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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 6 - November 2008

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

November 2008


Welcome Buffy-Boarders to the November 2008 edition of the Official Board Newsletter!

This is where you can find out the latest news about BB once a month, every month. Get the latest updates on new features and board events, see what’s new with the moderators and members or take a look at submissions from your fellow bb-ers. In our “From the Members” section is where you can send in your art, poetry, photos, questions and comments to be featured in upcoming newsletters (for those brave souls!) and mark your calendars with our birthday section!

Missed out on the last issue? It’s always available to view here. And we’d like to welcome you to stop by the Newsletter Feedback Thread to let us know what YOU think of the newsletter!

Welcome New Members!

This month the Members and Staff at BB send out a warm welcome to all of our new members for the month of October. We know it’s a big place and we hope that you’re enjoying BB as much as we do. If you haven't already done so, be sure to stop in and introduce yourself in the Check In forums and take a look over our handy FAQ section.

Some other great resources for new members are: the Bad Eggs section where you can get a fellow member to take you under their wing and help you find your way around the boards, or get sorted into a Board Dormitory and get to know some users in a fun way! And if you’re looking to jazz up your signature, feel free to stop by the Official Banner Makers Thread and one of our official banner makers will be more than happy to create a signature just for you!

Our new members for the month of October were:


NOTE: Apologies to our readers for a slight typo in that some new members were excluded. Here's the rest of the list, again sorry guys!

Moderator Updates

As his online time was reduced a bit, Mr. Pointy is going to be taking a break from his modly duties for a while. He will still be around BB here and there, but in the meantime if anyone needs something from a moderator right now please feel free to contact another member of the BB Staff.

Board News

Buffy-Boards for Charity 2008!

Now that the Official BB Merchandise Shop is up and running, the Staff has come up with a unique way to give back! This holiday season, a new limited time product will be for sale that will include a donation to a charity to be voted on by the members of BB. Check out your dorms for your charity suggestions thread and keep your eyes peeled for more info on this great promotion!


As was announced last month, a new project is coming to BB for those budding artists out there: Art Classes! Members can sign up by posting what graphics program you have and what level you would like to start at, with three levels of difficulty there’s plenty of room to grow. If you’re interested in learning the fine art to banners, icons and more be sure to check out the BB Art Tutorials forum for updates and more information!


Are you a reality TV show fan? Up for some quality BB entertainment? This month a thread was started to see who is interested in a potential Buffy Boards' Big Brother event! For anyone who doesn’t know much about the television show, here’s a quick recap from the thread on what you could expect:
Lyri said:
Basically, the idea is this:

There will be a seperate fourm/s created for the 'contestants', where they will be 'locked in' for the duration of Big Brother. They will only have access to these forums, and only the contestants and 'Big Brother' will be able to post in those forums, however, the rest of the board will be able to view those forums, and see what's going on.

The contestants, like the TV show, will be isolated from the rest of the boards. They will be given tasks to complete, where the winners will be awarded certain things, like a message from a friend from the outside, or immunity from eviction.

There will be evictions, and the contestants will have to nominate who they want to be put up for eviction. The viewers, i.e, the rest of the Boards, will then vote for who they want to be evicted. That contestant will then be removed from the house and returned to the rest of the boards.

Please note that no plans are set in stone for this event just yet, but if you think that you would be interested in this stop by the thread and let us know!


Buffy Season 8 issue #19 has been a long wait and has left a lot of questions unanswered, but one thing is certain in that Twilight’s identity is coming closer and closer to being unveiled. Because of this, nerd4hire has started a Guess the Big Bad for House Points: BONUS ROUND!

Each dorm will work together to come up with their three best guesses to who Twilight is and an explanation of his background/motivation. Once the identity Twilight is revealed any guesses that have been submitted will be judged with the closest guess winning house points! Want more info? See the full information here.


The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is still going strong and is casting for FOUR unclaimed characters. Ever wondered what the buffyverse would be like if the good guys weren't so good? Be sure to check it out!

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri - Darla
Keanoite - Angel
VisionGuy - Cordelia
Jenny - Tara
Black Eye Guy - Faith
Mesektet Ra - Drusilla
Joyce Summers - Buffy
Crazy Flakes - Willow
Bufsum - Xander
The Heartlist - Spike
Five by Five - Glory
palabravampiress - Giles

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is another great RPG here at BB that you can check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary. They are currently casting for the roles of:

Robin wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


Keep your eyes peeled Buffy-Boards for a cool dorm competition coming soon…


This month the Newsletter Staff has been really pleased to get so many PM’s for member contributions and news lately, thanks to those that took the time to send us the info! Here’s what we found going on with bb-ers this month…

An article by Blondie Bear has been chosen to be published in the “Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts”, coming out mid-December. Congratulations!

Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 5th, 2008 at 11.46am. Welcome to the world Abigail and congratulations Rebecca to you and your family!

wiccianslayer has started her very own BTVS/ATS podcast that’s been well received so far, as is currently working on the next edition. We can’t wait for more!

and Aleris has successfully finished university for another year! Please enjoy this incredible thing that we like to call sleep ;)

From The Members

This month we did not receive any submissions for our “From the Members”, “Speakers Corner” or “Burning Questions” sections, but if you have any artwork, poetry, or pieces of fiction that you would like to have featured, please PM your submissions to ~angelic slayer~! We would love to hear from you! For any new readers, the categories are the following:
  • From the Members: Art, writing, photos, anything creative that you would like to be featured
  • Speakers Corner: Your chance to speak up! Voice your opinions for your fellow members!
  • Burning Questions: Ever wonder what Lyri's favourite movie is? Are questions about what SpikedBuffy's least favourite vegetable? Here is where you can ask those Burning Questions that have been in the back of your mind!

Also, as Jenny has taken a short break away from BB for a while, if anyone has PM’d her entries that you haven’t seen make it to the newsletter please message ~angelic slayer~ with another copy of your entry and I'll be happy to take a look! Thanks everyone! :)

Question of the Month

This is the section where each and every month the Newsletter Staff posts a question for Buffy-Boarders to tackle. Once all of the submissions are collected, the top entries are featured right here and a new question is posted to see what YOU all think. Last month, we asked:

“If you were given the chance to change ANY event that happened on either BTVS or ATS, which would you change and why?”

We have two answers to share with you think month, the first from the lovely pernilleborup:

" If I could choose without any limits... I'd want the whole battle against the first happen in the middle of seventh season (this would demand some majorly long episodes to get all the important yadda yadda into the storyline).

Spike would still fall into the Hellmouth, but Anya wouldn't. Kennedy would. It would be an awesome opportunity to Xander and Anya to start again, and eventually GET married! Also the loss of Kennedy (not because I hate her! Maybe a little…) would show Willow in loss again. But this time she wouldn't become veiny evil Willow. She would be grieving of course, but not THAT much.

The storyline would then skip a little, and would make Spike's appearance on the Angel team happen. Ultimately the final battle against W&H would come. But this time with a twist. Buffy and the other Slayers to the rescue! They would have collected new allies in the time between the closing of the Hellmouth, and the big battle in L.A. Among these allies: Oz.

Buffy will again see Spike, and the reunion will be teary, but also hard. Buffy will be forced to make a choice. Angel or Spike. Buffy decides that she will decide when the battle is over. As they all goes into the big fight Wesley will not die, he is saved by one of the new slayers. They all fight in a big over-budget fight, and barely just make it. but they make it.

In an epilogue we'll see the rekindled love between Willow and Oz, and the marriage between Anya and Xander (some happy ending are required!). Also, as the last frame ever, we'll see Buffy standing out in the night, taking a deep breath, and relaxing. As She looks up to the stars, her "chosen" one will come, wrap his arms around her, and they will kiss. The show will end, but we as an audience will not have been able to see her "chosen" one. Just to keep the lovely "war" between Bangels and Spuffies going"

And our second entry of the month came from none other than Lyri:
“ The 'event' I wish had never happened is Kennedy, but not for the reasons everyone might think. Yes, she was annoying, yes she was stuck up, yes she thought she was better than the other Potentials because she was Willow's girlfriend; but that's not the real reason I dislike her so much. The main reason is because she was only there because Amber Benson didn't have the time to return to the show. Joss knew that, by the end of the season, both Spike and Anya were going to die, and he wanted at least one of the main gang to be in a happy relationship when the end titles rolled, and unfortunately, with no Amber, he had to go for the 'next best thing' in his opinion and put Willow with Kennedy.

But how much better would it have been if Joss was able to do his original storyline for Tara's return? For Buffy to have one wish to change an event in their past, and to use it to bring Tara back would have been a beautiful and selfless thing for her to do. To be able to see the look on Willow's face as she saw Tara would have been one of the most magical moments of the entire show. And to have Tara back from the dead and to be there for the end of the show would have been a wonderful thing for her character. A character who, while only being a main cast member for the episode she died, was the main focus for some of the biggest and best episodes and events in the shows history.

Sometimes I don't give Tara enough credit, but I thought she was a wonderful character and even though she was brought into the show quite late, and had to take the place of the all mighty Oz, she stole not only Willow's heart, but ours, too.

So that's the event I wish had never happened, Kennedy, because she was brought into replace the unreplaceable, Tara MaClay.

Thank you both for your awesome (and season seven oriented) replies! This month, in light of the holiday season, we want to know:

“From any of the holiday episodes or scenes we saw on BTVS/ATS, what was your favourite moment?”

We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Please PM ~angelic slayer~ your submissions by December 15, 2008!

Quote of the Month

As difficult as it is to choose just a few posts out of the hundreds that are posted every month, once again we give you two of the most outstanding posts this month!

Posted by cryptwarmer in the "Who’s the Big Bad?" thread:
“I rewatched the final episodes of 6 last night.

At the end of OMWF, they sing Where do we go...and have that scene where they hold hands for a second then drop them and sing about walking alone in fear. I think fear is the big bad. Not just life, which they've proven they can handle when they work together, but fear.

Just before Anya and Spike make contact, she confesses that the real issue is her fear that Xander never wanted her the way she wanted him.
And Willow is afraid there in nothing in her, but the wonder that Tara alone saw and made her feel.
And Dawn is afraid everyone is leaving her, to the point of pushing them away when they WANT to be with her, when they ARE with her.
And Giles leaves because he's afraid Buffy will depend on him too much.
And Xander stops the marriage because he's afraid of who he will become.
They are actually doing an OK job living, getting along, but their fears cripple them, not life, but their fear of what it might be. They even brought Buffy back due to fear, that they couldn't manage without her. If they could get past that, work together, support one another it would all be ok, but fear gets in the way and they all fall apart.”

Posted by Chase Summers in the "Did you find Cordelia to be kind of an empowering character?" thread:
“Cordy was strong, confident, and beautiful. She never let a setback keep her down for long. She always reinvented herself as needed, but maintained her core identity. At first glance she was selfish, but it was really her being practical. Like when she wanted Angel to charge people for saving them - sure certain people needed certain designer things, but at the end of the day it was about running a business and paying rent in order to continue helping people in this way. I don't think Cordy spoke her thoughts without any regard to people's feelings, always. Many times it was about what they needed to hear. The best thing about Cordy is that she knew her worth and she knew what her strengths were and she played to them. If someone disagreed with her, it was no big because any negative comment about Cordelia was irrelevant to her because she knew her worth. Best of all - even though she was used by something evil, died, and never really got to be with her true love (ANGEL) she left this world being needed and loved and missed.
Cordy was kinda dead on when she said in BtVS Season 2: "Oh Buffy, it's like we're sisters, with really different hair!"”|


A huge thank you goes out to cryptwarmer and Chase Summers for your unknowing contributions!

And always remember to look out Buffy-Boarders, you never know when your post may be featured here!

Member Recognition

This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators would like to take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. Without further delay, congratulations go out to these BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, October is:

The Member of the Month for last month, October is:

Both are definitely well deserved, a big congratulations to the two of you!! :D


On behalf of all the Staff and Members of BB we'd like to send one final (or early, as the case may be!) Happy Birthday to all of the following members:


Happy Birthday Everyone! :bday:


And that is all for this month! Thanks to all of our lovely contributors and those that help us out behind the scenes, and of course YOU Buffy-Boards: we couldn’t have this Newsletter without you! We’ll be back next month with a special Holiday Edition 2008 so we want YOU to send in your photos, poetry, writing, questions—whatever you’ve got to send us, we want to see the holiday cheer!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future issues, feel free to PM ~angelic slayer~ or Jenny let us know your thoughts in our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread! The deadline for all submissions for the Holiday Edition: December 2008 Issue is December 15, 2008. So get those sleigh bells ready BB!

Until next time… Happy Staking! :thumbsup:

Love the new av! And the newsletter of course :p
Gratz to BB, Rececca and everyone else mentioned in this months issue - well done all!
Another great edition, thanks ~as~!
Awesome. As always. I only wish it was longer... Maybe I should start submitting!
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