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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 57 - May/June 2016


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Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn

May/June: 2016

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to a hot off the presses edition of the Buffy Boards Newsletter! In some parts of the world summer has rolled in, in others winter is coming, wherever you are, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and catch up with what you’ve missed, or re-live what you loved, in this month’s newsletter!

… and Potentials look here!

New to BB - these are the places to go! Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!), Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless! If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum and see if other people have already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP.

Please also remember that we have a Confidential Member Concerns Area that you can post in if you would like to keep your enquiry private. Only you and the Board Staff will be able to view it.

Please be sure to read the FAQ before you post. Help | Buffy-Boards

The House Always Wins

We have rolled out the red carpet for our new moderator​


*crowd goes wild* go give her a hearty congrats if you haven't already
Please welcome our newest moderator, Athena!

The Buffy Book Club are reading “The Widsom of War”
go here to partake Book Club: The Wisdom of War


The Buffy Boards are looking for YOU – to participate in a Buffy Boards Stage Play.

Give this a listen: https://buffy-boards.com/styles/audio/Intro-Hellmouth.m4a

How it works:​
  • You will need some audio equipment (like Voice Recorder Pro, can be downloaded for free) with which you can record yourself saying a few Buffy lines from a chosen scene!
  • You will then send this audio file to our wizard who will hurl it together with the files of other members and create a Buffy Boards Masterpiece!
When it airs the rest of the members will be allowed to guess who’s doing which character!
So let’s get our radio play on, people!

Here are a few links to get you started
Record MP3 Online - a free online voice recorder
Vocaroo | Online voice recorder
Smart Voice Recorder - Android Apps on Google Play
Voice Record Pro on the App Store

Let us know down below if there is interest and you will soon see a thread where you can sign up to participate!

Keep your peepers open for the Dollhouse Re-Watch!

Until then, here’s a fan made trailer for both seasons (may include hints of spoilers for new viewers)

What’s going on in the Whedonverse
I trust you have all, by now, seen Eliza’s and Tommy Lenk’s fabulous The Huntsman fashion remake http://instagr.am/p/BFSR0aVLVdU/ SMG and Tommy Lenk got their Little Mermaid love on together

One thing’s for sure, Andrew sure has a way with the Slayers…

SMG also shared some pictures from her hubby’s new cookbook!

Alyson’s new gig is not just hosting Penn and Teller’s Fool Us show, she’s also working with an Allergy foundation because #allergiesarentfunny

Charisma reminded us all that her movie Girl In Wood is now on iTunes

David Boreanaz appeared on RadioVendettas BnVpod (and has had a birthday)

James Marsters is thinking along the lines of Eliza Dushku and he wants you to Feel the Bern!

Nick Brendon recently relapsed, go here to discuss or just tell him to hang in there! Nicholas Brendon Reveals He Relapsed: ‘I’ve Unfortunately Stumbled’ in My Sobriety

Buffy to be removed from UK Netflix and TimeOut recommends the five episodes you need to see before it goes!
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is leaving Netflix UK – here are five episodes you have to catch

Be careful what you say on the internet, or so Emma Caulfield found out after posting some critical tweets of the show 100 and in return getting “voted” off as a fan from it by some angry fans. Emma took it in good spirit though!

Whedonverse Vids

Best of Oz

Running jokes

Members Corner

This month we had a chat with @Marielle Meyne the creator of Neverwinter Nights, a Buffy game to be found at Home |

1. How did you get involved in the making of Neverwinter Nights? Did you come up with it yourself or are you a part of a team?
I did not make NeverWinter Nights, I just use the platform to let my creativity loose as they offer players the ability to create their own worlds and with some coding and imagination you can get quite far But this project I am working on is is a complete solo mission for me. I was watching Buffy one day and I thought "would it not be cool if we could play as a slayer or vampire?"

I was playing NeverWinter Nights for years before that. And thus I started creating Sunnydale.​

Everything on there is of my own design. I stared for hours at the sunnydale map trying to get things right.

2. How long have you been a Buffy fan?
I have been a buffy fan since the beginning of the show. I mean back then there were not many female heroes (we do not count xena) or at least that was my experience of it. And with Buffy, I could totally relate to her and to willow since I was a bit of an outcast during highschool.

3. What is it about Buffy/Angel that made you feel passionate enough to invest in the creation of a game?
Well I am a rather heavy roleplayer in the little free time that I got. But I was watching buffy one day and thought how cool that would be to have place where you can play online with people in sunnydale (since lets be honesg buffy IS Sunnydale....)

Then i started up NeverWinter Nights and as I was searching for a server to play on I had this realisation that I could actually make a buffy server! So that is when i started!

4. How much work have you put into NWN?
I have put every free moment in this...I am currently am working two jobs as a makeup artist and semi social worker. Aside from that I had no experience in how to code so this project also was a learning project into programming. My intend is to fully customize the world to make it similar to the buffy universe and it will as I keep learning how to make things work

5. Do you play any other games?
I do, i play Starwars the old republic (online), dragon Age Origins, fable 1,2,3, lord of the rings online, a few servers on NWN.

6. Tells us what's great about Neverwinter Nights?
The greatest part of NeverWinter Nights is the ability for players to host their own servers and create their own worlds.
The best thing about my server? Giving players the option to influence the world they live in. Influence them in the way of that they can decide what they want to be, the hero, the bad guy or just an ordinary person. I have implemented a lot of episodes from buffy into this server, upto season 3 for now and I will continue to add monsters and demons, episodes from the show for players to entertain themselves with the episodes will be quests and while not exactly like the episodes in the show enough for players to recognise them

7. What is your favorite Buffy (and Angel) episode?
Buffy: Beer bad, Once more with feeling.

8. Is there anything you'd like our members to know/think about when it comes to NWN?
Well NWN is just a great platform to work on and from. The only thing I would mention is that it does not have the best graphically seeing that its a game originally created in 2001 (so basically 11 years ago) but still many people are playing on there and creating their own worlds and their own custom content that makes the world unique.

Thank you so much for your time Marielle, good luck with NWN! :D

Quotes of the month

Lyri in:
Reaction to "Not Fade Away"'s cliff hanger ending

No, because the endings mirrored what the shows were about.

Buffy spent her whole time as a Slayer wishing that she was just like everyone else and have the opportunity for a normal life. 'Chosen' gave her that. (It's S8 and beyond that fudged that up.)

Angel spends his whole time on the show knowing that the fighting never ends, he will never have a normal life, because, to him, there will never be enough that he could do to make up for what he did as Angelus. NFA reflects that, shows that, even when the show ends, Angel keeps fighting.

Trasherpix in The Death of Dawn
My understanding that when Dawn was dying in the comics that people were forgetting her. This actually makes sense as when many spells (or wishes, curses, etc) unravel, then reality "snaps back" (like a pulled rubber band suddenly let go) as if it never happened, and the memories fade. (Kinda curious how Adam would've perceived Dawn, too...perhaps it would've been like that one guy who described Dawn as "no data.")

Although I had my own impression that by sacrificing her own life, Buffy gave Dawn a true reality. That does seem to be how magic works, that magic messes with the balance of things but as long as there's balance then it's stable and can even become permanent.

But the comics seems to disagree. And if she's forgotten, then shouldn't reality itself also adjust? In that sense, is everything about Dawn futile, that when she unravels (even if only by mortal death) then reality readjusts to where there was no Dawn (and the Gift never happened, at least not anything like it did happen)?

Granted, the comics seem to contradict the series, but just in case it was ever addressed, then I'd like to hear of it.

Gwen Raiden in Would You Tell Dawn Straight Away?

I love No Place Like Home and I wouldn't change it for the world. I think Dawn finding out on her own was a pivotal moment for her, and afterwards she does come to realise that her true identity was kept from her because she was loved, even if she wasn't real and hadn't always been there. I think it would have felt quite clinical if she were told right away what she was. It's big news for Buffy too - if I were in the same situation, yeah, I'd speak to my peers first too, not to be untruthful but to try to understand and to be sure no one would hurt my sister for what she was (or wasn't) - something Buffy truly understands being the Slayer. I don't see it as one of those annoying episodes/arcs where no one is being honest (or even talking) and then the lack of communication blows up in their face (Dead Man's Party, I'm looking at you), it felt natural and gave the characters real growth. Buffy needed that shock.

Buffy's need to protect Dawn went deeper than sisterly or even motherly duty, Buffy saw Dawn part of as herself, the monks made Dawn out of Buffy. No matter what she tried to shield from Dawn, the end result would always be the same, that she'd have to save one part of herself from the other.

Art of the Month

Check out some of Erickson22’s art
Some of my projects

or bask in the loveliness of this nightshade creation


My attempt at Gimp

Blast from the Past

Some Once More With Feeling cuddles!

That’s all for now, keep calm and keep Buffy-Boarding.

Ta-ta for now and leave your comments below!

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Ta-ta for now?? Didnt the first say that... are you trying to tell us something?


The original one-eyed chicklet
Feb 2, 2016
Black Thorn
Great work, as always. I especially love the bit about the new moderator, she sounds pretty epic. I'd like to meet her ;)

I'm so keen on this stage play, I can get my posh voice out for that one:

"The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" :D


AKA Apology Girl
Aug 26, 2008
Black Thorn
Lol, I'd totally be up for saying a few lines in the stageplay. Will need a mic though.

Great newsletter!
You could just record your voice with a smartphone app.


I'm in charge of morale!
Nov 19, 2008
Sunny South Carolina USA
Black Thorn
Great issue! Lots of cool stuff going on. Sunnydale lives! Don't be fooled by that sink hole in the desert, Sunnydale isn't a place, it's a state of mind.


Jan 25, 2016
I'd like to take part in the stage play thingy but how technical do you have to be? Because I'm not :eek:
Not very at all, you need a microphone and a voice :-)
I could do it, it wasn't hard at all!


Max the Vampire Slayer
May 23, 2016
Wonderful newsletter!

Love the stage play idea - I'd definitely like to participate in that at some point.


Zen baby.
Aug 28, 2008
San Juan Puerto Rico
The newsletter has really stepped it up since I was last a regular on BB! Very well organized and entertaining! Enjoyed it very much :)
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