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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 29 - December 2011

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Mar 7, 2009

Welcome, one and all, to the latest edition of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter! We hope you all had a fabulous time over the holidays and wish you all a prosperous New Year!

We extend an extra special welcome to those of you who are reading the Newsletter for the first time! The Newsletter is here to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and happenings here on BB. If you've enjoyed reading, please click the banner at the bottom of the page and head over to the Newsletter Feedback thread and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

If you're interested in browsing through the old newsletters, head on over to the News Archive and get caught up on what you've missed!

New Members

As always, we're excited to welcome a whole host of new slayerettes to the fold. We hope you've settled in and are enjoy a lengthy stay!

Cheese Slices
The Bear Jew

We know that BB is a big place and it's easy to get overwhelmed but have no fear! We are here to help. First, be sure you've read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions which provides you with everything you need to know about our rules and a few helpful hints and tips should you run into any problems.

If you've still got unanswered questions, there are a few places to check out:
Bad Eggs: What better way to get to grips with the board than to have your own personal guide? Head over to the Bad Eggs forum and grab yourself an experienced member to show you the ropes. Just start a new thread asking to be adopted and one of our members will snap you up!
The Sorting Tome: A great way to get to know a few more members is to join one of our Dormitories. Pay a visit to our great Sorting Tome and request to be Sorted. Once the Tome has pondered which Dorm you should join, you will find you have access to a new part of the board, just for you and your new housemates.
Angel Investigations: We help the helpless! If you still find yourself with a burning question you can't find an answer to then head on over to Angel Investigations and see if other members have had the same questions before! If they haven't, start a new thread and you'll find members and staff alike will jump to help you out. Do also remember that we have a Confidential Member Concerns Area that you can use if you'd like to keep our inquiry between you and the Staff.

Meet the Newbie: Introducing one of our latest potentials

How did you find your way to BB and what were your first impressions?
Google. I was looking for some answer to some question (can't remember now what it was) and it lead me here. I lurked for a while before joining. I found lots of interesting little tidbits about the shows.

Great! Now that you're here, where are we most likely to find you? (Which forums do you frequent the most?) Mostly the AI and Buffy forums. I'm watching both series together again.

Have you watched other Whedon shows? If so, what's your favourite? If not, which one would you like to try out next? Nope. And not sure.

We suggest all of them! If you could bring back one BtVS character who would it be and why? Hmmm... Anya? I really didn't like the way she died.

Lots of people would agree with you there! Moving away a little from BtVS, what are your other hobbies? My kids :)

And finally, in the spirit of this month's festivities, what are you likely to be doing during these Holidays? Nothing, we don't celebrate Christmas. But we do spend quality time together over the holidays though.

We hope you had some great family time over the holiday period and thank you so much for doing this little interview!

Board News

Be Nice on the Internet Week
As announced by Darla here next week, from Jan 9th-15th, we will be celebrating and supporting this fantastic idea. Head over to the thread for a little more information and keep your eyes peeled for everything we have planned for the next week.

Art Challenges
For the results of our most recent icon challenge, head over to Art Battles & Challenges and see how your favourite artist fared.

Whilst you're there, check out the information on the newest challenge: Dreams. You never know, it might just be your time to shine and show off your artistic talents!

BB Radio


If you haven't tuned into BB Radio yet then you are missing out! Your fellow members have a whole host of fantastic shows so for some great discussion and music, be sure to check it out!


There's no better way to relive the show than with our diverse and interesting Episode Discussion threads. If you're haven't done so yet, check out the topics your favourite episodes have already inspired and if you fancy starting your own, shoot a PM over to brinkster130 or Enemies and sort out leading your own discussion!

BB Store


Some of you were unaware that we had our very own store where you can purchase a ton of different items to show your love and support for BB! Pop into the BB Store and bag yourself some swag!

Scooby Gang Holidays


In the spirit of the Holiday season, and the New Year, a few members have spared some thoughts for our favourite Scoobies...

These members thought long and hard about what gift they would wish for their favourite characters: If you could buy your favourite Whedonverse character a gift this Holiday season, what would it be and why?

FaithsFollower said:
Okay, so I would probably buy Faith - my favorite character - a gift card to her favourite clothing store because I've always loved her style. On anyone else the style would look trashy, but on her, it somehow works.

Moscow Watcher said:
My favorite character is Buffy (I'm verrrry original :))) My Christmas gift for her would be chocolate figures of Spike and Angel.

sisterofmercy said:
I would buy Spike a lifetime supply of onion blossoms and some wheatabix for his blood, what more could a vampire need?

Thank you to all of you for sparing a holiday thought for our Scoobies!

These guys, however, thought about some positive changes, their favourite character could make this year: In the spirit of New Year, what resolutions would you suggest your favourite character make for this year?

Washburne said:
Willow: To be more down to earth. Both when it comes to
and not getting carried away by all my powers in general. Been there, done that. Bad idea.

Also. I'll never ever change haircolour. Redheads rule!

arabella said:
Spike should resolve to lay off the bloomin' onions, smokes, and kitten poker!

Selfless705 said:
If I were to give Fred/Illyria a new years resolution, it would be to make sure she is always doing stuff for the good of everyone and not act selflishly.. and have Fred come out more, cause she is awesome! :D

Thanks so much to all of you for your contributions this month!

Shine a Light
Always Finding New Fans!

Nothing excites us more than new fans finding their way to the fold which is exactly what a well known reviewer has just done: Well-known reviewer and blogger MarkWatches started watching "Buffy". Join Mark as he discovers BtVS for the first time on his blog: http://markwatches.net/reviews/category/buffy-the-vampire-slayer/

Jossverse Quote
I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of.

Quotes of the Month

You guys share an amazing amount of posts each month and we have selected these two from the month of December as those that stood out:

Thread: Willow and Oz's breakup - who's to blame?

Hmm honestly I always thought that the reason Oz left was to protect Willow from himself. I think he'd truly forgiven Willow for kissing Xander and wasn't hung up on it in the least, (all had been able to interact together without incident). And there was no indication from what I saw that Willow wouldn't have forgiven him for sleeping with Veruca, eventually, especially since he was a wolf when he did it, (even in "Beauty and the Beasts" it's clear that she could forgive Oz for killing somebody in wolf form). But in any case, she's too busy lamenting the fact that Oz is leaving to even give us an indication if whether she'd ever be able to forgive the cheating.

But I think after Oz realizes that there are things that can't simply be solved by locking him up every month, it occurs to him that he must find a permanent solution. Because he loves Willow, he doesn't believe he should be anywhere near her until he does. Until he's sure he won't hurt her physically or emotionally. And I respect him endlessly for that. I don't think he went about it in the right way necessarily, but I think he did the right thing.
So yes, I think the breakup is due to Oz's departure and the fact that Willow has moved on by the time he is able to come back.

Thread: Holtz: Good Guy or Villain?

Holtz was the "Angel" equivalent of Robin Wood. Both men had suffered tragic losses at the hands of monsters, and both men dedicated their entire lives, not to fighting vampires specifically, but a quest to exact vengeance on the particular vampire responsible for their grief. Granted, Holtz was a vampire hunter before Angel killed his wife and children, but I got the feeling that he saw it as more a job or a duty, the way the average police officer sees his everyday routine. Once his "job" spilled over into his personal life, it became a personal vendetta, so much so that he, like Wood, actually formed an alliance of sorts, not with vampires, but with other evil creatures, Sahjahn (sp?) in Holtz's case and the First Evil in Wood's.

Driven by their lifelong obsessions, both men became blinded to the fact that the monsters responsible for their respective losses in effect no longer existed. In the end, both men wound up recruiting an ally with a connection to the objects of their obsessions, Giles on Wood's case and Wes in Holtz's, and ultimately, both men's attempts at vengeance resulted in ill feelings and loss of trust between friends, but no real success in their primary goal.

Short version, Holtz and Wood exploited the existing doubts of Wes and Giles in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Angel and Spike, resulting in at least temporarily destroying the bonds of trust and friendship between Wes and Angel, and Buffy and Giles. We might even take the parallels further by comparing Holtz's adoption of Connor, which resulted in his trying to kill Angel to Wood's support and encouragement of Faith when she betrayed Buffy, Holtz's death to Wood's momentary (seemingly) death on the bus after the battle on the hellmouth, and Connor's eventual acceptance of Angel as a loving father in Season 5 to Faith's referral to Wood as her "ex," but that would almost certainly be stretching the similarities to the limits, if not beyond.

Thank you for these insightful posts, guys! And the rest of you? Keep 'em coming! Next month, it might just be you who stands out to us :)

Member Recognition

Just before we draw to a close for this month, it's time to acknowledge those members who have demonstrated a positive attitude, been respectful of their fellow members and helped to maintain a friendly environment full of interesting discussion.

So, without further ado, a huge congratulations and thank you to:

New Member of the Month:


Member of the Month:


Well done, guys! You are both very deserving of your awards!

And that, dear BBers, is it for this month! We hope you have enjoyed the read. Until next time: take care of yourselves and happy posting!

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