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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 4 - September 2008

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

September 2008


Once again, hello Buffy-Boards! Welcome to the September 2008 issue of the official Board Newsletter!

Whether you are returning from time away or just wondering what's happening around BB, this is the place where you'll find updates on all news boardwide. Looking to express yourself? Be sure to send in your contributions for our "From the Members" section or ask that "Burning Question" that you've always wondered about. If you're looking to catch up on some reading you can find last month's issue here. And as always, we want to hear your thoughts on our monthly newsletter: so drop by the Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread and tell us what you think!

Welcome New Members!

First things first, on behalf of all the Staff and Members here at BB we would like to send out a warm welcome to all of our new members of August! We've noticed a lot of new member activity this month and we really hope that you're enjoying the boards as much as we do! If you haven't already done so, be sure to stop in and post an introduction in the Check In forums and take a look over our handy FAQ section.

Feeling a little lost? Get adopted in our Bad Eggs section to help you find your way! And just in case you haven't heard, one of our Official Banner Makers will be more than happy to whip up a signature for you. And don't forget to get sorted into a Board Dormitory to get to know some of your fellow BB-ers!

Our new members for the month of August were:


Moderator Updates

This month we are very pleased to announce the promotions of two of our staff members here at BB! Old Master III has decided to return to us as Head Moderator and ~angelic slayer~ has been promoted to a full Moderator from her board newletter position! Congratulations to you both!

Board News

The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is still going strong and is casting for FOUR unclaimed characters. Ever wondered what the buffyverse would be like if the good guys weren't so good? Be sure to check it out!

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri - Darla
Keanoite - Angel
VisionGuy - Cordelia
Jenny - Tara
Black Eye Guy - Faith
Mesektet Ra - Drusilla
Joyce Summers - Buffy
Crazy Flakes - Willow
Bufsum - Xander
The Heartlist - Spike
Five by Five - Glory
palabravampiress - Giles

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is another great RPG here at BB that you can check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary. They are currently casting for the roles of:

Robin Wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


This past month our lovely administrator Buffy Summers has taken the time to add some New Avatars for everyone to enjoy! New avatars were added to the following existing categories: Angel, Angel (The Series), Anya, Buffy, Buffy Cast, BTVS, Darla, Dawn, Doyle, Faith, Harmony, Riley, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander and Firefly!

Also, be sure to check out the two NEW Avatar Categories that were added this month: Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse!

And just a quick reminder to all members that if there are any photos that you would like to see made into an avatar, please post them into the Buffy Boards Gallery here and they will be considered during the next round of avatar updates!


With the cover art of Buffy Season 8: Issue 21 released and surprising fans everywhere, the Buffy Season 8 forums are a beehive of activity! Want to get in on the action? Stop in to the Guess the Big Bad thread for a great way to earn some house points!


Another big update this month at Buffy-Boards has been the addition of a New Board Chat Channel! This is an IRC channel that all members can easily access free, and chat just as you would in the shoutbox. To access the channel, go to your preferred chat program and type in the following information:

- irc.vbirc.com for the IRC server
- 6667 for the port (probably there already by default)
- Your nickname should be your username. You can put whatever you want for Full Name and email if your client asks you for it (they do not have to be real).
- The channel is [HASHTAG]#BuffyBoards[/HASHTAG] (you may have to type the following in the main window to join the channel: /join [HASHTAG]#BuffyBoards[/HASHTAG])

For more detailed information on how to access the chat and a couple basic rules, please stop by this thread!


Buffy-Boards is still looking into the possibility of Official Buffy-Boards merchandise, so if you haven't already, please stop by the feedback thread and let us know your thoughts! Also, we are pleased to announce that a group of forums for Social Groups will be coming soon to Buffy Boards! These will include a Real-time Streaming events group, a Fan Clubs group with a cool new board function and a move of the Episode Discussions groups. Stay tuned for more details!


And it's that time again at which the Newsletter Staff has searched through endless posts around BB to bring you this month's member news:

MozYa has recently been "inked" with his first tattoo!
dantesparadise's book "Lost: Midnight Mist" has become a featured book on Amazon.com: congratulations!
Joyce Summers has moved to the big city of New York!
Cangel has recently started studying psychology at university! We wish you all the best!
And last but certainly not least: Dancing man has announced that he is planning to purpose to his girlfriend! Congratulations!

And although it's not exactly member news there is a recent development within the circle of Buffy fans: BTVS has recently won an EMMY for "Most Memorable Moment: Drama" as voted by fans all over the world!

From The Members

Are you a bloody awful poet? Do you lurk in Art Class? Have you got something to say? PM Jenny and we may include your work in future issues!

This month we have one very interesting submission that we thought was a great example of thinking outside the box. It sure brought a smile to our faces, we hope it has a similar effect for you!

Submitted By: Fake Shemp



Thanks for being the brave contributor Fake Shemp, as you can see we both loved it! Very cute!

If you have any artwork, poetry, or pieces of fiction that you would like to have featured, please PM your submissions to Jenny or ~angelic slayer~!

Member Recognition

This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators would like to take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. Without further delay, congratulations go out to the following BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, August is:

The Member of the Month for last month, August is:

Both are definitely well deserved, a big congratulations to the two of you!! :D

Question of the Month

Each and every month, the Newsletter staff will be putting forth a new question for the Buffy-Boards members tackle. The top answers that we recieve will be featured in the following month's newsletter and a new question will be asked. For the month of August, we asked BB:

"BTVS vs. ATS: Which is really worth the watch?"

Unfortunately we did not recieve any submissions for this month, although in a recent poll by MSchett it seems as though BtVS won by a landslide. Why? Well we checked out the thread and found this answer by The Ferg:

"I love Angel and Buffy, but Buffy wins by a longshot. It's just so cheerful and up beat (see: openings). Plus it has all those 'experimental' episodes. Like, Hush, The Body, OMWF, Normal Again, Conversations with Dead People. Angel just doesn't have episodes like that. Granted, Angel S5's A Hole in the World beats almost every Buffy episode ever made, but, that's just one episode. Either way, Angel is still second best when compared to EVERY other TV show. (Well, maybe Firefly...)"​


Great post! This month we are posing a different question that we hope will spark a few more answers, it is:

"Buffy Boards: What Keeps You Coming Back?"

We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Please PM ~angelic slayer~ your submissions by October 15th, 2008!

Burning Question
Have you ever wondered what kind of hair gel VisionGuy uses? Curious as to what kind of cereal Lyri can't go without? One question every month will be answered, so put your thinking caps on and go ahead, dare to ask that burning question!

This month's mind-bending question was submitted by Bluebird, directed towards our beloved Mr. Pointy: "Who would win in a fight between pirates and ninjas?"

And the answer?
Pirates vs. Ninjas

Aah...the thorny old question re-appears. If the two coolest groups in the whole of villaindom were ever to fight which would emerge victorious?

In an effort to solve this age-old conundrum Pointy Productions sent out teams of crack researchers across the globe to track down the foremost practitioners of these villainous arts. Unfortunately the standard uniform of Pointy Productions operatives does somewhat resemble those worn by several well-known law enforcement agencies (including UNIT and The Initiative) and, as a result of this, none of our teams actually made it back to Pointy Towers. We did, however, receive two transmissions: one from Team Pointy Ninja Golf (sent to Kyoto) and the other from Team Pointy Pirate Quebec (sent to the Spanish Main). The transcripts of these messages are as follows -

From TP Ninja Golf
TPNG: Pointy san sends his humble regards to the venerable sensei of the most heavenly ninjitsu dojo.

Ninja Sensei: Pointy san dishonours our ancestors. All who serve him shall die!


From TP Pirate Quebec
TPPQ: Black Jack McBastid...Mister Pointy requests parlay with ye...Yarr!

Black Jack: Yarr! Pointy! That scurvy son of a dockside rat! Yarr! If yer serves Pointy, it's ol' Davy Jones locker for ye! Yarr!


This left us with one option...well strictly speaking there were several but Pointy Productions is well-known for being extremely lazy :)...so...just one option...Google! Where we found documentary evidence of the last great Pirates vs. Ninjas battle of 2002 (courtesy of popular online real-time documentary resource PVP Online)

...and the final result was...


...so there you have it...a draw or tie, as our North American friends so quaintly put it, which all goes to prove there are no winners when it comes to asking Pointy for anything like a sensible answer when it comes to internet memes.

Good night all and sleep well! ;)

Full battle highlights can be seen at the following links

- PvPonline Tue Jun 04

- PvPonline Wed Jun 05

- PvPonline Thu Jun 06

- PvPonline Fri Jun 07

- PvPonline Sat Jun 08

Thank you for that eventful Q&A you two! Be sure to PM Jenny with your Burning Question!


Speaker's Corner

Got something to say? Would you like to be featured in our newsletter? PM Jenny with your very own sound-off, we have yet to receive any submissions for this category"”we would love for you to be the first!

Quote of the Month

As difficult as it is to choose just a few posts out of the hundreds that are posted every month, but once again we give you two of the most outstanding posts this month!

Posted by white avenger in the "Faith and Abandonment" thread:

"Faith remains in the hotel because no alternative is given by anyone... until one is; wrong as it may be in the end. It is a literal day-to-day existence metaphor made manifest. Hanging on by the proverbial fraying thread. The hotel is impersonal and has no reminders of her previous life. It holds no judgment against her. It is a testament to her life thus far. Buffy and co. do little to nothing to change this outlook. She celebrates the holiday best as she can regardless, given the circumstances; a glimmer of hope remaining. Buffy's reluctant Joyce-guilted offer is recognized as half-hearted and even that crumb is taken; gifts in hand. She lives for the now to make the most of what she does have - a job that magnifies her plight of being alone. She has been on the outside for so long that when Buffy does eventually come 'round it is too late to change.

Her arrival in Sunnydale is also unappreciated and resented, especially so by Buffy who is now no longer 'special'. Xander is only interested in the sexual aspect. Willow is resentful of the perceived replacement, Giles is indifferent. Without the slaying she would be a figurative ghost to the world; with no future."

Posted by Blackloliita in the "Different Languages" thread:
" So with at least the half here I think is English not his/her native language. So let a bit hear of your language... I mean like say those daily/special-occasions expressions in your language with its translation, so for me this will be Dutch...

How old are you? - Hoe oud ben je?
What's the time? - Hoe laat is het?
What's your name? - Hoe heet je?
Happy birthday! - Gelukkige verjaardag!
No - Nee
Yes - Ja
Are you a girl or a boy? - Ben je een jongen of een meisje?
I love you - Ik hou van je
and on like this... I'm curious to read the others!|

Also, we wanted to mention Clem Rocks for his new thread "Say Something Nice". Thanks for adding that small ray of sunshine to the boards!


A huge thank you goes out to white avenger, Blackloliita and Clem Rocks for your unknowing contributions!

And always remember to watch out Buffy-Boarders, you never know when your post may be featured here!


We've once again had a lot of Birthdays going on this month, so on behalf of all the Staff and Members of BB we'd like to send one final (or early, as the case may be!) Happy Birthday to all of the following members:


Happy Birthday Everyone! :cake:


Once again folks, that's all for this month! The BB Newsletter Staff would like to once again thank all those that work behind the scenes with us to help keep this newsletter going, as well as all of our contributors. Just one short note to all of our contributors: we have decided to send out your contributor buttons via PM from now on, so yours will be waiting for you in your PM inbox soon! Remember BB, if you have any suggestions or ideas for future issues, feel free to PM Jenny or ~angelic slayer~ or let us know your thoughts in our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread! The deadline for all submissions for the spooky October 2008 Issue is October 15th. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thanks again everyone, until next time"¦ Happy Staking! :thumbsup:

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