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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 58 - July 2016


I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.
Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn

July: 2016

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to a hot off the presses edition of the Buffy Boards Newsletter! In some parts of the world summer has rolled in, in others winter is coming, wherever you are, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and catch up with what you’ve missed, or re-live what you loved, in this month’s newsletter!

… and Potentials look here!

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The House Always Wins

Scooby Spotlight, keep signing up!
New Weekly Feature: Getting to Know You (Scooby Spotlight)

Right now you can torture question moderator Brinkster130 Scooby Spotlight: brinkster130

Summer reading! Do you want to read the book Wisdom of War or join the re-reading of the comics? We have you covered, visit these forums and jump in at any time!

BB Buffyverse Comic Re-read

Book Club: The Wisdom of War

If readings not your thing we still have you covered, watch Dollhouse with us in the spoiler free zone

BB Dollhouse Rewatch

Icon contest under way, in one week results and winners of those illustrious house points will be posted! Go vote for the final three categories: Faceless, Big Bads and Squad Goals. Art Battles & Challenges
A few high lights

New Podcast Up: “The government gave me bad hair” where we discuss the memory loss episodes Tabula Rasa and Spin The Bottle. Who did it better?

Also the podcast now has a logo, curtesy of @GwenRaiden ! See it here, where you can also give us feedback!

Once More, with Podcast Ep1: The Government Gave Me Bad Hair!

Oh and don’t forget – pick a house! Black Thorn or Sineya – are you bad to the bone or a white hat? Make the choice and never look back!

What’s going on in the Whedonverse?

Emma Caulfield is a mom! And celebrated her baby shower with some Buffy alumns
Emma Caulfield Pregnant

Meanwhile Jewel Staite got married!

Nathan Fillion proves he has the ideas to beat #WalkingTeenDeadWolf

Joss Whedon teased a new film:

"The film I’m working on right now, I could credit 100 different things for how it’s evolving. I’ll say this much about it: it’s historical fiction, it’s different than anything I’ve done before and for the first time I’m writing without a studio, a rating, a budget, or anything in mind. I’m writing purely on a level that I never have. When I finish the script, which should be a couple months, I believe all the studios will get together for a bidding-war/intervention because it is not — it’s very disturbing. It’s been a very exciting experience. I’m doing a ton of historical research, but I realized “Oh, this reminds me of Eli Roth’sAftershock.” So, really don’t know where it’s going to go."

Joss Whedon Teases “Very Disturbing” New Film; Says It’s Historical Fiction

and some more Joss

Nerd HQ 2016: A Conversation with Joss Whedon

and Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated 1 million followers on IG! Getting pushed into a pool!

Buffyverse Vids

There’s a lot more dancing in the Buffyverse than you might think! So let’s get… FOOTLOOSE!

Who would win in a fight - Dark Willow or Piper Halliwell?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Member Quotes

@caitaintdead in “Go Fish, Inca Mummy Girl or Reptile Boy which one would you keep?”

Go Fish, Inca Mummy Girl, or Reptile Boy. Which one would you keep?

See, for me, BtVS (at least in its early seasons) was about using comic effect to tackle heavy issues. There were other TV shows that were available at the time that discussed things from a literal viewpoint. BtVS was less direct, it was about leading you to the issue and then allowing you to decide for yourself what you thought. This was actually one of my favourite things about the show, that it never felt like an after school special lecturing me. The combination of comedy and demons to tackle issues never felt like a problem to me personally, but if it was to you then I can understand. We all see things differently

@Carrie Hopewell in “Better Episode: The Body or The Gift”
Better episode: The Body or The Gift

The Body for sure. In terms of directing, writing, acting, editing, everything, it was excellent. There are all sorts of interesting and subtle details in this episode that make it a masterpiece. I rewatched it this week and noticed this tidbit. From the shooting script:


Okay, remember, we're not drawing the object, we're drawing the negative space around the object. We just draw the edges of the figure, and then give me a sense of the spaces around, the space in between.


As Kevin and more kids move toward the glass to see the girl on the floor, whom now we cannot hear -- in fact there is silence entire -- the camera forward, loses them, turning to focus on Dawn's drawing: the outline of a figure, but not the figure itself. Negative space.

I like how the episode is not about the body - Joyce - but rather what surrounds the body, meaning the negative space - the scoobies. And the outline of the figure that Dawn draws looks like her mom lying dead on the couch. It's such a cool detail that shows how well thought out this episode was. It's one of the few Buffy episodes that's perfect from start to finish.

The Gift is a good episode but only the ending is great. Everything else is unremarkable in my opinion. And the ending tries too much to be epic, it becomes cheesy.

Art of the Month

@ravenstag's awesome Buffy sketches
Check them out Ravenstag's buffy sketches


Blast from the Past

SMG shows that season 6 wasn't all darkness, at least behind the scenes!

That’s all for now, keep calm and keep Buffy-Boarding.

Ta-ta for now and leave your comments below!



The original one-eyed chicklet
Feb 2, 2016
Black Thorn
Great work T, as always ;)

I can't get past you spelling 'courtesy' wrong though... :p
Lol, didn't even see that until you pointed it out!

Carrie Hopewell

Little girl lost in the woods
Jun 5, 2016
Lisbon, Portugal
It's the first time I see the BB Newsletter! Nicely done!
Greats pics. Love that drawing of Willow and the Buffy-Boarding thing. I thought for a second that Nathan Fillion was joining Teen Wolf. He's not right?
Thanks for quoting me :p
The Bronze
The Bronze
Quote of the month is a big honour, you're board royalty now!
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