye Guy an Audition with a list of your top 3 character choices.

After-Darkness has a 'Supernatural' Month

Members got a surprise over the last month with new smilies added to the forums (just as they were here at BB), as well two new Forum Styles have been made available. The new styles feature two of Sci-Fi's hottest shows: Caprica and (the new!) Dr. Who. Thanks to Black Eye Guy who provided the graphics for both styles, and Vilandra for taking the time to create the colour schemes.

Smallville and Supernatural fans may want to check out AD if you haven't already, as the weekley discussion threads for each show have really gained momentum! Smallville fans have been following along this week as Clark investigates a Lab Explosion with some painful consequences. Meanwhile Supernatural watchers enjoyed Supernatural's 100th Episode where our favourite brothers discover the angels have a new game-plan, and a familliar face turns up.

And if that wasn't enough, news discussions have been posted for two of Whedon's new projects: Dr. Horrible 2 and The Avengers. And goldenboy shared news of an upcoming ABC series that promises to be "Desperate Housewives Meet Buffy". Sound like the kind of show you'd be interested in watching? Check out the post here for all of the latest details!

After-Darkness is BB's Sister Site; a message board centered around all things SciFi! They have devoted forums to discuss your favourite shows like Supernatural, Fringe, Dr. Who, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and many more. As well they have a SciFi News area, General SciFi Discussion, a working Shoutbox and Art/Fanfic Forums! It's a similar layout to BB (very easy to navigate) and you may even see a few familliar faces there! Stop by After-Darkness and join the dark side of the force today!

Scoobie Happenings: Members & Staff News

Here's a quick run-down of what's been happening with your fellow members since the last newsletter. If you or a BB-er you know has had anything newsworthy happen, please send along your news to Angelic Slayer (via PM) and it'll be put in the next newsletter!

Zalos has been scouting BB for some talented folks to help him with his BBGT entry. He and a couple other BBers had decided to give "Walk Through the Fire" a try. Hope it works out smoothly for you!

Long-time member Kali has finally (after a lot of hard work, we're sure!) earned her PhD! As part of the program she has submitted a 100,000 word thesis about fandom and community online, in which she featured the opinions/thoughts of some of our very own BB-ers! Congratulations on your accomplishment hun, we're all very proud of you!

Kelsey has recently finished a BtVS fic that she's been working on for a long time.

Everyone's favourite "Spirit Boy" Lindsey McDonald got to see one of his favourite bands live last month and met singer Amy MacDonald for the first time. We hope you had an awesome time at both occasions!

Say Cheese! Evo made a splurge and bought himself a new camera in March.

and last but not least, MergedLoki and his girlfriend have decided to dress up as Drusilla and Spike this halloween! Good luck with your costumes!

Jossverse Happenings: What's happening in the Whedonverse these days?

Emma Caulfield held a signing at Challengers Comics in Chicago April 14th. She was there primarily to promote her new web comic "CONTROPUSSY", but also was set to bring along some Anya photos and merchandise for the fans as well.

David Boreanaz appeared briefly on American Idol this month to promote his show's 100th episode that he himself got to direct!

The beautiful Charisma Carpenter has finally come out and voiced a few of her opinions of AtS Season 4&5 at a fan convention. (Check out the video, here for more info!)

Michelle Trachtenberg has been busy with her new medical series "Mercy". If you're a medical drama fan and haven't already, be sure to check the show out here!

Juliet Landau has posted a few more interviews for her Take Flight project, featuring many familiar faces from the Jossverse.

The Human Target has recently had a guest appearance by the talented Amy Acker for their season finale.

From Our Members

This month we bring you a special song re-write from ILLYRIAN. Thanks for the submission!

(Think of, We Are The Champions by Queen, but not always.)​

We've paid the rates,
Year after year,
We've paid the penance,
Because of what we are.

No demon rules,
What we've become,
We are here to help,
the human race,

And our help we"˜ll give,
as time goes on and on and on.
Cos we are the Vampires,
my friends.

And we'll keep on biting, to
the end,
We are the vampires,
We are the vampires.

No time for slayers,
"˜Cos we are the vampires,
Of the world.

Give me your coins,
of silver and gold.
Your world does little for me,
As long as I pay the bills.

And we've paid the rates,
Year after year,
We've paid the penance,
Because of what we are.

No demon rules,
What we have become,
We are here to help,
the human race,

And our help we"˜ll give,
as time goes on and on and on.
Cos we are the Vampires,
my friends.

And we'll keep on biting, to
the end,
We are the vampires,
We are the vampires.

No time for slayers,
"˜Cos we are the vampires
Of the world​

Didn't get your submission in on time? Well if you have a Video, Sculpture, Drawing, Photoshop/PSP or GIMP Piece, Audio Clip, Short Fanfic or Story, Essay, Poem, Photograph, Word search, Comic strip, Other Miscellaneous Creative "Thing" that can be shared online... (*phew!*) that you'd like to share with your fellow BB-ers, please PM it to Angelic Slayer before May 15th, 2010.

All entries must obviously be kept family-friendly and although Buffyverse related entries are not required, they are preferred. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Caption This!

Each month, the Newsletter Staff posts a Whedonverse image for you to come up with a creative and entertaining caption for. When the brilliant idea strikes you, we ask you to PM your caption to Angelic Slayer by the Newsletter deadline. From the entries we recieve, the Staff will choose the best of the bunch to be featured the following month. The author of the winning caption will recieve a small button to feature in their signature for the month. Please note that an entry must be kept family friendly (no adult content or foul language) to be considered.

The winner from our last issue is....


Congratulations ILLRIAN! Great Caption!

And this month, the photo that we're challenging you to come up with a caption for is....


photo courtesy of dana.thedudes.nu

Got a caption? Please send it in (as a photo or plain text entry) to Angelic Slayer by the newsletter deadline!

Five Questions With....

In this bi-monthly section of the newsletter, the Moderators of BB send out a list of five questions for one lucky BB-er to answer in hopes of getting to know him/her a little better. In return, that member is allowed one question to ask the Mods and two of the best Mod responses are featured. Wondering what questions we're asking? Well here they are:

What is your fondest memory of BB?
If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
What's your earliest memory of BB?
Who do you admire?
What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?

This month the staff decided to interview Taake. This Vahla Ha'neshian was one of our first new members of BB this year (she joined January 1st, 2010!) and since joining has been popping up with posts all over BB. Here's what she had to say about our questions...
Taake said:
What is your fondest memory of BB?
My fondest memory is probably being sorted into the house I was hoping to be sorted into. It's like a cute cross-over between my faves Buffyverse and Potterverse.

If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
Haha, I would make Bangel-love a law! ;) Nah, I think I would let things be the way they are.

What's your earliest memory of BB?
Googling for boards and finding this place. Glancing around and going like yeah, Buffy lives! :D

Who do you admire?
I admire Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think she seems like a down-to-earth real sort of person. She does her job, she does it well, and she seems to know what she wants and works hard to get it.

What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?
Cheese!! and turkey! Preferrably at the same time.

and in return, she asked the Staff:
"If you could have any "superpower" as seen on BtVS/AtS, which would you choose?"

Mumrik said:
Gwen Raiden's electricity - it was awesome. That whole "not being able to touch people" thing is a drawback but I'm positive I'd find a way to control it.

Tranquillity said:
Super-strength - it would just be so handy in day to day life; moving furniture, opening jars...

Thanks to Mumrik, Taake and Tranquillity for the great answers this month. And keep an eye on your inboxes BB, you never know when Five Questions will be PM'd your way! ;)

Watcher's Trivia: How well do YOU know the Buffyverse?

Think you know the Buffyverse? Well here's your chance to prove it, and earn some house points! In this Trivia section we give you three BtVS/AtS Questions for you to answer before our next issue. Then once the newsletter is posted we will be reveal the answers and winners (who will earn 20 house points for each correct answer!), along with three new questions the following month.

And please note that members are allowed to send in their answers one at a time, if you're not sure about the answers to all three questions. 20 points will be awarded for every individual answer.

Last month we asked you:

1) Which Buffyverse character said this, to who, and in which episode: "Smackdown on Red Riding Hood. This could get ugly."?
2) "Wolfram" (part of the name of our favourite evil law firm) is also an alternative name for what?
3) Giles discovers on BtVS that a Dr. Ferris Carlyle transcribed a lost pre-Germanic language and what he learnt he kept to himself until some boys went missing. Where did those boys go missing?

And the answers? For the second month in a row a Vahla Ha'nesh was the first to send in all three of the correct answers. Congratulations, Andrew Crossett for earning another 60 points for your dorm!
AndrewCrossett said:
1) Which Buffyverse character said this, to who, and in which episode: "Smackdown on Red Riding Hood. This could get ugly."?
ANSWER: Xander in "Chosen" to Giles and Andrew and Amanda (during their Dungeons & Dragons game).

2) "Wolfram" (part of the name of our favourite evil law firm) is also an alternative name for what?
ANSWER: The metal "Tungsten".

3) Giles discovers on BtVS that a Dr. Ferris Carlyle transcribed a lost pre-Germanic language and what he learnt he kept to himself until some boys went missing. Where did those boys go missing?
ANSWER: The Cotswolds in England (victims of a She-Mantis).

Not to worry Raiden, Drogyn and Merrick: this month we have three all new questions for you to answer. Take your best guess because this month, they got a little tricky:

1) When was the first body swap on BtVS and who was involved?

2) In what episode were our heroes haunted by cheese slices?

3) Following up with question #2, how many cheese slices appeared altogether in this episode?

A big thanks again to ILLYRIAN once again who created the questions this month. Please be sure to PM any answers that you have to Angelic Slayer by May 15th, 2010. Again, the first member(s) to send in a correct answer will receive 20 house points towards next year's Dorm Award!

Theme Challenge: Calling all BB-ers!

Back in Issue #12 of the Newsletter we started a brand new way for BB-ers to get involved in the newsletter with this Theme Challenge! The idea is that every other month, we will give BB a particular theme. From that, we ask members to send in a Buffyverse-centric Graphic, Poem or Short Story that somehow relates to that month's theme. Once the entries are in, members will get a chance to vote on their favourite entry and the winning piece will be featured in our following issue.

One entry is allowed per month, per person (although group entries are more than welcome as well). And please ensure that no graphics are larger than 800x600 pixels, and written entries no more than 500 words.

Unfortunately, we never did receive a single submission for our first theme "Happy New Year" but as it was a busy holiday season for many BBers, we're going to give this segment one last try. So this month's theme, in honor of our new forums is...

Buffyverse Relationships!

This should be a theme that just about everyone could come up with something for, so we hope that you can find the time to send in an entry. Good luck everyone, we'll be anxiously waiting for your submissions! :)

Quote Of the Month

Every month the members of BB write hundreds of posts around the forums, creating interesting discussion about every aspect of the Whedonverse. Here's the section of the newsletter where we like to showcase two of the best posts we've seen in the last month. Whether they have a popular opinion or not, these folks someone managed to stand out in the stacks of posts as being particularly well said. Without further ado, here's our picks for March 2010:

Posted by InsaneMystic in the Willow/Oz vs. Willow/Tara thread:
Tillow all the way, even though I admit my reasons may be less than rational. :)

Woz has always made me feel jealous (I've had a huge crush on Willow from the moment I saw her, and Oz in S2 looks a lot like a shorter and thinner version of a guy I knew and was on odds with a lot of the time ^^ ). Also, lezzie rocks straight any old day, in my book.

On a less personal prejudice level, I'm kinda let down by Oz (who, even watching through my jealousy-clouded eyes, is one of the coolest characters in the verse) in his reappearance in "New Moon Rising". Coming back out of the blue after several months of no contact at all, and expecting to be able to pick up with the girl he left behind just like that seems rather selfish to me. I'm very glad Willow picked Tara there.

Also, comparison to Woz left aside, I think Tillow is the strongest and healthiest love we've seen in the show (over half of S6, the "strong and healthy" was carried on Tara's back, alone, of course - showing how this ship really made her grow from a stuttering, insecure abuse victim to a strong and realistic role model, which I think is a lot what love should be all about. :) ).

and posted by Stakesteak in the Snyder in School Hard thread:
I'm not so sure that the mayor or anyone else had put pressure on Snyder to get rid of her so much as he absolutely detested disorder of any kind and a student with Buffy's record was sure to incur his wrath to no end. Think about it, Snyder hatred with disorder was so great that he actually threatened the giant snake mayor without much thought of consequences. Also, if he had orders to disrupt the slayer, he would have almost certainly have canned Giles with little thought.

Like he said at the Beginning of School Hard, Buffy was neck and neck with a girl who had a history of stabbing teachers with the worst record in the school. Whenever something bad happened at Sunnydale High, chances are Buffy Summers was always suspiciously around.

Thanks to you both for making such great posts, we'll have to keep an eye out for what you'll post next. And always be on the lookout BB, you never know when your posts may be chosen!

Member Recognition

Well everyone we're almost done with this issue, so it's about time we get to the part that you've all been waiting for. It's time to announce our picks for members of the month, March 2010.

For our new readers, this is the section of the newsletter where every month, the Staff at Buffy-Boards would like to take the time to acknowledge members whose behaviour and attitude has been outstanding. These are members that have been an example to the spirit that is BB, and really gone out of their way to help make this the friendly environment that we all enjoy. Without further delay, congratulations to the following members:

Our New Member of the Month for last month, February 2010 is....

and our Member of the Month for February 2010 is....

Thank you to both of you for the great attitude that you've shown around the boards; you're certainly a pleasure to post with :)

And our third and final award of the month is the new Why We Fight Award. As part of our efforts to eradicate bullying on the board, The BB Staff has decided to add this monthly award to reward Respectful behaviour around BB. Members who receive the WWF Award have shown nothing but respect for their fellow members this past month; demonstrating politeness around the boards as well as a consideration for others' opinions.

And the recipient of the Why We Fight Award, for February 2010 is....

Congratulations! You've been really making a difference around here and we appreciate it. Awesome work! :thumbs:


That pretty much brings us to the end of our news for you this month, BB. Thanks again to anyone who took a moment to send in a submission because without you folks, we wouldn't have much to write about! Also just making a quick note that since I'll be heading on vacation for the first two weeks in May, the next issue will be an April/May Double Issue to catch up.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or comments about the newsletter please stop by our Newsletter Feedback Thread (by clicking the banner below) or PM Angelic Slayer with your ideas. You can also reach us via email anytime at buffy-boards[at]hotmail.com (just please include your username somewhere in the email, so we know who you are!). Submissions are due in this time by May 15th, 2010.

Until next time BB, stay safe and have a great spring.... Happy Staking! :thumbs:

Great work, as always Katie!! :) The new graphics look beautiful!
ooh, excellent one... and I got chosen for one of the two best posts? really? *blush*
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