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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 47 - January/February 2015

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February 2015 – Happy Birthday Buffy Boards 13 years old

Welcome to the new issue of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter, to start here are some handy tips for those of you how are new to the boards... Potentials look here!

13New to BB - these are the places to go!13 Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!),13 Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to13 help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Get yourself adopted by an existing member and13 they will show you the ropes, answer any questions and generally 13take care of you as you settle in. Pop into the forum Bad Eggs and start a thread asking for someone13 to adopt you and someone will snap13 you up!13

Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless!13 If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the 13FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum13 and see if other people have 13already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start13 a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP13.

Please also remember13 that we have a Confidential13 Member13 Concerns13 Area13 that you can post in if you would like to keep your enquiry private. Only you and the Board Staff will be able to view it.13

13Please be13 sure to read the FAQ before you post.


Much Ado About Buffy Boards

13 things that’s made BB special throughout the years!

1. BB radio

2. BB’s got talent

3. The BB Art Battles

4. The Buffies (The Buffy Boards Awards)

5. The Charity Calendar

6. Be nice on the internet week!

7. BB Merchandise! We miss you, store!

8. The Buffyprops raffle – when two word of valios replicas were raffled off to members!


10. Keep Dollhouse Alive Video Project

11. BB BB! (Buffy Boards Big Brother that is!)

12. Buffy Facebook Recaps created by BEG

13. And… various April Fool’s that Buffy Summers has inflicted upon us ;)

1. Though many think it’s to the contrary, in her 2003 Entertainment Weekly “Buffy Quits” interview Sarah Michelle Gellar clearly stated that her decision to leave Buffy was personal and not career-motivated; "I love this job, I love the fans. I love telling the stories we tell. This isn't about leaving for a career in movies, or in theater—it's more of a personal decision. I need a rest. Teachers get sabbaticals. Actors don't."

2. When Dawn came on the show she was originally supposed to have been able to speak to the dead and to have been telekinetic.

3. On the Howard Stern show Sarah Michelle Gellar was asked several Buffy related question, amongst them whether or not she had ever dated co-star and on-screen lover David Boreanaz. Gellar denied the rumor and indicated it had originated from the fact that she was good friends with Boreanaz’ stunt double at the time and that their pair used to go bowling together.

4. Nathan Fillion auditioned for the role of Spike! Can you guys imagine it?

5. Alyson Hannigan is related to the drummer of Marilyn Manson.

6. Because of his dark but witty take on Angel David Boreanaz was offered the part as Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot. Boreanaz turned the role down.

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar told Craig Ferguson that she was starstruck by Anthony Stewart Head at the start of BTVS because he was “the coffee guy” (Taster’s Choice)

8. Though David Boreanaz gave a good read for the part of Angel, Joss Whedon wasn’t sold on him, claiming that the actor wasn’t his “type”. Joss explained; “I wasn’t sure we necessarily had the guy here until I asked the women in the room, who had turned into puddles the moment he walked in. I had to defer to them—they seemed to know better than me, and thank god I did, because David turned into a great star and a very solid actor.”

9. The Buffy lingo was a challenge for the lead actress who said; “I grew up in New York. We didn’t have Valley girls, and constantly, I’m asking him ‘What does this mean? I’m not quite sure.’ There’s a very funny story about [my audition] where the first line is ‘What’s the sitch?’ And there I go walking in, and my first [question was,] ‘What does this mean?’ No idea it meant situation. Talk about blowing a job instantly.”

10. Phlebotnum in Jar C! What does that tell you? It’s the Buffy writers own term for vague mystical things and things made up for convenience. It was coined by David Greenwalt when they were trying to figure out what Buffy would be trying to do in the pilot and Greenwalt supposedly shouted; “For God’s sake, don’t touch the phlebotnum in Jar C!” It was later stated; “We have no idea to this day what it was supposed to mean, but it became our word for the vague mystical thing—such as the master’s cork in the bottle theory—so phlebotnum is our constant on the show.”

11. Jimmy Stewart on Buffy! Is Buffy? No, it’s just what David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon nicknamed Sarah Michelle Gellar because she dealt with so much pain on screen. "We used to call her Jimmy Stewart, because he was the greatest American in pain in the history of film

12. Not only is the Stone Temple Pilot’s lead singer Scott Weiland a Buffy-fan but he became one in prison… Sarah Michelle Gellar theorized that the show’s inmate popularity was due to; “Hot chicks doing battle. It's like acceptable porn.”

13. Buffy and Willow are the only characters who appear in every episode of Buffy. Xander was excluded from “Conversations with Dead People” because it was too hard to fit in a storyline for him.

13 Buffy quotes to love

1. “He's a breath of fresh air ain’t he? Thank God I don't breathe.” - Spike

2. “Seize the day, because tomorrow you might be dead” - Buffy

3. “Out. For. A. Walk. Bitch.” - Spike

4. “I'm seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex.” - Xander

5. “I laugh in the face of danger! Then I... hide until it goes away.” - Xander

6. “Welcome to the nancy tribe. ” – Giles

7. “Well, excuse me, Mr. I-spent-the-sixties-in-an-electric-Kool-Aid-funky-Satan-groove!” - Xander

8. “A doodle. I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.” - Willow

9. “A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?” – Joan (Buffy)

10. "But I have their money. Who cares what kind of day they have?" - Anya

11. “Oh yes, always behind on the terms. Still trying not to refer to you lot as bloody colonials.” - Giles

12. “Nothing can defeat the penis!” - Xander

13. “Hi, Mr. Beech. I was just wondering, were you planning on killing a bunch of people tomorrow? Oh, it's for the yearbook.” - Cordelia

13 songs you might not remember from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Out of this world – Bush (Dead Things, s6)

2. Let the sun fall down – Kim Richey (Never kill a boy on the first date, s1)

3. Wish we’d never met – Kathleen Wilhoite (Consequences, s3)

4. I will remember you – Sophie Zelmani (Angel, s1)

5. The Background – Third Eye Blind (Faith, Hope & Trick, s3)

6. Inconsolable – Jonatha Brooke (Prophecy Girl, s1)

7. Fell into the loneliness – Lori Carson (Homecoming, s3)

8. The race – Gwenmars (Older and Far away, s6)

9. Even if (It is love) – Lift (All the way, s6)

10. I only have eyes for you – The Flamingos (I only have eyes for you, s2)

11. How she died – Treble Charger (Halloween, s2)

12. This is how it goes - Aimee Mann (Sleeper, s7)

13. Chinese Burn – Curve (Bad Girls, s3)

13 times the comics were surprising, both good and bad! :)
1. Headscratching plots like Twilight
2.Giles' death
3. Dawn as a giant
4. Buffy and Satsu
5. Space-sexing up a new universe...
6. A world without magic!
7. Dawn and Xander pairing up
8. The fact that Andrew is still aruond
9. Billy, male 'vampire slayer'
10. An abortion plotline
11. Willow dating a snake.
12. Vampire Gunn!
13. Spike has a space ship!

Where’s Buffy? Can you find all 13 of her hiding in this picture?

Member Recognition:

We’d just like to thank all of you, old and new, active and non-active, for being around and making this place what it is! We love you all!

Blast from the Past:
A cute little on set picture of the original Scooby gang, cuddling together on the floor. So young!


Keep Calm and Buffy Board!

To the feedback thread; https://buffy-boards.com/threads/buffy-board-newsletter-feedback.56072/

that may have been the best newsletter ever. the where's buffy was cute idea.
Such a good newsletter! Made me all nostalgic, also some of the trivia I didn't know, that's a pretty big accomplishment! Great job!
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