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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 2 - July 2008

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May 14, 2003

July 2008


Welcome members to the July edition of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter!

Here you will find updates on all things Buffy-Boards; from what's happening around the boards to news about our members. Watch for special contributions from our very own members (this means you!), answer our Question of the Month, and get a glimpse into the mind of special guest contributors.

If you missed last month's issue you can check it out here. And don't forget, we want to hear what you would like to see in upcoming issues, so drop on by the Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread!

Welcome New Members!

A warm welcome to all new members who have joined us here at Buffy-Boards! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Do stop by and post an introduction in Check In if you haven't already. Take some time and get acquainted with our FAQ, and get adopted in Bad Eggs. Get yourself a custom banner made by one of our very own Official Banner Makers, and don't forget to get sorted into a Board Dormitory, we look forward to seeing you in the there!

The new members for the month of June were:


Moderator Updates

After a far-too-long hiatus from us, edb has rejoined the staff as a moderator! She was a mod back in the "˜olden days' of Buffy-Boards and we are thrilled to have her back!

Board News

The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass RPG is still running, and still casting for a few remaining characters. Want to see what would happen if the baddies were the goodies and vice versa? Check it out!

The cast list is as follows:

Lyri - Darla
Keanoite - Angel
VisionGuy - Cordelia
Jenny - Tara
Black Eye Guy - Faith
Mesektet Ra - Drusilla
Joyce Summers - Buffy
Blondie Bear - Oz
Crazy Flakes - Willow
Xander - bufsum
Spike - TheHeartist

If you want to join, PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choices! The following characters are still available:



The New Horizons RPG is still running, and you can check out the Cast List and Plot Summary. They are currently casting for the roles of:

Robin wood

Post in the Sign up for the RPG thread if you are interested, or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition.


Congratulations to all the artists who participated in our recent Inter-Dorm House Banner Competition. There was an outstanding turnout of twenty-nine banners entered, ultimately leading Vahla Ha'nesh to a victory and 400 house points. In a close second was Merrick, followed by Raiden and Drogyn.

For your viewing enjoyment, here are the winning entries!





Thank you to all the participants for their outstanding entries!


The Buffy Season 8 forums are hopping - have some fun with the Guess the Big Bad and earn your House some points!


Buffy-Boards is investigating the possibility of Official Buffy-Boards merchandise, so if you haven't already, please hop on over to the feedback thread and voice your opinion!


You may have noticed some changes around Buffy-Boards as of late. Our always cutting-edge Administrator Buffy Summers implemented a rather large Board upgrade last month, and rather seamlessly I must say. A big THANK YOU to Buffy Summers, your hard work is much appreciated! And enjoy the new features everyone!


Our very own wiccianslayer has started a creative new event called "The Buffy & Angel Awards". This is an unofficial awards ceremony designed to commend outstanding moments from the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" television series. Nominations are now open and can be posted in either the main thread or e-mailed to BuffyAwards@yahoo.co.uk. The ceremony will take place on August 9th, 2008 so be sure to stop in with your nominations today!


Lots of big member news to report this month:

Angels_baby101 has had a beautiful baby boy on June 30th, 2008. According to her profile, his name is Jonathan Clarke. A BIG congrats to you and your new family!!

Aethra graduated from high school!! Congratulations and good luck with the next phase of your life!

*~Hell Mouth~* has been accepted to two of her chosen colleges "“ best of luck!

Rebecca will become a qualified teacher. Way to go!

MozYa has passed the first year of his BTEC Media course. Congrats!

JollyApe has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology. WOW and a big congratulations to you!

From the Members

Are you a bloody awful poet? Do you lurk in Art Class? Got something to say? PM Jenny and we may include your work in future issues!

In the meantime, enjoy this month's contributions!

Submitted by: ILLYRIAN

As with the time of old now gone, the present time passed,
Those who remained, in the Stones of the Stone-Circles
circles of a forgotten past, within the Stones they'd wait.

The immortals would search the land, but if the Goddess called,
The hunters would respond and rise from the circles of stone,
The call to protect the people, protect the land, protect the all.

If the need arose, they would battle the demons on the land,
If required they would go and fight demons who lived in the air,
They would go into hell, and fight the demons there, and they did.

Those that were held within the stones, had risen and stood tall,
They had come and protected the land, the air, and the all,
They fought with the devil, where-ever their Goddess did call.

Those forces of evil, they had sought to control this world,
But the demon hunters, they had faced her, fighting her fold,
Even now as immortals they were, new hunters had been called.

To end the evil's essence, their new friends had been found,
And helpful Greek Mythology had brought hope to the sound,
A new beginning gave life, and willingly, it healed the ground.


Submitted by: XDruX

Take a sit
And ditch the chips
The show will start
And you take part.

TV's on, lesson one,
Do have fun and less no one,
Say the show is out of date
Because you know that it's still great

And if they say that you're a fool,
Make them look towards the moon,
Cuz Buffy fans are not decadent
but as many as
the stars effulgent.


Thank you ILLYRIAN and XDruX for your insightful and enjoyable submissions!

If you have any art, poetry, or fan fic you would like featured, please PM Jenny or ~angelic slayer~!

Member Recognition

This is where the moderators will take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have really stood out. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post.

The New Member of the Month for June is:


The Member of the Month for June is:


Congratulations to you both!!

Question of the Month

Each month we will be putting to the board a different question for everyone to tackle. The top answers will be included in the following month's newsletter. The question for June was:

"Why Buffy Matters."

Strangely, with a board full of Buffy fans (and not just your run-of-the-mill fans...those that live and breathe all things Buffy), only one brave member dared answer. A huge kudos to ILLYRIAN for this submission:


To me the series has provided me with a lot of material for fan-fiction, I've written about 13 now, then there's the 2 or 3 I haven't posted.

Originally I wrote a story for my daughters 16th birthday, then I wrote another story as a christmas pressie for her and that included making it as a book for it. For her 17th birthday I wrote another story. Liking what I was doing I joined those three stories to make another story. Thinking it was ok I tried to get copyright permission to have it made as a book, unfortunately I never got a reply, so I changed the names of the characters, changed the country where the story is based and added more scenarios, thereby removing all the copyright material. I have since released that story as two books.
Not to be beaten by myself, I re-wrote those stories as fan-fiction, with loads of hours of watching the DVD's of the series = The New Angel Investigations pt 1. I was also able to do IT REFERS TO. The name of my first book is the name of the Sub heading of pt 2.

On one of the DVD's Marti Noxon said she wouldn't be surprised if Buffy was alive and well in the year 2010. While another TV series hasn't been made (yet) Thanks to forums like here on BB, the comics, et cetera. Buffy will be alive and well several years past 2010.


It's your turn next Buffy-Boarders! July's Question of the Month is:

Buffy: Passion or Obsession, where do YOU fall?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please PM ~angelic slayer~ your submissions by August 9th.

Burning Question

Have you always wondered where Old Master III buys his socks? Want to know what shampoo Buffy Summers likes? One question per month will be answered here, so put your thinking caps on and go ahead, dare to ask that em err....burning question.

Send your PM to Jenny with your Burning Question!

Speaker's Corner

Got something to say? Would you like to be featured in our newsletter? PM Jenny with your very own sound-off.

Quote of the Month

We scoured the boards to find the most insightful and thought-provoking (or just plain fun) posts. Here are some of our faves from this past month!

Posted by bufsum in The Bangel Appreciation thread:

:whistle:On the good ship Ba-n-gel
We have the Shanshu angle
Where cookie-dough bakes
In the cemetary another wakes:whistle:


Posted by alphatone in The Sorting Tome no less:

Who has valor,
Who does seek,
Who has color,
And is not meek,
Who fights darkness,
With their heart,
Who fears not ending,
Or a start,
Where they are humble,
With hearts so free,
I pray you, sorters,
There sort me.


And at the risk of sounding repetitive, posted by white avenger in the Are We Wrong? thread:

Every year, I get an invitation from the USS INGRAHAM association to join my old shipmates for a reunion. Unfortunately, every year something interferes with my going, as much as I would love to. There are no people on this planet who love to get together and talk about the "old days" any more than service men and women, especially those who faced combat together. It inspires a closeness that no one who hasn't experienced it can begin to understand. But the men and women who gather together to recall and celebrate those "thrilling days of yesteryear" don't do so to celebrate the violence and destruction of those times, we gather to re-live, if only for a short while, the closeness and camaraderie that that common experience gave us.

At the Buffy Boards, I have met people from all over the world, of all religions or no religion, of every political group, every culture, every level of education, every sexual orientation...every diverse group in the world is probably well represented here, and I consider each and every one of you to be a close personal friend, even when we disagree, often strongly but never violently, about some point, whether related to Joss' creations, or any of the other subjects discussed here.

We don't come here to celebrate the violence, demons, lack of morals, or whether Cordy's shoes are still fashionable. We come here to remember the works of a group of people who we collectively believe created something unique and wonderful in the world, and the expression of the common theme put forth in those works: that, no matter how evil, how monstrous, how simply wrong something might be, someone somewhere will step forward to say, "This is wrong, and I will not allow it to continue." And for the most part, the people stepping forward aren't superheroes, they are nerds, construction workers, street gang members, and a few rogue demon hunters. Just plain people who choose to make a difference. At least that's why I'm here.

Miss K, as much as I love arguing with you about the merits of whether Buffy should be with Angel or Spike, and as strongly as we feel about our differing opinions, I think that when we at last withdraw to our respective corners and assess the merits of our collective arguments, we both know that Bangel or Spuffy don't really matter. Buffy, Angel, Spike, and all of the other wonderful characters created by Joss Whedon and his staff of writers are only fictional characters, no more corporeal than Spike in the first episode of "Angel Season 5." Just figments of someone's imagination.

The only real thing generated by the Buffy Boards is the friendship that we enjoy here. Miss K, I said it once before, and I will gladly repeat it now. "I love you, and I'm proud to call you my friend." But don't get stuck up about it, darlin, cause I love EVERYBODY here, and I'm proud to call them all my friends. (Just you a little more than the rest)

So, are we wrong? It beats the hell out of me, but if we ARE wrong, we're all wrong together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Thank you to bufsum, alphatone, and white avenger for your contributions!

And watch out Buffy-Boarders, you never know when your post may be featured here.


Here is a listing of member Birthdays for the month of July:


A big Happy Birthday to everybody who celebrated their birthdays last month!


Well that's all for now folks, if you have any general suggestions or ideas for future issues, please PM Jenny or ~angelic slayer~, or sound-off in our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread! Deadlines for all submissions for the August newsletter is August 9th. A very special thank you from me, Jenny, to edb for her artistic talents, and to ~angelic slayer~ for ALL of her help with the newsletter!! And a huge thank you to everyone who contributed (either wilfully or unknowingly) to this month's newsletter!!

Until next time....happy staking!

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