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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 52 - November 2015


I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.
Jan 1, 2010
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November: 2015

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to the new issue of the Buffy-Boards Newsletter, to start here are some handy tips for those of you how are new to the boards... Potentials look here!

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Scooby Spotlight!
Y’all haven’t missed our new weekly member feature, have you? Who’s turn is it on the hot seat? Who wants to play 20+ questions? If you’re interested, and haven’t already signed up, PM Buffy Summers or Taake to get on the list.

New Weekly Feature: Getting to Know You (Scooby Spotlight)

Ho, ho, ho… Christmas is coming so keep your eyes out for Christmasy releated themes

That old gang of mine

This popped up on Netflix recently, I’m just going to leave this here under the title:
Aly what were you thinking?

Dear Albania!
Eliza and Nate Dushku’s documentary is screening. Watch to learn as much as they could about their father’s native country!

It was a big month for Eliza Dushku who announced on Instagram and Twitter and she had reached her seventh year of sobriety with the hashtag # twelvesteps! Stay strong, Eliza, keep up the good work J

Charisma shared this lovely pic of herself and some old Angel/Buffy pals!

Once More with Feeling
The internet brought you Joyce and oranges (A Passion for oranges) ... now here are some more fun Buffy fan theories…

The cheese man as a metaphor beautiful monsters: Ah ha!

Buffy and Firefly shares a universe This Joss Whedon Shared Universe Theory Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

In a world without Buffy, i.e. in Buffy’s world, there’s no good TV I've got a [weird fan] theory... • /r/buffy

Buffy Boards Trivia


Who remembers, or doesn’t remember, the Buffies! Yup, it’s true, BB used to have a very formal award event, a grand event for members and moderators alike. Have a peak in this thread to see what kind of awards you could nominate, or be nominated for The Buffy-Boards Awards 2012 and lets cheer for a Buffies revival!

Whedonverse Trivia

This is the reason why SMG was a bit ‘star struck’ by Tony Head at the start of Buffy, who else remembers these?

Who do you prefer Poofy with original Giles

or Buffy the Umpire Slayer?

Quote of the Month

Two posts from Joss Whedon the Feminist stood out to us
Joss Whedon the feminist

from Wildfly
I am not sure Buffy (flawed, strong, feminine, independent) is a normal, typical character abundant in our pop-culture. Alas, fems usually aren't portrayed as complex characters. I was surprised how many many favourite shows and films of mine failed even the simple Bechdel test.

Female characters in action/fantasy etc genres and role-playing games are mostly

1. damsels in distress, they usually presented more like a reward to the hero than an actual person

2. macho characters like Furiosa from mad max or Ellen Ripley from alien.

3. the male wet dream variety, like our objectified black widow (sorry joss, but WT-alfj&0l## )

'normal' strong females as Buffy and Willow, are rare and so very precious to me

and when i got curios and googled interviews with joss on the subject i remember him saying that he is frequently asked why he created such a strong female character as Buffy,

which for him was a redundant question, the real wringer being why such a role for a female even warrants a question.

some might say that the idea that a slayer(s), who confronts the forces of darkness and defends the people is just another proof for the show being feminist,

until you remember that they're created, 'watched' and controlled by the council which is definitely male authority theme... then again, Buffy is pretty independent and defies the council,

(josh in general has problem with government and politicians, unsurprisingly it seems they're mostly an evil and corrupt influence like the major or the initiative). So i think this whole situation in Buffy is his take on our reality...

for me BTVS (ATVS less so) undoubtedly is one of the rare shows that portray and present females and males according to feminist standards (sometimes we forget that feminism is also against male objectification) so i was happy that they didn't make Xander overly macho, but a real teenager with a real set of problems). Sure, he is still looks Hollywood comely, but that's for another discussion...

I admit that later we got too much macho shirtless Angel and Spike goodness (both whom i love, btw and by no means i am complaining, mind you ) and the show's focus shifted, but well... we can't really blame joss for following public opinion and giving fanservice, now can we? the public gets what the public wants.

…and an equally good set of points made by Dr Q

I've only watched through the middle of season 6, so this may change, but . . . I don't see any feminism here. I see a lot of female stereotypes -- the whole joke of Buffy is that she's a brainless bimbo who suddenly gets superpowers. She's not stupid, but not particularly intelligent, so no threat there. She has no career goals, no aspirations, no self-direction. She's under male control and has to have a man in her life to make her complete. Nothing particularly feminist at all in this

Willow -- she's smart, so she must be socially awkward and sexless. She even tutors the football player. And once she gets a little power, as a witch -- she also becomes a lesbian, is driven made by her power (Dark Phoenix, indeed) and . . . apparently something more happens later this season. In any case, right now, she's in rehab.

Cordelia? The prom queen. Anya? Every man's worst nightmare -- the psycho ex-girlfriend. Joyce? Could she be more 1950s idealized mother? And then she dies.

Sure, Xander is inept and socially awkward -- except that somehow he becomes the foreman of a construction company and a master carpenter. Notice that none of the women have jobs, except Anya? Certainly no career aspirations.

The authority figures are all male. Any female authority figure who shows up is bound to be killed -- and usually turns out to be evil first. I knew that female watcher was going to turn out to be evil simply because she was female. Faith -- the Slayer who rejects male authority? Evil. In prison. Dr. What's-her-name from the Initiative? Psychobitch -- and dead.

How many of the Council are female? I don't recall any. And certainly not half. So far, we haven't seen any of the coven in England. Just Giles, speaking for them.

Sorry, but this is not in any way feminist.

Also Cryptwarmer in “Seriously how ridiculous is it no one financially helped Buffy?”
Seriously, how ridiculous is it no one financially helped Buffy?!

There are several major plot holes in S6, used to press home themes rather ham sisterly.

This is one of them.

S6 is, according to Joss, about dealing with life, so Buffy is handed the financial boogeyman on a platter. All the shoulda, coulda, wouldas would have gotten in the way, so we are asked to accept it.

Seeing as how we regularly buy into all the fantasy of the show, I guess I will manage to swallow this one...even though it's bugged me more than most issues on the show. It's a powerful example that dealing with real life can be even harder than facing the spirit world, and that Buddy's super powers are useless against it. One more way to remind us how alone she is, or at very least perceives herself to be.

Some of it is attributed to Buddy's moral high ground. She refuses financial help from Spike, because obviously it would be ill gotten gains, and it would have put her in a situation of obligation to him. She turns down Anya's suggestion she charge for her svcs on moral reasoning.

Interestingly she takes money from Giles...though his money essentially comes from being paid for doing a job that saves the lives of innocent people. I guess it's cleansed by being one level removed from the actual hands on slaying.

Police, firefighters and ems workers are paid for life saving...so maybe the moral issue only applies to mystical issues. We are consistently shown that there is a different sort of "economy" in the mystic world.

Watching the show week to week is a vastly different experience than binge watching and re watching. Sometimes things are presented in awkward ways or we are beaten over the head with themes because it's assumed that at least a week has gone by since we've seen the characters, that we may have missed an episode or two and need to be reminded etc.

I try to keep that in mind. We have the entire series set in front of us. Most of us have watched it umpteen times. I know those characters better than I know most people I see everyday. When the show first ran the writers had to address the challenges of week to week forgetfulness, people who came to the show without the benefit of having seen the first five seasons etc.

These issues bug me as much as anyone, and they make for great discussion. Re binge watching the show this past month has me bristling and cringing over lots of this kind of stuff. I'm trying to handle it gracefully, but I was shouting at the screen about this very subject just a few days ago.

I'm a Spuffy, so personally...I would have taken Spike up on his offer, but Buffy couldn't and shouldn't have. Would have ended up like some twisted form of prostitution given their relationship, which was already twisted enough.


Christmas art from Nix, ‘tis the season!


Nixxy's Artyish Stuff

Blast from the Past:

Back in those WB days David Boreanaz got all chummy with the Charmed girls

That was it for this time but we'll be back soon and until then – Keep Calm and Buffy Board!


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The newsletter picture is awesome.. it really encapsulates the forum. hahah
Ooh! Buffies is a GREAT idea. :) Plus I liked ASH as the coffee guy- led him directly to finding work in the US.


Feb 21, 2015
Great issue, I loved the videos!

It was a big month for Eliza Dushku who announced on Instagram and Twitter and she had reached her seventh year of sobriety

Sobriety? From what??? That's a surprise for me.


Feb 6, 2002
Thank-you for the featured fan art :) And yey I loved the Buffies :) It was soo much fun. Good newsletter as always :)
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