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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 5 - October 2008

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

October 2008


Boo! Did we scare you? Welcome Buffy-Boards to the spooky October 2008 edition of the Official Board Newsletter!

Every month this is the place to find out what's happening around the boards. From competitions and new additions to the boards to member and moderator news: we've got it all right here. Feeling crafty? Send us YOUR contributions for our "From the Members" section or ask that "Burning Question" that's been haunting you all these years. If you're looking to catch up on some reading you can always read last month's issue here. And this newsletter's all about you BB: so we want to hear your thoughts on how we're doing! Drop by the Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread and let us know what you think!

But enough about all that, we've got loads of news to get to, so here it is!

Welcome New Members!

On behalf of all the Members and Staff here at BB, we would like to send out a warm welcome to all of our new members from the month of September! There's certainly a lot going on lately so you picked a great time to hop a-board! If you haven't already done so, be sure to stop in and say hi in the Check In forums and take a look over our handy FAQ section.

Also for the newest members of the family: are you feeling a little lost on BB? Get adopted in our Bad Eggs section to help you find your way! And just in case you haven't heard, one of our Official Banner Makers will be more than happy to whip up a signature for you. And don't forget to get sorted into a Board Dormitory to get to know some of your fellow BB-ers! We can't wait to see you there!

Our new members for the month of September were:


Moderator Updates

After some time away, our beloved moderator Faith has decided to make her return and is now an admin on BB! It's great to have you back! Mr. Pointy will be taking a rest from the boards for a while (but don't fret, he'll still be wandering our midst from time to time!). Also in Moderator Updates, Old Master III has made it to the twenty-first century with his new username: Old Master 3.0. Very snazzy!

Board News

Once again, our lovely administrator Buffy Summers has updated the avatar selections for everyone to enjoy. On October 16th, two hundred and thirty-one New Avatars were added to the following sections: Angel, Angel The Series, Anya, BTVS, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Faith, Giles, Harmony, Illyria, Lindsey, Oz, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander, Bones and Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Lyri has put together a spooky new forum style: Hellbound, in honour of Halloween.

If there are any photos that you would like to see made into an avatar, please post them into the Buffy Boards Gallery here and they will be considered during the next round of avatar updates! Until then, there's certainly a lot of new options. Be sure to check them out!


What do Riley, Giles, Angelus, Connor and The Immortal all have in common? All have all been suggested as possibilities for Twilight's mysterious identity! Think that you can figure it out? Stop in to the Guess the Big Bad thread for a great way to earn some house points!


The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is still going strong and is casting for FOUR unclaimed characters. Ever wondered what the buffyverse would be like if the good guys weren't so good? Be sure to check it out!

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri - Darla
Keanoite - Angel
VisionGuy - Cordelia
Jenny - Tara
Black Eye Guy - Faith
Mesektet Ra - Drusilla
Joyce Summers - Buffy
Crazy Flakes - Willow
Bufsum - Xander
The Heartlist - Spike
Five by Five - Glory
palabravampiress - Giles

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is another great RPG here at BB that you can check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary. They are currently casting for the roles of:

Robin Wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


New this month to Buffy-Boards is a Forum Grouping called "Buffy-Boards Activities" which houses three exciting forums for activities around the boards:

BBTV: The place where you can tune in with your fellow members and watch episodes of Whedonverse tv shows and films in sync and share your thoughts via the BB IRC Channel.

Fan Clubs and Member Groups: Here you'll find the place to discuss your favourites of the Whedonverse and BB. From Bangel and Spuffy fan clubs to a Swedish BB Members group, all requests for Fan Club or BB Social Groups will be handled here! And remember that you can send in your Fan Club requests to either Lyri or ~angelic slayer~ via PM anytime!

Episode Discussion Groups https://www.buffy-boards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=319: Are you a die-hard BTVS or ATS viewer? Here you'll find BB's official discussion areas for Buffy and Angel episodes or groups of episodes. Check it out and see what everyone's talking about this week!

All of these forums can be found on the Buffy-Boards home page (it's the second to last forum grouping on the page). Or you can click on the links above for more details, there's certainly a lot to talk about!


Also this month, the prefects of BB put together an Interdorm Competition called "The Monster BTVS Quiz". This competition tested the four dorms' knowledge of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series with a massive 144 Question Quiz that they tackled the week before Halloween! All of the dorms put forth a lot of effort to get these done and in the end it was a close finish, with less than ten points separating them all! A huge congratulations to Merrick on taking first place! For exact scores and to see what questions they faced, take a look here!


And as promised, the Staff of BB has been proud to announce that the Buffy-Boards Store is now open for business! Stop in to get your official BB Merchandise: posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, bags, even BB underwear! You can find all the info in the BB thread here or go right to the Buffy-Boards Store to get yours today!


This month there has also been the announcement made about a new project that will be coming very soon to BB: Art Classes! This will be a set of tutorial classes open to all members of Buffy-Boards to learn the how-to's of fan art! If you've always wanted to make an avatar, a banner, wallpaper or anything like that, be sure to stop in here for more information!


And finally, the staff at BB has also announced the possibility of having a Buffy Boards' Big Brother Game right here in the boards! Wondering what all the hype is about? Check out the thread here for the details so far, and voice your thoughts!


And it's that time again at which the Newsletter Staff has searched through endless posts around BB to bring you this month's member news:

La Luna Unita was a partipant in the "National Novel Writing Month" competition! Great to hear!
Relic has recently become a Great Uncle (once again) congratulations to you and your family!
Bluebird managed to get her hands on some creepy white contact lenses to celebrate halloween!
And last but certainly not least, BASBritt recently had a really lucky break and recieved a still in-the-box Prophecy Girl Buffy Doll from Slideshow Collectables!

Great to hear all the good news everyone, keep it coming!

From The Members

Are you a bloody awful poet? Do you lurk in Art Class? Have you got something to say? PM Jenny or ~angelic slayer~ and we may include your work in future issues!

This month we have two totally different, but awesome submissions from ILLYRIAN and radiann.

Submitted by: randiann



Submitted by: ILLYRIAN

In the city of Truro, Cornwall. Dave looked out the window.
God, what a boring night, he thought. Sixteen petrol bowsers and all I get is two customers in three hours, had he been on the day shift at least there'd be something to look at. But oh no, he was on the night shift, he couldn't see further than the other side of the road.
"Ooh good, something exciting to do," he said, "a ruddy plane to watch!."
Then his curiosity became aroused, the planes fuselage appeared to light up as suddenly the whole night sky became as day, Dave's first thoughts were that a meteor had hit the earth just before the thought that the light was white. He looked up and around but there were no clouds, so it couldn't be an electrical storm.

Having been called by the Goddess Medusera, eight of the demon hunters rose from the Merry Maidens stone circle. Led by Hope; they were sent to a house on the cascading hills of Dartmoor. There, they were joined by Buffy, the General of the Elite. And both the Generals of Byzantium, Faith and Angel with five of the vampire slayers from the stone circle near Bron-Y-Aur in Wales One of the hunters, Molly turned to Maude and Dana. "What is that sound?" she asked.
"It's like hearing a hundred people whispering. Something doesn't want us here."
Carefully they moved forward, Hope made them look towards her, there was deceit in her actions, for she could see a human skull in the tree, burning. Knowing the evil wanted them gone, knowing that the evil could see them she led the hunters slowly forward.
Silently they moved through the bushes, eyes on the ground blinked a recognition of them, towards the lawn. Hope had only taken two steps into the open when Faith held her shoulder, turning, Hope asked, "What is it?"
"I don't like the look of those foot prints," said Faith. Hope searched the lawn in front of her, "Where?, there's only the horses hoof prints." Faith shook her head. "No, they're not from a horse."
"Those prints are evenly spaced, one ahead of the last," said Faith. Hope studied them, she bent down and felt the ground, "Oh no, the grounds warm." she faced the others, "at least it isn't the devil, but we're still gonna have to be careful."
"What is it with those prints, ok they're hoofed, but why do you think they are a devils?" Hope thought hard, "the ground is warm and the spaces aren't a horses, only a two legged animal would have even spaced prints. There's only one kind I know of, the devil kind. Mind you we are going to have to be careful, this whole part of Britain is known as the Devils Country."
"Yeah, so why here? and why now?" Hope felt Buffy's hand pulling her backwards, to the safety of the bushes "Look!, top floor, the window in the middle, there's a pair of green eyes looking this way."
"I'm not surprised, are you. The Goddess called us from our rest to be here. She wouldn't have done that just for a slight problem, I think we'd better get ready to die, again," said Hope.
"No, your missing the point, I can see other eyes watching, but they're not watching us!" said Buffy. Hope scanned the building, seeing many eyes at the windows.
"Pass the word, we need to go silent," Hope thought to every-one.
" I will let the Goddess know, we need our armour now," thought Buffy, "Faith, the devil may be entering the world from here."
"Agreed, you take half that way, I'll get the rest and go this way. See if there's a way in."
As the girls readied themselves to move, Faith saw Charity tighten her top. "Leave it Charity, we'll be in our battle dress soon. Angel keep hope here with you."
Faith told her girls to carefully move, occasionally stopping to observe the house, they silently went to the back of the house, meeting Buffy's group there.
"You see any way in?"
"None as good as what's here. Where we came in, that was near the road, there's a big lawn all along the side," said Faith.
"There's the drive way, the garages just back there and there the parking at the front as well," said Anne.
"Any idea what we should look for inside Anne?" asked Charity.
"Well the Goddess just said to do our best here, there was a devil's prints, the eyes in the windows. I wonder, in one of the garages was one of them horse drawn carriages, but there's no horses anywhere, uh oh," said Buffy.
"What is it?" asked Angel.
"Hang on, I'm just..................the Goddess wanted to know what we've seen, she said to get back. We need to get away from the house, right back," replied Buffy.
As they were moving away from the house.
"What is it Buffy?" asked Faith.
"If the Goddess is right and I really hope she's not, the devil could be bringing a few things here."
"Like what?"
"Well, there's no cars here, there's a carriage but no horses. It might be the devil itself and with the devil's dogs to pull the carriage."
"Oh, how do we stop them?" asked Anne.
"The Goddess said we can't, seven immortals tried before but the devil vaporized them. "We let her go, mind you when they have gone we go into the house and kill anything we can," said Faith, "But why is the devil a woman?"
"The devil cannot be a man, in order to keep a balance that which can take life must be able to give life, so the devil is a woman," said Angel.
"I don't see why we don't try and stop it," said Angel.
"What about the demons?" asked Charity.
"Simple really, we kill them," replied Buffy.
"You lost me there," said Kennedy.
"Vampires are a demons, either we're called slayers or hunters. We are all after the demons, none of us are devil killers. Let the Goddesses deal with them," said Buffy.
"Quiet!, the Devil's Dogs are here, keep low and no thinking," said Anne.
As the Devils coach passed by them then along the drive-way.
"Are we meant to let her leave here?" asked Charity.
"We aren't, the Goddesses knew there was a new evil here, that is why she wanted us here. When she was told about them, about her getting ready to leave they knew," said Buffy.
"So how did they know there was an evil?" asked Kennedy.
"When the seventh Goddess lost her red glow and became Hope a demon hunter, they knew there was evil again. Watch the coach leave, then when it's out of sight the Goddesses will attack it, then we go in," said Buffy.
"All sixteen of us? shouldn't there be more of us, because of Hope?" "There are more of us," replied Angel.
"All of my Elite are here," said Buffy.
"And just beyond the trees are the two thousand six hundred Riders," said Faith.
"When the devil is beaten, we go in, how will we know all of them have been destroyed?" asked Charity.
"That's an easy answer," said Angel, "you'll see the answer."

Suddenly the night sky was lit up, turning to run to the house Buffy saw her Elite appearing, pulling her sword from it's sheath as she began to run the Riders flew on their winged unicorns from their positions above the tree line.
Quickly the sound of doors being torn apart and windows being smashed filled the air. The slayers and hunters, forcing their way into the rooms; began despatching any demon that was seen. Several demons tried to jump to the ground from the upper floors, but the Riders made sure that they were dead before they touched the ground. Soon they had to hunt to find any demons. Angel and Faith thought to Buffy and Hope, "We saw one go in here."
Together they smashed the door down, their eyesight flicking to different parts of the room, as the demon was seen four cross bow arrows removed it's essence. Bouncing on the hard floor, the last thing the demon saw was the red glow around Hope's body. Angel saw the demon's look, he turned to face Hope he shouted to all. "Cover your eyes girls!" as the light flashed from Hope filling every crevice of the house.
The Devil's broken coach was sent to the thirty one corners of the known universe. The Goddesses smiled as red light filled the sky, "She's home again."


Thanks for your awesome contributions you two! I'm sure everyone will enjoy them as much as I know we have!

If you have any artwork, poetry, or pieces of fiction that you would like to have featured, again please PM your submissions to Jenny or ~angelic slayer~!

Member Recognition

This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators would like to take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. Without further delay, congratulations go out to the following BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, September is:


The Member of the Month for last month, September is:


Both are undeniably well deserved, a huge congratulations to both two of you!! :D

Question of the Month

Each and every month, the Newsletter staff will be putting forth a new question for the Buffy-Boards members tackle. The top answers that we receive will be featured in the following month's newsletter and a new question will be asked. So, for the month of September, we asked you:

"Buffy Boards: What Keeps YOU Coming Back?"

And this month we were thrilled to receive one answer a whopping TEN days before the deadline from the wonderful Spirit_Of_Fred. So, after her three years here at BB, here's what she had to say:

" In my life, not counting one I have just recently joined, I have only been a committed member of two message boards. One was the first I ever joined, a Charmed board. The second was Buffy-Boards. I didn't even stay active on the Charmed board for a year. Today, as I write this, it is my 3-year-anniversary of being a BBer.

I have some theories as to why this is the case, why I have been on this board so long, and am still excited to visit it everyday. Now, I intend to share.

The Show: Buffy is an amazing show that I still love, as is Angel. I also enjoy other Joss-related projects, such as Dr. Horrible and the upcoming Dollhouse. I follow some of the actors as well, such as Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother. These shows continually hold my interest. If I still enjoy the show, then I still enjoy discussing the show. Where better to find Buffy fans to discuss it with than BB?

The Fellow Fans: Not many "real life" people I know enjoy Buffy. The few that do (with a minute amount of exceptions) simply enjoy discussing the hotness of Spike. While Spike's hotness is all well and good, it's not the same as reading the elaborate debates, discussions, and theories about Spike, or any other Buffy-related subject, that can be found on BB. Not to mention, I can put my two cents in. If I were to discuss with one of the "real life" people I know who Buffy loved more, Spike or Angel, or why Buffy never staked Spike, they'd look at me like I had three heads. It's sad, but true. Not everyone is a Whedon-fan, and not everyone sees the true depth of the show. That is never a problem at the good old BB.

The Discussions: Sometimes on boards, and even with a few fans on this board likely, the obsession with a show ends soon after the show does. While re-runs are enjoyable, no one cares to rehash old discussions or talk about the show at all anymore. Some even admit they are "no longer fans", but just like the board. Again, while this may be true of some BBers, and there's nothing wrong with that, Buffy-Boards is a place where fanhood still thrives. I can come on one day and see people are still debating Angel or Spike. Even better, I come on some days and see brand new Buffy-related topics, which I've never seen discussed. If I'm curious about something Buffy-related, I can post it as a topic and people will pounce. While I do like reading other non-Buffy-related discussions and playing the games on BB, it's nice to see that fanhood lives on, and I still have a place to read, discuss, nitpick, and figure out things about Buffy I never realized.

The Games: I felt it needed saying, since I do enjoy spending time there, and spend a lot of time there, but it's pretty self-explanatory. Games = Fun. Games + Buffy = Super Fun!

The Freshness: I couldn't come up with a really good word to epitomize what I'm trying to say here, but what I mean is that Buffy-Boards always shakes things up with new, fun things to do. At a time before I was here, dorms didn't even exist! Now they do! :p (What? It just wouldn't be me if there were no smileys! :silly:) The House Cup came around in my time (I think), as did the newsletter. I remember when those quotations the newer members are so used to seeing at the top of the page weren't even there! There are sometimes updates to avatars or skins to decorate our pages with. There are also the Buffies, the biggest online event that comes once a year! I got my first RPGing experience on this board. Now (even though I'm not actually part of this) there's even a chat system, and BB merchandise is being contemplated! Buffy-Boards is always coming up with fresh ideas to keep things new and interesting! Kudos and brownie points to the fabulous and magnificent mods, administrator, and other creative minds that help these things exist!

The Environment: Buffy-Boards has a familial environment that other boards do not always have. Everyone respects each other (mostly ;)), and people are allowed to have their own opinions. All debates are of a friendly sort; there (usually) are not any personal insults delivered, simply intellectual arguments against other points. There's a freaking adoption system, for crying out loud! How much more familial can you get?

and last but not least (you all knew it was coming!)...

The People: The people are probably the number one reason everyone would say they come back to BB. The people are all friendly and awesome. Between the sarcastic sorts, the funny sorts, the sweeties, and more, who wouldn't find a friend? Though Buffy discussions are still had, BBers are people you can come and rant to when you've had a particularly sucky day. They are people who will make you laugh with the most hilariously random things. They are people who will cheer you up or make you feel good about yourself when you are down. They are people who will make entire threads for your birthday, and fill them with online goodies, including cakes that are sometimes better than the actual one you eat. They are people who will make you pretty art to display, give you comments to improve your own, and provide much-deserved appreciation when yours rocks (the same applies for fanfiction). They will hold conversations with you via IM, the BB chat system, shoutbox, VM, or PM. They have their own inside jokes, which they can use to make all the others involved laugh. They will give you a hand with personal problems when advice is requested. They will revel in your joyful news, and send you good wishes and congratulations. They share at least one common interest with you, and sometimes more. Clearly, the list goes on and on. I am glad to have "met" them. They are awesome and they keep me coming back.

And, in what is no longer the nutshell I intended it to be, that is what I think keeps me coming back to BB."​


A great response that we're sure a lot of members here can relate to: thanks SOF! And as always, this month we're posing a new question that we can't wait to see your answers for! It is:

"If you were given the chance to change ANY event that happened on either BTVS or ATS, which would you change and why?"

We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Please PM ~angelic slayer~ your submissions by November 18th, 2008!

Burning Question
Have you ever wondered what kind of hair gel VisionGuy uses? Curious as to what kind of cereal Lyri can't go without? One question every month will be answered, so put your thinking caps on and go ahead, dare to ask that burning question!

This month's mind-bending question was submitted by Spirit_Of_Fred, directed once again towards the one and only Old Master 3.0: "If you had to associate all your fellow mods with colours, which colour would each be and why?"

Tough question, very insightful! So what IS the answer?
Wowzers, SOF....way to hit me with the abstract stuff. :p

Why must today's youth insist on living outside the box in this way, eh? What is it about the static outer peripheries of this figurative enclosure of safety, reason and sanity that holds so much mystery for all of you?
I'm just a simple blue collar worker from the South Bronx who barely graduated high school, people! A slack-jawed yokel.
I like things as they are INSIDE the box.
It's warm, dark and quiet.....ooooh, and there's cookies!

The inside of the box is my friend. Why must you force me out into the cold, stark ether of Real World
to deal with such conceptual queries? Do you really hate me that much, SOF? :p

Ahhh, but I kid. I kid. Since you're a beloved fellow Dorm member, I suppose I can muddle through a reasonable facsimile
of an answer for ya. But you'll owe me a boatload of chocolatey baked goods for my box if my brain explodes!


We'll begin the only way we can begin, with my Bosses and your Admins, *Buffy Summers* and *Faith*.

They be the color of Green.

Green is growth, luck and life, and the color of money and power....which in turn represents (to me, at least) hard work and dedication.
They do indeed work hard, these two ladies, both in the Real World as well as on here. Work hard to keep a virtual roof
over our heads...to keep a safe and sane haven for a full membership bearing common fanship sensibilities and myriad
personalities, in spite of the sporadic nonsense and frustrations that glom onto the job description like an especially
sticky muselage, or better yet a starved leech.
But they forebear because they love. And there's nothing a violently well-placed Jimmy Choo can't fix, at any rate.

*SpikedBuffy*, *Jenny*, *EDB* and *Lyri*.

They be the color of White.

White is clean, stark, calm and pure...the color of nurture and good intentions. That pretty much represents what these girls
are all about. They are heart. Not a single mean bone in their bodies, and always there to help out in a pinch, no matter who the subject
may be, or what the situation is. However, after all that, I can also say that they are living examples of the proverbial steel magnolia....so
mistake not their kindness for weakness.


I do not know this young lady as well as I should, but from what flashes of her personality I have been able to see......

....she be the color of Red.

Red is fire....the color of passion and fun, and she seemingly knows how to have it. Although, that doesn't at all mean
she is wild and untempered. She has a good head on her shoulders and a solid attitude towards her duties as a Moderator, an attitude I would
assume translates into her Real World matters.
A final note....she has a real dedication to footie. Fear that dedication........

*~angelic slayer~*.

A fresh face on the Mod Staff scene. Our non-annoying kid sister. She's another youngster I don't know all that well, but I've gleaned enough to see her........

......be the color of Yellow.

Yellow is vibrant and festive...the color of the sun, which pretty much describes this gal's disposition. I think it is a physical impossibility to annoy or even anger this girl. Her personality serves her well in interpersonal interactions, and in the performance of her Board duties.
Beware of this one, folks. It is theorized that she can cause smiles on even the grumpiest of persons.

*Mr. Pointy*.

The color of Gold, he is.

An encompassing color. Like it's metallic counterpart, It is class and affluence. The strength, or the demise of kingdoms.
It is a symbol of lasting love, or of fiscal survival.

In the case of our Mr. Pointy, I'll go with class and strength.
It's pretty cut and dry, as those who know him will gladly attest to.
He is the all-father of the BB. The cool uncle. The wise old sage (well, alright, maybe not as old as all that). A world-travelled gentleman
with a heart and a respect for all as large as the planet his shoes have trod upon. They don't make these anymore, folks.


This one be the color of Silver.

Silver is attractive and shiny, much like a noggin full of learnin'. And like it's metallic counterpart, it is valuable, pure, and believed to be a bane of evil. That is how I view this guy here....valuable, and a bane against the sour bile that would crash against this Board like rough
ocean swells against rock and beach.
He needs no heavy tempered shield, no weighted and bloodened Germanic sword. He's got the sharpness of mind to carry him through to victory most glorious. He is the Perfect Weapon. The Staff's high-brow go-to guy. The Wunderkind.

*Black Eye Guy*.

Had a bit of time with this one, but finally I struck upon a good one for BEG.....

....whom be the color of Bronze.

Bronze is an earth color, representing the life-giving soils tilled by strong, callused hands. This shows the hard work-ethic of this young man, always busy...always on the go.
That ethic translates well to his Mod duties.


And finally we have this young man, the Board's resident chick-magnate (no, I didn't misspell that last word), and fellow Puerto Rican.
To him I assign the only combination-color on this list....

....he be the colors of Red/Black.

Red of course is passion, and even romance...while the Black represents mystery and power. A smooth operator without needing to make much of an effort at being such. The epitome of Latin heat. I hate him. (I kid...I kid).
He's not around much these days, but his Board rapport and work as a Mod make him invaluable.


Well, there ya have it, SOF. And hey, my brains aren't oozing from my ears so that's a bonus, eh?

Anyhoo, I hope this was a satisfactory answer to your question, young lady. :)

If you or anyone else have any other questions ya wanna toss my way, then step on up to the mic......

Thanks for the awesome Q&A you two! Very creative! And to all of our readers, be sure to PM Jenny with your Burning Question!


Speaker's Corner

Got something to say? Would you like to be featured in our newsletter? PM Jenny with your very own sound-off, the mic is waiting and ready!

Quote of the Month

This month we have found it as difficult as ever to choose just a few posts out of the awesome hundreds that are put up each month, but once again we give you two of the most outstanding posts this month!

Posted by Blondie Bear in the " "Kick his ass:" Xander was right" thread:

"You guys have some good points. If Xander had told her the truth, Buffy may have ended up dead. However, I think you're reading good intent into an action that was inherently bad-intentioned. I doubt Xander was thinking that deeply about it. He just didn't want to see Buffy and Angel get back together. He wanted Angel to die. He was perfectly willing to sacrifice Buffy's happiness--or force her to sacrifice her own happiness--for his own ego. Not only did he lie, he lied about Willow, putting words in her mouth that never would have actually passed her lips.
I suppose the real question, then, is, do the ends justify the means? Does it not matter that Xander lied because if he'd told the truth things may (I say MAY because I'm not entirely convinced they would have) turned out differently? I believe that he betrayed both Buffy and Willow--Buffy by not trusting her judgment and Willow by lying about her. I really wish they'd have dealt with it more in "Selfless.""

Posted by willow23 in the "Best (and Worst) Vampire Ever" thread:
" I was actually just thinking about this, which probably means I need a personality stat, as Buffy would say.
Favorite: I loved Holden Webster. Hands down my favorite non-regular vamp. He was witty and self conscious and really genuinely likable. I found the actor really charming and the dialogue for Holden is of a different ilk than any of the other vampires we've seen on the show. He also got Buffy to understand herself in a way that not even her close friends could and really provides a sort of epiphany for her in terms of how she views the world and understands her place in it. Also, the coffin couch will forever be dear to me.
Least Favorite: This is hard. I didn't really care for the Gorchs either, but I'm not sure I hated them. Maybe that Vampire who tried to set up Harmony in Harm's Way. The one she fought with chop sticks. She bugged me. Tamika."


A huge thank you goes out to Blondie Bear and willow23 for your unknowing contributions! Two well-thought out and great posts!

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Great newsletter, as always!
Newsletter karma! *looks at Om 3.0 and wonders if he´s given enough praise for today* ;) You know I´m only kidding. We love the newsletter and appreciate all the hard work you do. :)
Great read, thanks :)
Wow, AWESOME newsletter! And not just cause I was mentioned a couple times. LMAO Great job; keep up the GREAT work! :D
Great job :)
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