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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 40 - Jan/Feb 2013

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Hello and welcome to the Buffy Boards newsletter! As you all have probably noticed the newsletter has been on a small hiatus while changes have been a foot at the boards, but now we're back and slightly re-vamped! Read-on to see what's been going on and what's coming here and in the Whedonverse...

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Buffy asks:

Buffy asks BB:
If magic and monsters were real "“ would you want to know?

FaithsFollower said:
Yeah, I would! :D Then I could fight them [the monsters].

Spikefan31 said:
Hmmm...I probably wouldn't want to know. I'm a coward. I get creeped out enough by the fact that we're apparently within 3 feet of a spider at all times. I'd rather live in blissful ignorance like the residents of Sunnydale, and only have to acknowledge the truth when my high school gets attacked by a mayor turned giant snake, then pretend it never happened. :D

Now, if we were talking Harry Potter-style magic, it'd be a different story. :)

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Do you have a burning question that you need a blunt answer to? Ask Cordy! Because tact is just not saying true stuff! :)

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Member Recognition:

There are so many amazing posts here at the boards it is hard to keep up sometimes. Each month, some posts jump out amongst the others, for being particularly well written or thought provoking, and here are our picks from the last couple of months:


Always Bangel From "Fred's death a bit overrated?"

To be honest, I never cared much for Fred or Cordelia. I actually couldn't stand them (don't throw rocks at me please!) but Fred's death hit me so much and I was genuinely surprised it did. I don't know, I guess it was something about the "innocence" attached to her character and the sudden, brutal death that maybe hit people more.

As for Cordelia's death, it was a long process and she was in a coma so it's kind of a different approach...I agree they didn't handle it in a good way. I actually think they handled in a bad way everything regarding Cordelia.

While I'm a big Fred fan, and was really touched by her death, I can understand this line of thinking. I think a part of it was that Fred had been such a staunch supporting character for so long, always there for everyone even if she was on the sidelines a little bit, that when she was killed so suddenly like that, it was shocking, and it hits the viewer suddenly as well. Angel, Spike, Gunn, Wes. All real heroes, all guys who always, always come through to save the day, and they were all mobilized to save her, and they couldn't. I think that was big part of it.


Nancylives from "How did you feel about Tara's death?
the other thing that made tara's death difficult--i just remembered this--was that after willow left to find warren with buffy and xander in hot pursuit not yet realizing what warren had done beyond shooting buffy, it was dawnie all alone who found tara. dawn and tara had really become close, especially as buffy had been dead for a bit. dawn's pain--and loneliness--was searing.


Lyri in "Defending Connor"
Connor's my favorite character in the verse.

Wow, color a lot of people not surprised, lol.

But the reasons I love Connor have nothing to do with what I saw onscreen and everything to do with meeting Vincent and listening to him defending Connor in his own words.

When I watched the show for the first time, I didn't really think much of Connor at all, he was just there, a decent plot point for Angel, something for him to work against and agonize over. He didn't annoy me, and I understood a lot of the reasons why he did what he did to Angel, but likezooeygreenway says, I was just sort of sitting there thinking, 'why can't you just stop for a second and see what's going on here? Holtz is using you and this isn't really what's happening'.

And then I went to my first convention and met Vincent. Listening to him talking about how he saw Connor and how he approached the character shed a whole new light on the situation for me and I went home and rewatched the last three seasons and understood a lot better what he was getting at.

Connor was a very confused and mixed-up kid. He'd been raised by a man so full of hatred that he couldn't see straight anymore, and that hatred was passed to Connor - Holtz made SURE that that hatred passed to Connor. And then Connor came back to LA and actually met Angel, and he couldn't really understand why everything that Holtz told him wasn't true. Angel was a vampire, yes, but he wasn't the bad guy that Holtz made him out to be, he was helping people, saving the world, and had people who loved and trusted him and suddenly, Connor's world made a lot less sense.

I think, deep down that Connor knew that Holtz loved him, but he also knew that the love Holtz had for him wasn't...I don't really know how to explain this. I don't mean to say that Holtz's love wasn't real, but it certainly wasn't the father-son love that Connor had for Holtz. I think Holtz loved the idea of Connor more than anything, of getting one over on Angel and raising him as a weapon, knowing that Angel's own son would be the one who finally kill him. Or at least, planning on that being the case.

We know from the A&F comics that
Hotlz often left Connor to fend for himself in Quor'Toth, leaving him alone for days at a time in that hell dimension and calling it 'training'
and I think that's the reason why Connor came to understand the difference between the love that Holtz had for him and the love that Angel had for him.

Angel loves him like the son that he is - Hotlz loved him for the weapon and vengeance he could have been.

I think that's ultimately why Connor couldn't bring himself to kill Angel at the end of S3 and chooses instead the punishment of locking him away.

Connor's epic downfall in S4 was inevitable, I think. Yes, a lot of it - most especially the sex scene between Connor and Cordelia, which was beyond gross - was due to bad writing because of the hectic reworking of S4 so late in the game, but I think a lot of it would have probably occurred anyway.

Connor doesn't want to love Angel, he wants to keep Holtz's memory alive and see Angel for the monster that he really is, but Angel isn't like that. He's a hero and he has friends and he cares about people and the world and he does his best to save them Connor can't make that fit with the idea that was planted in his head.

And then Angelus comes out to play and he finally DOES see that monster and he understands what Holtz was talking about for all those years and he agrees with Evil!Cordy when she says that Angelus needs to be killed.

And then Angel's back, just like that, and it's just another thing that Connor can't deal with and he turns back to Cordelia - and then suddenly she's not there for him anymore either, she's just a body that she might not ever get back into and everyone is fawning all over Jasmine when Connor feels like he's the only one who can truly see her and understand her. And then Angel takes Jasmine away, too, and Connor is really, truly alone for the first time ever.

And he snaps.

I understand why Connor doesn't want to jump back into Angel's family when he gets his memories back. He remembers what he did, remembers that he hurt a lot of people, killed innocent people and he doesn't want to be reminded of that. He likes the life that he has and he understands that Angel gave up a lot to give him that life and he thinks it's his duty to live that life that Angel sacrificed so much for.

But it's clear by NFA that Connor can't ignore the feelings that he has for Angel. He knows Angel is his father and he loves him like a son should love his father and so he thinks it's his place to be there with Angel in the final battle, and he's a little hurt that Angel doesn't want him there, until he sees it, until he finally understands that Angel really does love him and trust him like a father should love and trust his son and he wants Connor to live a full life and not die by Angel's side, and I think it's that moment that all the damage that was done to Connor is finally mended and he becomes the person that he was always meant to be.

A lot of the times I wish that we could have see Connor grow up with Angel, see him play hockey and go to college and see the look on Angel's face when he took his first step or called him 'dada' for the first time. But then again, Connor might not have become the person he is now if he did.

From the archives...


It's the Scoobs! How cute are they? A season 2 cast photo from the good old days when Buffy was the only Slayer and high school was Hell!

That was it for this time but we'll be back soon and until then "“ Keep Calm and Buffy Board!

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