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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 45 - November 2014

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Jan 1, 2010
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November 2014

Welcome to the new issue of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter, to start here are some handy tips for those of you how are new to the boards... Potentials look here!

New to BB - these are the places to go! Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!), Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Get yourself adopted by an existing member and they will show you the ropes, answer any questions and generally take care of you as you settle in. Pop into the forum Bad Eggs and start a thread asking for someone to adopt you and someone will snap you up!

Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless! If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum and see if other people have already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP.

Please also remember that we have a Confidential Member Concerns Area that you can post in if you would like to keep your enquiry private. Only you and the Board Staff will be able to view it.

Please be sure to read the FAQ before you post.


Much Ado About Buffy Boards

Quick reminder about the safety on the boards, in the words of our own Buffy Summers; If anyone says something to you that you feel is inappropriate, or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report it - even if it's just to get a second opinion on whether it's something you need to worry about. That goes as well for anything you witness happening to others on the board.

It's better to ask - and we can't help protect you and others if we don't know when things are going on that shouldn't be behind the scenes.

Please protect yourself online - cause you never know whether people are who they say they are. I don't mean to scare you, but a little bit of caution is a good thing in these times.

As many of you know head moderator @Black Eye Guy has stepped down from his moderator post and we just want to take this moment to say thank you again BEG for all your time as a BB-mod, you were there through the sweat and the tears… we’ll miss you!

Have you noticed our new features?

The Hot Topic is where we ask you burning Whedonverse questions! There’s no end of them. Don’t miss it! You’ll find them in the Inside Out forum! https://www.buffy-boards.com/forums/inside-out.134/

And how about – Who wants to watch some Buffy? – the place you can go to steer up some joint episode watching with your fellow BBers! It’s more fun together : )


It’s not new but it’s always fun – the Chatty room – stop by and say howdy!

Keeping up with the WHEDONVERSE

(for more details go to the forum here https://www.buffy-boards.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=-1&f=6):

Happy Yam-Sham!

Belated happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans on the boards! I hope a few of you watched “Pangs” and enjoyed in the beauty of a Buffy holiday!


Want to see SMG on Instagram? Go retweet some of her tweets and get her Twitter following up and she might just! :D

Also, for those interested, she does a few impromptu AskRealSMG sessions every now and then… so if you have any burning questions, keep an eye on Buffy’s twitter feed!

And you haven't missed Alyson Hannigan on the Ellen Show have you? Where the star shared that;
"You get really dumb when you have kids because the pregnancy brain thing. And then you're like "I just haven't slept in four years".'
Mother's everywhere hear you Aly!

Member Recognition:

Member of the Month November 2014 is;




There are so many amazing posts here at the boards it is hard to keep up sometimes. Each month, some posts jump out amongst the others, for being particularly well written or thought provoking, and here is our pick from the last month:

@Blaze in “Willow and Xander quitting”


I don't think they could maintain a friendship with Buffy if they quit. If they did, it would be the end of the road for the Scoobies. Buffy might understand why they do so, but you can' t be friends with the slayer without her risky lifestyle being a part of the friendship. So the question really is whether or not their friendship with Buffy outweights the cons of slaying. I could see Xander maybe quitting at the end of the road for his own sake, I mean, he's got a lot of reasons too. In the end, he won't, because he loves Buffy and Willow too much. But if he really wanted to, he could.

Willow, even if she wasn't Buffy's friend, I don't think she would quit. The whole magick thing makes it important for her to keep dealing with the supernatural. So even if she wanted, Willow couldn't quit.

In the end though, I don't see either of them quitting, because Buffy is their family. Neither Xander nor Willow have real families, or at least from what were shown their families suck. Neither have a significant other, or Xander has Dawn (does he?) which only solidifies his ties with Buffy. Where the heck would they go if they quit?


Want some Whatever? Check out @Scobro 's gallery with Buffy inspired art pieces

or how about some Cangel love...


from @SoulOfAngelus https://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/soul-baring-angelus.63712/

Find more in Joyce’s Gallery!

Blast from the Past:

The cast that plays together, stays together! Sarah and James having fun taking promo pics for Buffy season2!

That was it for this time but we'll be back soon and until then – Keep Calm and Buffy Board!

I am humbled being MOTM. I'm not sure who decides this but thank you for even considering me =]
Can't believe I got the quote of the month! Once again hats of to you Taake, awesome newspaper!
Wow, thanks so much for featuring my art, I'm shocked that the one piece I'm not the most happy with was recognized. What puts a smile my face the most about it is that I felt like Cangel was under appreciated here. :)
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