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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 51 - October 2015


I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.
Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn

October: 2015

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Welcome to the new issue of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter, to start here are some handy tips for those of you how are new to the boards... Potentials look here!


New to BB - these are the places to go! Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!), Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Get yourself adopted by an existing member and they will show you the ropes, answer any questions and generally take care of you as you settle in. Pop into the forum Bad Eggs and start a thread asking for someone to adopt you and someone will snap you up!

Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless! If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum and see if other people have already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP.

Please also remember that we have a Confidential Member Concerns Area that you can post in if you would like to keep your enquiry private. Only you and the Board Staff will be able to view it.

Please be sure to read the FAQ before you post. https://www.buffy-boards.com/help/

The House Always Wins
BANNERS and AVATARS: A reminder of what sizes your signatures are allowed to be;

*Signatures should be no more than 200 pixels high x 700 pixels wide total, with no single banner being larger than 150 pixels high x 500 pixels wide, whether image sliced or not, and should include no more than 8 lines of text.

One small (150 high x 200 wide pixels max) animated banner is allowed per person. If your banner causes other members’ scrollbars to ‘jump’ or in any other way messes up board functions, you will be asked to remove it.

I.e. anything animated needs to be no more than 200px wide, please keep this in mind when you pick your signature.

*Avatars: All member avatars MUST RELATE TO THE BOARD THEME (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible). (Off topic custom avatars may only be used by board staff. It is a 'perk' for the work they do.)

Halloween Re-watch!

Are you psyched for All Hallows Eve? You know we are! And so was the Buffyverse back in its airing days. Join us as we re-visit Buffy’s Halloween shenanigans! Ghost Willow, fear demons and of course – Bunny Anya. So much fun to be had!

Suggested episodes:
BTVS 2.06 Halloween
BTVS 4.04 Fear Itself
BTVS 6.06 All the Way
Angel 5.05 Life of the Party

go here: https://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/halloween-rewatch.65474/#post-1158200


June 2016 we’re going back to high school!
Or Buffy is… read more about the new comic here: [URL]https://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/buffy-the-high-school-years.65495/
and tell us if you want it to be a one time thing or hope for a continuation of this variation.

That old gang of mine

*Eliza Dushku has been voicing She Hulk and visited the NYC comic-con, met Seth Green and talked about the EW Bring It On reunion!

*Sarah Michelle Gellar was also at the NYC comic-con (sadly no joint Slayer selfie) and met Seth Green and talked Foodstirs. She instagrammed an “Angel” cake with the hashtag foodstirs, not sure if that means she made the cake or if she just found it somewhere. She also got “starstruck” meeting former president Bill Clinton at a charity event. Next year she’ll appear in new comedy series Those Who Can’t, but first up she has been cast alongside her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. in Disney’s animated Star Wars Rebels as Seventh Sister.

*Michelle Trachtenberg recently appeared on Sleepy Hollow but more importantly, little Dawnie just turned 30. She’s not so little anymore!


*Amber Benson can be seen in the web-series Morganville: The TV Series, playing the vampire Amelie. Later this year she’ll be in Selling Isobel, and reunited with fellow Buffy alumnus Charisma Carpenter in The Griddle House.

*Marc Blucas had a part in Alison Brie’s comedy Sleeping with Other People, and is set to make an appearance in the TV series Underground.

*Seth Green is soon to be seen on Alan Tudyk’s Con Man as a guest star

*Charisma Carpenter can now be seen as a recurring character in new Ryan Murphy show Scream Queens. As well as Surviving evil on Investigation discovery, a show she is very passionate about.

*James Marsters is currently filming horror Abruptio.

*Tony Head he has appeared in musical comedy series Galavant, and sitcom Yonderland, from the Horrible Histories team. He’ll next be seen in Shamim Sarif’s Despite the Falling Snow, which is set in Cold War Moscow and stars Rebecca Ferguson and Charles Dance.

*Alyson Hannigan will appear in the movie Modern Love.

*Julie Benz is currently filming Hawaii-50 at Hawaii! Treating her Instagram followers to beach pics and life advice! We like your style, woman!

Once More With Feeling
Remember these music videos?

Eliza Dushku in “I’m Just a Kid”

Eliza Dushku in “Rockstar”

Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Sour Girl”

David Boreanaz in “White Flag”

Whedonverse Trivia


Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk attempted to “break the internet” with this picture… success was… surely within their grasp? ;)

Beauty and the Beasts: Happy ALLYWEEN


Alyson Hannigan loves Halloween! And no one does family costumes better than her and Alexis Denisof. Need some inspiration? Look no further!

Fear itself
Want some Buffy-related horror flicks to watch? How about:
The Grudge 1 & 2, or The Return with SMG
Slither with Nathan Fillion
Wrong Turn, Open Graves or Soul Survivors with Eliza Dushku
Idle Hands with Seth Green
Saw V with Julie Benz

anyone else have any tips feel free to post them below! :)

and lets collectively forget about The Crow:Wicked Prayer with David Boreanaz, ok?

Member Recognition:
This month we sat down for a cuppa and blooming onion with member @gite63 to ask some questions.

1. If you could guest star in any Buffy or Angel episode – which episode would you choose?

I've never though about that, but let's see: first, I choose my favorite Season: 5. I wouldn't want to be involved in any fight scenes, and I think helping the Scoobies would be far above my credentials. I very much liked the Magic Box, and the clientele that used to show up there. I could be one of them, looking for something very dangerous without knowing it, and have a funny, and full of misunderstandings interaction with Giles and Anya – including some discussion about how pricy the things they sell are: “you are a bunch of bloodsuckers”! At this moment, Spikes would enter the store and say something snarky.

2. If you could sit down with one character and give them advice which character would that be and what would you say?

I'm not good at giving advice even in real life, but anyway... Buffy. I would say to Buffy: Stop thinking that you are the solely responsible for the deaths that happened around you. You aren't.

3. Who is the most underrated minor character in your opinion?

Veruca – I liked the actress, and I think she could have stayed as a villain in the show. And Andrew – who people love to hate, but he brings some lightness to the show - in spite of the dark things he did... And Merl, from Angel, I liked him very much.

4. What is it about Buffy that has you ‘coming back’?

I don't know... I usually am hooked to a show when I like all (or almost) all characters on it, and that is what happens with Buffy (and Angel). I like the supernatural, and good writing, which is what we have on BtVS. I like how the characters evolved, changed, the twists, the good and bad things, it's not something shallow as one can think when hearing the title Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; and Spuffy, of course...

5.What is your favorite pizza topping?

It's Portuguese pizza – cheese, ham, boiled egg, onion, olive.

Thank you gite, and I for one sure hope that Buffy is listening and taking that advice to heart!

Quote of the Month
This is a belated QotM from @GwenRaiden in “What does Glory Symbolize?”


I've always thought Glory as a big bad symbolised adulthood, and the difficulties, responsibilities and personal growth that come along with it in life.

From 'Family' (5x06)

GILES: She looks human, so the mug shots aren't any use, and, uh, you can't be more specific about what she's like?

BUFFY: (ponders) She was kinda like Cordelia, actually.

Glory, to me, was the opposite of season 5 Buffy - she was compared, personality-wise, to Cordelia (Buffy's talking high school Cordelia here - but if we crossover, I do like that, although Cordelia in AtS has gained much personal growth from her Sunnydale days, season 2 of Angel is when Cordy relishes in her position of being the Princess of Pylea. The costumes, the old-school Cordy Chase blasting us from the past, not superficial at all!). Glory was quite dumb, lazy, superficial and has her loyal lackeys wait on her hand and foot and carry out tasks for her. Buffy, in season 5, on the other hand was exploring the meaning of being the Slayer, training harder than ever, hunting instinctually, and alone, at night. Buffy had no choice but to step up to the plate following Joyce's death, acting as Dawn's surrogate mother, not only protecting her from Glory, but taking care of all the overwhelming day-to-day stuff that is involved with bringing up a teenager - Dawn was placed into Buffy's care by the monks, the Slayer, never Joyce's, the care-free Buffy left as soon as she found out about Dawn's origins and why she had to protect her.

Buffy wasn't the only one having to stare adulthood in the face - Willow did too, when Tara was left brain-sucked by Glory. This is where and why Willow's power as a witch comes to a head, going for all out vengeance against Glory for the one she loves. That dark magic stayed with her, Willow changed, it was a huge part of her personal growth, foreshadowing what was to come in season 6.

Dawn was also forced to grow up prematurely, not only after her mother's death, but when she finds out about the key - herself. By the time we get to the season finale, Dawn has come to terms with who she (uniquely) is and even willing to sacrifice herself to save the world, not because she doesn't want to be in it or because she resents who she is, but because she knows it's the right thing to do. It's quite the leap from Dawn in the beginning of season 5 who begrudged Buffy being a slayer and being told to leave the magic shop when the owner was found dead, to being in the thick of it and understanding the morality of the situation.

Xander, who begins the season tired of being everyone's "butt monkey" and after facing his less-slapstick, more in-control side of himself in The Replacement, also changes. He still has aspects of both sides of himself, but he reigns it in and finally starts to get his life together - he shows how much he can care, regardless of his bitter parents, and even asks Anya to marry him.

The darkness in season 5, which seems to really kick in after The Body and carries straight on into season 6, runs parallel with the theme of adulthood. Glory ends up admitting defeat and reverts back to her human form in a display of weakness whereas Buffy, opposingly, realising what she must do as her responsibility as a Slayer, a sister and an adult, sacrifices herself atop the tower. Death is not only her gift, but her strength against this season's foe and a massive part of her character's personal growth.


Need something to read? Check in at the Watcher Diaries and peruse the content.
Maybe a Xander fic from @sosa lola ?

Blast from the Past:

J. August Richards and Alexa Davalos looking good together!

That was it for this time but we'll be back soon and until then – Keep Calm and Buffy Board!


Don't forget to leave a comment down below! :D[/URL][/URL][/URL][/url][/url][/URL]​
What a surprise!
Newsletter karma!


AKA Apology Girl
Aug 26, 2008
Black Thorn
I remember totally fangirling seeing David Boreanaz in the Dido music video at the time. It also feels a bit Bangeltastic.

And I love SMG in the STP video.

Thanks for all your work, @Taake!
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
I will watch the Dido vid later, but not sure I look at DB the same way after finding out about that! lol.

Fuffy Baith

2017 (and 2016) Cutest BB member
Mar 14, 2014
Greta newsletter Taake! Very fun. I cannot recommend Open Graves or Soul Survivors though (even though I own the latter), not very good movies, but Eliza is good in SS, the plot is just not very exciting.
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
Does he end up in an "OPEN GRAVE"!!

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Greta newsletter Taake! Very fun. I cannot recommend Open Graves or Soul Survivors though (even though I own the latter), not very good movies, but Eliza is good in SS, the plot is just not very exciting.

Open Graves was on the horror channel the other day, really wanted to check it out just for Eliza being in it, maybe next time!
Fuffy Baith
Fuffy Baith
I caught it on SyFy channel early one morning. It's also got Mike Vogel in it, and he's hot. lol
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