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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 15 - April/May 2010

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada


G'day there Buffy-Boards! :D

And of course welcome to our massive April/May 2010 issue of the BB Newsletter. We have a very exciting few weeks coming up at Buffy-Boards.com, and the staff has been hard at work making preparations. As you all know, BB's Got Talent is set to premiere this Sunday, June 13th and BBTV will be starting a new season of Buffy on Wednesday, June 16th. So what can we expect from these two big board events? And what else has been going on around our forums? Keep reading for all of the details!

New to BB? A little confused about all this newsletter business? BB's Newsletter is designed to keep members informed about what's happening around the boards, and showcase some of the talented members we're lucky enough to have. Ahead you'll find updates on Board News, Member & Whedonverse Happenings and plenty of sections to help you get to know your fellow BB-ers.

And once you've read through this month's edition, please leave us some feedback in the Newsletter Feedback Thread. And if you happened to miss us last month, March's issue is still available for reading here.

New Members

On behalf of all of the staff and members here at BB, we'd like to send one last "Welcome!" to all of our New Members of April 2010 :)

Just joined BB? A little lost and wondering where on earth to begin? A good place to start off is our Frequently Asked Questions: here you'll find loads of information on our board rules and features, as well as a Troubleshooting section in case you run into problems. You can also stop by Check In and introduce yourself to your fellow BB-ers, or post in our Newbies and Lurkers: a space just for new members! :)

Once you've settled in a little bit, other parts of the board that you may want to take a look at include:
  • Bad Eggs: Get adopted by a fellow board member, and let them be your own personal guide to BB! This is a great idea for new members who are feeling a little overwhelmed (or confused!) by the boards. Just start a thread asking to be adopted in our Bad Eggs section and the next person to post will become your new mentor!
  • The Sorting Tome: Stop by the mystical Sorting Tome and post asking to be sorted into a Board Dormitory. Once sorted, you'll gain access to a new part of the boards that only you and members of your dorm can see. It's a much smaller setting than the main boards and a great way to meet new people. You'll also have the chance to participate in regular dorm activities, events and contests!
  • Angel Investigations: After you've read through the FAQ, this is the next best place to find answers to your board-related questions. Take a quick look through the threads to see if your question has been asked before. And if you're still left wondering, start a thread in Angel Investigations with your question and it will be answered ASAP. Or, if you're feeling a little shy (or would rather your question remain private) you can also post in our Confidential Member Concerns area: where only you and BB's Staff will see your thread.

Meet the Newbie: Introducing one of our newest Slayers-in-Training!

Now that the newbies have been pointed in the right direction, we'd like to formally introduce everyone to one of our new members that joined us back in March. Merrick's own Vengeance is an Anya fan who can be found all over BB, but especially enjoys hanging out in the School of Slayers and Demon Hunters. He kindly agreed to take a break from WoW and answer a few questions for us, let's see what he had to say:
Hi Vengeance! Thanks for agreeing to sit down with us for a while, we know you're a busy guy! So first things first, how did you stumble upon BB?
Just thought I'd love to have people to chat about Buffy with, so I brought up Google and searched for a Buffy forum.

And when the mighty Google brought you to BB, what were your first impressions?
I was impressed with how many people still wanted to discuss BtVS/AtS so many years after the shows ended. And slightly intimidated by people with 10,000+ post counts!

We've all been there, it can be a lot to take in when you first get here! So I read that you've seen both AtS and BtVS, which of the two shows do you prefer?
Definitely BtVS. I like AtS, but it just doesn't have quite the charm BtVS has. I also find I like the characters in BtVS a lot more. Also, AtS doesn't have enough Sarah Michelle Gellar for my tastes. ;P

Fair enough! We have a SMG fan in the building! Now that being said, are there any Buffyverse characters that you find you can relate to?
Xander I can relate to a lot. I can totally see what he sees in Anya, and I think me and Xander both have a geeky side, but we also have a loyal side and a romantic side.

Moving off-topic for a while, how do you wake up in the morning? Are you a coffee addict? Do you go for a morning jog? Or are you one of those morning people I've heard so much about?;)
An alarm wakes me up or if I have nothing to wake up for, I like to sleep in. I'm most definitely not a morning person or a coffee person. I generally don't have breakfast. Usually I'll just hop on the computer and turn on Sportscenter until I have to go.

Sounds like a pretty relaxing way to start your day. And once you are up and at 'em-- how would you typically spend your day (assuming it's the weekend, and you don't have any work/school functions to deal with)?
I play World of Warcraft (if you've heard of it) a lot, as my status mentions. I'm always on a rewatch of BtVS, but sometimes I might put in a Star Trek or an Alias. I like reading, and I have all the Harry Potter books on audiobook that I like to listen to sometimes. Of course I like to visit BB as well. It's mostly WoW that takes up my weekends though.

Ah, a Trekkie! Always glad to see another fan around these parts. So I have a feeling we may know the answer to this, but do you have any hobbies/interests that help you unwind at the end of a busy day?
Again, WoW. It's fun to escape in a fantasy world at the end of a hard day.

It certainly is (Hollywood was built on that very concept, and look at it now!). Well thanks again for agreeing to do this Vengeance. Are there any final interesting facts that you can think of to share with your fellow members?
My 6-month old brother is younger than my 1-year old nephew
A big thanks again for agreeing to do this interview, Ven. It was nice to get to know you a little better!

Board News

BB's Got Talent: Premieres Tomorrow!

After months of anticipation, preparation, blood, sweat and tears it's finally here BB. Coming to you LIVE tomorrow at 8:00 PM, GMT is Buffy-Boards' Got Talent! From the makers of BB Big Brother, this is BBGT's very first season promising to show off the best of talent across BB. With esteemed judges, charismatic hosts and enough glam to put American Idol to shame it's sure to be a fun evening for all of BB.

So put on your best outfit and join us at 8:00PM (GMT), 3:00PM (EST) for the premiere.

BBTV: It's time to take on Season 3, BTVS

Ask any BB-er why they joined the boards and you're almost guaranteed to get the same answer: to discuss the Whedonverse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series premiered in 1997 after its prequel movie had flopped, and the world was left waiting for a heroine. Since then it's taken fans by storm and examined complex real life issues through the lives of Buffy Summers and her friends, and shown the world that you can't judge a book by its cover.

That's why we created BBTV. A way for Buffy-Boarders to watch their favourite episodes with one another and re-live the show that brought us all here in the first place. And if you aren't already involved in this weekly event now is the best time to start. This Wednesday, June 16th BBTv will be premiering Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 3!

video courtesy of BuffyverseTrailers over at youtube.com

So get your DVDs ready, click the BBTV link under the "Community" tab (at the top of the page) and join in the discussion! Showtime begins at 9pm UK time, 9pm Eastern and 9pm Pacific-- so no matter what time you're home there's bound to be a time that suits your schedule. For more information on BBTV you can check out the forums, here.

Welcome to our New Mod: Taake!

Last month the Moderating Team here at BB welcomed Vahla Ha'neshian Taake to the team. This Angelus fan enjoys working out, hanging with her friends and spends her free time making some lovely banners as seen around BB. Welcome to the team, Taake! We're sure you'll do an excellent job!

Want to find out a little more about Taake? You can view her "Meet the Staff" post, here.

Moderators are identified with the title “Junior Partner” and a custom avatar. They perform such duties as planning board events, overseeing assigned board sections and the chat room, editing or moving posts or threads as required and responding to member complaints, queries, or infractions. Members are invited to please feel free to take concerns or questions to the appropriate member of the Buffy Boards staff.

Rule Change: Fan Art Forum

This is a reminder to all members who post Fanart on BB that our forum rules for Art Class have changed. Although the staff still encourages members to keep posting your sources (as it is the courteous thing to do) the staff will no longer be giving infractions for those who do not post their sources with their artwork.

However, 3 instances of Plagiarism will of course still result in a banning from the boards. And members should still take care to read the Terms of Use where they're taking resources, as any complaints about materials being used without permission will be dealt with accordingly.

For more information on the rule change, you can take a look at the main thread here.

BB's Q&A with a Staff Member

Earlier this month Buffy Summers announced a fun new event that we're hoping will become a regular series on the boards: Q&A's with the Staff. On Tuesday, June 22nd the chat room will be open and members will get the chance to hear the answers to some of their burning questions in our first session featuring Buffy Summers.

HisMrs has been hard at work all month putting together your questions for our administrator, and she will be interviewing BS starting at 3pm Eastern, 8pm GMT. Have a question for BS that you have been too afraid to ask? Send it along to HisMrs via PM and she'll be sure that it's included in the interview.

For more information about this event you can check out the thread here. Otherwise, we'll see you in the chat!

From Our Members

This month we bring you another creative song re-write from the word-master ILLYRIAN. Thanks for sending it in!


Buffy went to the microphone.

Come on, come on,
grab your partners.
The time has come,
so don’t be shy.

ANGEL: (to Fred)
Oh good, we do this every time
we help someone. This is for our
victory dance.
It’s great to join in.

Get off the seats,
Get of the chairs,
Don’t worry who’s watching,
Just say who cares.

They form a big circle on the
dance floor.

GUNN (gleefully)
If you go out for a drive today,
you’ll be in for a big surprise.
If you go out for a drive today,
you’ll be in for a big surprise.
For teddy bears here,
and Teddy bears there, have
started working for the council.
Digging lots n lots of ditches,
Digging ditches all day long.
Long ones, wide ones, short ones.
But they will not be digging today.
‘Cos today’s the day, the teddy
bears had their picks nic’ked.

Simple Simon says, put your arms
in the air.

They all put their arms in the air.

Now you put your left arm in,
your left arm out,
your right arm in then wave them
both about.
You dance like a drowning duck
and you just don’t give a care.
That is what this is about.

You put your top half in,
your top half out,
in, out, in, out, shake it about.
Dance like an Acker-Dacker fan.

They all begin shaking their heads.

You put your left leg in
Your left leg out, in, out, in,
out, shake it all about.
You do a one short leg stomp

They all dance around and around
in small circles.

That is what it’s all about.

You put your left butt in,
your left butt out.
In, out, in, out shake it about,
And dance like there’s ants in
your pants.

You moon them here,
you moon them there,
here, there, here, there, then
moon them everywhere. You do the.......

Willow faces the audience.

Ewww, that’s not a good idea!

Ya do the conga line, like you just
don’t care.
Now that is what it’s all about!​

Thanks again ILLYRIAN! Do you have a creative flair that you'd like to show off? Send in your Video, Sculpture, Drawing, Photoshop/PSP or GIMP Piece, Audio Clip, Short Fanfic or Story, Essay, Poem, Photograph, Word search, Comic strip, Other Miscellaneous Creative "Thing" that can be shared online... (*phew!*) to Angelic Slayer before June 26th, 2010.

All entries must obviously be kept family-friendly and although Buffyverse related entries are not required, they are preferred. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Caption This!

Each month, the Newsletter Staff posts a Whedonverse image for you to come up with a creative and entertaining caption for. When the brilliant idea strikes you, we ask you to PM your caption to Angelic Slayer by the Newsletter deadline. From the entries we receive, the Staff will choose the best of the bunch to be featured the following month. The author of the winning caption will receive a small button to feature in their signature for the month. Please note that an entry must be kept family friendly (no adult content or foul language) to be considered.

The winner from our last issue is....​

Congratulations HisMrs, we loved your Caption!

And this month, the photo that we're challenging you to come up with a caption for is....


photo courtesy of Airam via the BB Gallery

Good luck with your captions BB! Submissions are due in June 26th, 2010.

Watcher's Trivia: How well do YOU know the Buffyverse?

So you think you're smart, huh? Think you know the Buffyverse like no other BB-er? Well here's your chance to prove it and earn some house points! In this Trivia section we give you three BtVS/AtS Questions for you to answer before our next issue. Then once the newsletter is posted we will be reveal the answers and winners (who will earn 20 house points for each correct answer!), along with three new questions the following month.

And please note that members are allowed to send in their answers one at a time, if you're not sure about the answers to all three questions. 20 points will be awarded for every individual answer.

Last month we asked you:

1) When was the first body swap on BtVS and who was involved?
2) In what episode were our heroes haunted by cheese slices?
3) Following up with question #2, how many cheese slices appeared altogether in this episode?

Still guessing for the answers? Well this month we had a change of pace and a Drogyn Member stepped up with the correct answers. Congrats to pieceofgosa, who was the first to send in all three of the correct answers and earned 60 points for his dorm!

pieceofgosa said:
1) When was the first body swap on BtVS and who was involved?
ANSWER - Episode 1x03 "Witch", it was Amy Madison & her mother, Catherine.

2) In what episode were our heroes haunted by cheese slices?
ANSWER - Episode 4x22 "Restless"

3) Following up with question #2, how many cheese slices appeared altogether in this episode?
ANSWER - 24. 11 in Willow's dream, 8 in Xander's, 3 in Giles' and 2 in Buffy's
So will it be Merrick, VH or Raiden who takes home the points next month? Or will Drogyn reign for a second round? It's up to you BB! Here's this month's questions, good luck!

1) In 'The Harsh Light Of Day' Xander claims Giles is what because he had a TV?

2) And, in the same episode, what was Spike's first line to Buffy?

3) Who was the first person that the First Evil asked a question to on BTVS, and what did it ask?

As usual sending out a big thank you to ILLYRIAN who is our resident Trivia-Writer. And again, the first member(s) to send in a correct answer will receive 20 house points towards next year's Dorm Award.

Writer's Corner: Featured Fanfic Section

Ever spent hours searching for "just the right" fanfic, and came up empty handed? Or maybe you have a fic of your own, but no place to post it. Well look no further, we've got the place for you: right here! At BB we're very lucky to have oodles of talented writers in our midst who share their stories with the rest of the boards. Our Introduction to the Watcher's Diaries forum has over 500 stories available for viewing, and there's always room for more! So to help showcase some of those awesome stories, this is our new bi-monthly section where we take a minute to feature a fanfic that has been posted on BB.

This month, we're taking a break from romance to bring you a general BTVS fanfic set after the Season 5 Finale. In this 1600 word fic by xaphania, the reader follows Xander and Dawn to a familiar crypt where Xander has some work to do. Forced to put up with each other, he makes some realizations about Dawn and is forced to reconsider the assumptions he's made about Spike. It's a great piece that focuses on the dynamic between two men, and a pleasure to read. Here's an excerpt from Mr. Plumber Man:
There was nothing like strolling through a graveyard in the dark to really make you feel like a citizen of Sunnydale.

Pocketful of stakes, bottle of holy water tucked away somewhere, the scent of newly-risen vampire dust in the air, and—oh yes—big bag of tools over your shoulder. Of course, that last wasn’t a usual occurrence.

Xander glanced over to the girl at his side, her long hair shielding her face from his view. He tried to think of something to say, something that wasn’t a silly platitude, but came up with nothing. None of them had thought it’d be this difficult, looking after Dawn. It seemed like the only person she listened to was Spike. And they were approaching his crypt right now.

Dawn’s pace picked up when the tomb came into view, and he sighed. Way to make him feel even more inadequate: this eagerness to see the undead. Xander remembered a time when Dawn had looked up to him as the big-brother type.

Now, it was all about Spike.

Hurrying after her, he didn’t see the broken headstone sticking from the ground and tripped over it. Embarrassingly. Oh, how he hoped that Spike was nice and buried in his hole in the ground and hadn’t seen—

The sound of slow, sarcastic clapping interrupted his thoughts, and Xander mentally hit himself with a spade. He jumped to his feet and pointed a stake at the grinning vampire standing in the doorway of his crypt. “One word and you’ll be getting a visit from Mr. Stake.”

Spike mimed zipping his lips, smirk firmly in place, and Xander glared. “I’m here to do you a favour, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Spike said, before turning away dismissively. “All right, Niblet?”
Got your attention? You can read the rest of the story here, and be sure to leave some feedback for the author once you're finished reading.

Theme Challenge: The Contenders Are Here!

A few months ago with the introduction of our new segements, we started a brand new way for BB-ers to get involved in the newsletter with this Theme Challenge! The idea is that every other month, we will give BB a particular theme. From that, we ask members to send in a Buffyverse-centric Graphic, Poem or Short Story that somehow relates to that month's theme. Once the entries are in, members will get a chance to vote on their favourite entry until the newsletter deadline and the winning piece will be featured in our following issue.

One entry is allowed per month, per person (although group entries are more than welcome as well). And please ensure that no graphics are larger than 800x600 pixels, and written entries no more than 500 words.

Last month's theme, in honour of our new forums was Buffyverse Relationships. We received some awesome entries for this month in both photo and text form, and now it's time to decide on our winner. So please send in your vote to Angelic Slayer via PM, and let us know which piece you liked best. The winner will be announced in our next issue, when we will present the next theme. On that note, our contenders are....

Entry #1:
The Buffyverse Relationships, and a few non starters.​

I can understand why the relationship between Cordy and Groo never developed, I am sure that Joss wouldn’t have wanted them to continue together. As soon as some one pointed out to him what their followers would be known as, and I don’t mean the Croo(ners). No, the other name being Gordy, which would soon become Gordo, and that name would be to close to Buffy’s favourite, Mr. Gordo.
As for Harmony and Lorne though, they were both demon, so would it be Larmony? The other way would be Horne, they would soon be known as a horny pair of devils.
Let’s be thankful that Fred didn’t have a boyfriend whose name was Buck or that Willow never dated Buffy’s father, cos they’d be known as a right pair of.. ... ..ers
Did Cordy ever have a relationship with Rocky, if so, would you admit to being a follower, cos it could be said that you were being a bit .. ... ..
What ever happened to the ever so tender Faith and principal Robin Woods? They could almost have got a job in Stargate Atlantis.
And what of Giles’s girlfriend ( seen at the start of season 4 ) Olivia? A nice name, but when coupled with Giles, it’s Golivia, can’t you just guess that that’d become Golly? Then it’d be the Good Golly Miss Molly club.
At one of Buffy’s parties Halfreck recognised Spike, but she called him William. What a gas if they’d got together, again? They would have been Hilliam, which would have become Helium over time. Although thinking about it, that relationship would have gone down like a led balloon.
I considered Angel and Darla, but that was when he was demonic, so I didn’t bother. Then I considered about Spike and Drusilla, but that would be Spusilla or Dike.

Then there’s the classic, the relationship every one talks of, the one, the only? No, not that one. I’m on about the Spike and Harmony pairing, just mention the name Blondie Bear and which couple do you think of?

Entry #2:
Buffy and Angel
Put her in a hot oven
Now cookies have burnt.

Entry #3:
Click Me! I'm a Large Photo Entry

Entry #4:
Click Me! I'm a Large Photo Entry

And those are your choices for this month! PM in your vote soon BB, voting will only be open until our newsletter deadline!

Quote of the Month

Every day our members write dozens of posts (sometimes hundreds!) discussing just about every aspect imaginable of the Whedonverse. In this section of the newsletter, we like to showcase two of the best posts we've seen in the last month. No matter what their opinion may be, these folks managed to stand out in the stacks of posts as being particularly well written. Without further ado, here's our picks for April and May 2010:

For April:
Posted by Zalos in the Weslah vs. Spuffy thread:
Well... Weslah didn't last that long. I mean, Spuffy to me was like 3 seasons long(and maybe a bit more). I didn't like everything about Spuffy, but overall it's what made me like Spike character more. As for Weslah, that took me by surprise at the time. But it actually made lots of sense, and it gave us a new view on Lilah which got me more interested in her character(I wasn't a big fan of her in the first seasons). Also Wes started being badass around that time so always a + =P The relationship just is difficult to compare to Spuffy. It was short and nice, but I don't think it would have ever lasted.

In conclusion i'd have to go with Spuffy(not that i'm a shipper lol) simply because the relationship went on longer and impacted on a lot of things. Hate it or like it, Spuffy bring a lot of reactions from everybody for sure haha!

and posted by Kana in the Unpopular Rants, Opinions and Confessions II thread:
Aww instinctually, I always feel the need to defend Riley. The reason being is that I don't believe his problem was just about Buffy being stronger than him. She actually made two fundamental errors with Riley. Yes he felt insecure about her being stronger than him but it was more about her not responding emotionally to him as much as she did with say, Angel. Funnily enough in OOMM, she says if she wanted someone superhuman, she'd be dating Spike (*cough*, behold the irony), but this still misses the larger question, superhuman or not did Buffy really need Riley?

I think Riley's issues were understandable even if he didn't handle things well. My only issue with the hate on the guy is that Buffy made mistakes in their relationship as well. Good people can make stupid mistakes, just my view.
and for May:

Posted by Bungle Jerry in the GRADUATION DAY pt2 thread:
In this episode, the Mayor gives a speech that goes on, almost entirely uninterrupted, for 250 words. That's an amazingly long time by TV standards. Yet Harry Groener is just so amazing that he makes every single word gripping. I would argue that Joss Whedon has maybe never worked with a classically better actor. As the cliche goes, the man could read the phone book and make it compelling entertainment.

Fraught with rage at Buffy and longing and fear for Faith, he looks 100 miles beyond the students in the audience to say, 'some people who should be here today, aren't." Lets that emotion sink in for a mere beat, then shakes it off, brings it back to his own naked ambition and to the graduating class, smiles and brightens up to say "But *we* are." It lasts barely a second, but it's some of the most brilliant acting I've ever seen.

And of course the other main footnote connected with Graduation Day, pt. 2 is that, like "Earshot", it was actually pulled from the normal broadcasting schedule because of Columbine. But where "Earshot" made sense, pulling "GDp2" made no sense at all, and left viewers unintentionally cliffhung for months.

and last but certainly not least, posted by sosa lola in her **Spoilers** Xander and Gender Reversal thread:
.....There's something special about the show that starts with a mischievous badboy and a frightened blonde girl breaking into an empty high school in a dark night; you'd think the boy is going to kill/harm/rape the girl, only to gasp with shock when the blonde girl turns around and her face is hideously scary and bites the boy to death.

Gender reversal has always been an important aspect of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss wants to change the Hollywood cliché of a blonde girl being trapped in an alley and getting killed to the blonde girl who kicks ass and saves the day. It's not only the hero, but also the supporting cast. We see Buffy and Willow growing stronger with each new season while Xander and Giles remain the same powerwise. We see Buffy taking the lead and everybody else, men and women, follow her without questions or objections. That's what makes BtVS powerful, the fact that Buffy slips easily into the role of a leader with everybody's bless. "When I created Buffy, I wanted to create a female icon, but I also wanted to be very careful to surround her with men that not only have no problem with the idea of a female leader, but were in fact engaged and even attracted to the idea," Joss Whedon.

Of course, in every superhero story, the hero needs a heroine; someone that depends on the hero and cheers the hero on to the end. Buffy is the hero of the story, and her heroine is Xander. Buffy inhibits a role usually given to the male lead. Xander inhabits a role traditionally reserved for the woman.

The heroine is the second important character after the hero, physically attractive, usually defined by her relationship to the hero and inferior to him, supportive and loyal to the hero, and more often than not needs to be saved by the hero.

Xander fulfills the role of the heroine more than any other male character. He gets second billing in the credits, physically attractive, witty and clever, very loyal to Buffy, the emotional support to her and the rest of the team, and a male damsel in distress. He's the character we see rushing to hide behind the hero when danger occurs (See Buffy Vs. Dracula) as Anya notes, "When things get rough, he just hides behind his Buffy." .........
Quick Note: This post had to be shortened to fit within our newsletter, however I would recommend taking a look at the post in full, seen at the link above. :)

Thanks everyone for the great posts, they were a pleasure to read! And watch out BB: you never know when one of your posts may just be next!

Member Recognition

We're just about done for this month BB, which means it's time once again to unveil who the staff chose to recognize this month. Keep reading to find out your Members of the Month for March and April, 2010.

For our new readers, this is the section of the newsletter where every month, the Staff at Buffy-Boards would like to take the time to acknowledge members whose behaviour and attitude has been outstanding. These are members that have been an example to the spirit that is BB, and really gone out of their way to help make this the friendly environment that we all enjoy. Without further delay, congratulations to the following members:

Our New Member of the Month for March 2010 is....

Our Member of the Month for March 2010 is....

Moving right along, our New Member of the Month for April 2010 is....


and our Member of the Month for April 2010 is....

Thanks to all of you for being such a great addition to the boards, it's so far been a pleasure having you around. Keep up the awesome attitude! :thumbs:

And our third and final award of the month is the new Why We Fight Award. As part of our efforts to eradicate bullying on the board, The BB Staff has decided to add this monthly award to reward Respectful behaviour around BB. Members who receive the WWF Award have shown nothing but respect for their fellow members this past month; demonstrating politeness around the boards as well as a consideration for others' opinions.

The recipient of the Why We Fight Award, for March 2010 is....

And the recipient of the Why We Fight Award, for April 2010 is....

Congrats to you both, and thank you so much for your efforts to make this a great place to be. Your respectfulness has certainly been appreciated :)

Quick Note: The voting for these awards took place last month, obviously before Taake was added as a member of BB Staff. ;)


And that wraps things up for this month BB, we hope you've enjoyed this issue!We have an exciting month ahead with BBGT and BBTV Season 3 both premiering, so be sure to tune into these exciting events while you can. Don't be shy! Join in, and we'll see you on the other end to report on all the juicy details!

Until then, be sure to send in those submissions via PM to Angelic Slayer by June 26th, 2010. This includes From Our Members, Caption This! and Trivia sections, as well as the voting for our Theme Challenge. That's two weeks from today, so get crackin' BB! And in the meantime, have a safe and sensational month!

Happy Staking!

GREAT work again, Katie!!! Awesome! :D
dan k
a really enjoyable read
Nice job.
Good work and thanks for the BBTV hits :)
Gorgeous newsletter :D
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