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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 55 - March 2016


I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.
Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn

March: 2016

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to a hot off the presses edition of the Buffy Boards Newsletter! Holidays and New Years have come and gone and it’s time to catch up with what’s been going on and what is coming! But first…

Potentials look here!

New to BB - these are the places to go! Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!), Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless! If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum and see if other people have already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP.

Please also remember that we have a Confidential Member Concerns Area that you can post in if you would like to keep your enquiry private. Only you and the Board Staff will be able to view it.

Please be sure to read the FAQ before you post. Help | Buffy-Boards

The House Always Wins


During the first week of March we had a Buffy-Boards reunion! It was great fun, some games and drabbles and of course reuniting with a whole bunch of old, dear faces… so to speak. Not calling you guys old. Not at all… *coughs* Moving on! Thanks to everyone who participated in making it a great week, and gracing us with your presence again. You have been and will continue to be sorely missed!

Here are some highlight greetings from the week!

*including Professor Walsh who recently underwent a name change, some of you may know her secret identity as miromurr! She now runs The Initative as a special ops program for the Black Thorn, so if you get numbered and you wake up in a cell… don’t worry, we’ll treat you mercifully!

Scooby Spotlight

We want to get to know you! Take your turn on the hot seat by signing up here, or via PM to me or Buffy Summers! Tremble before the razor sharp questions, enough shenanigans, is it… COKE or PEPSI!?

New Weekly Feature: Getting to Know You (Scooby Spotlight)

Sineya V. Black Thorn

Are you the good Slayer or the bad Slayer? Do you yearn to do the right thing? Or does a cushy corner office at W&H sound like your thing?

Join a house!

Fantastic tournament
do you guys remember, or have you guys glanced through, our last voting tournament? The BB top 50 scenes organized by Tome... great time, great results... well it's time again Buffy-Boards.com's 50 Most Memorable Scenes

In BB’s very own March Madness characters are duking it out in a brutal contest for the top position as BB’s favorite character! Get ready for round three! Face the tough choices! Cast your vote to decide the destiny of the characters.

BB's FANtastic Championship

see the results for round 2 here FANtastic Challenge Round 2 Results!

Nightshade reads!
You haven’t missed Nightshade reading for us have you? Well if you have, here’s a bit of a recap/teaser to set you up for the coming installment of this series!

What’s going on with the cast? Taake Talks!

The aim of these is to be around five minutes long, this one went a bit over time, either way, let us know what you think and if there’s anything you want to bring up!

Member's Corner:

Quote of the month
Monkey Pants in "Do you feel sorry for Dru because she lost Spike to the Slayer"
Do you feel sorry for Dru because she lost Spike to "The Slayer"?

I feel very sorry for Dru. She has the most tragic story out of the four vamps, and yet even though Angelus was obsessed with her, both him and Darla were annoyed by her and didn't care much about her. Spike was the only one who loved her, and then he chose someone else, and was going to kill her. She's also the only one who never had a shot at redemption, but who deserved it the most.

"Shiny Happy Angel"
why didn't Angel lose his soul when he went all shiny and happy under Jasmine's influence?
Discuss here!
Happy Shiny Angel

Hot Topic: What are the ethical rules for a Slayer when it comes to killing vampires and demons
Disucss here:
Hot Topic: What are the ethical rules for a Slayer when it comes to killing vampires/demons?

Featured Fanart
Speaking of ships, yet not... Mr. Pole's awesome, albeit sometimes times somewhat eh... disturbing ;) fanfart

The Totem Pole

Blast from the past

Once More With Feeling fun! Can’t help but feel like SMG is in her head chanting “how funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose? How loose is your goose?”

And before we leave you, join us in congratulating @brinkster130 who recently tied the knot! Mrs. and Mr. Brinkster130, best wishes from all of us!

That's it for now, please leave your comments below! Thanks for reading and keep Buffy-Boarding! :D
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Aug 12, 2008
Black Thorn
Great job! I really love the interactive newsletter. Thank you @Taake and @nightshade. It really is pretty cool! It makes it seem so much more personal. I cant wait to see and hear more.
Thank you kind, sir! Death & Lucifer, keeping things personal ;)
^hahaha but thanks


AKA Apology Girl
Aug 26, 2008
Black Thorn
Aww, haha, @Taake, you sound like my ex mother-in-law! I love dem Swedes.

That is a weird sentence, and you are obviously much younger and very much more beautiful. :D
I'll be your mother in law in spirit :D


The original one-eyed chicklet
Feb 2, 2016
Black Thorn
Featured Fanart
Speaking of ships, yet not... Mr. Pole's awesome, albeit sometimes times somewhat eh... disturbing ;) fanfart

I beg your pardon...!? :p I don't think he's that sort of fan, but someone open the window, just in case :eek::D

Great newsletter, as always :) And congratulations @brinkster130!
LOL! Good catch!
SLANDEROUS! good catch! I will be contacting my lawyer.

Fuffy Baith

2017 (and 2016) Cutest BB member
Mar 14, 2014
Great newsletter! Love Taake Talks! You did a great job running down the news with the cast.
Thank you :)
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