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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 64 - September/October 2017


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Jan 1, 2010
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Newsletter Issue 64: September/October 2017

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to the Buffy Boards Newsletter! Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy…

… and Potentials look here!

New to BB - these are the places to go! Check In; is where you introduce yourself (now don't be shy, we know you want to and we want to know!), Bad Eggs; is where you find guidance ... we all need a little help from time to time, so who best to help you than your very own personal guide to BB? Last but not least Angel Investigations - is where we help the helpless! If you still find yourself with unanswered questions after reading through the FAQ, then this is your next stop. Have a browse through the forum and see if other people have already asked your question and find your answer and if you still need to know something then start a thread in Angel Investigations and we will answer it ASAP.

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Scooby Spotlight
Sign up here Weekly Feature: Getting to Know You (Scooby Spotlight)
New thread every week!

Hey guys, don't forget to check into the Bad Eggs forum every now and then and take a newbie under your wings. Treat yourself, get yourself a bad egg!

Book & Fanfic clubs
Do you not get enough Spuffy in your life? Do you love fanfic but lack people to talk to about it? Have no fear, you can find fanfic discussions in the Spuffy forum Discussing Fanfic: What She Deserves and Lovingkindness by Herself

And for Bangel fans, November marks the start of the IWRY marathon! IWRY Marathon *Reviews & Feedback* Go discuss!

There was also a Bangel/Spuffy fic swap, Fanfic -The Great Bangel/Spuffy Fic Swap

Or go ship free! Gen Fic Recommendations - For Us All

Keep your eyes open for future contests!


Podcast Episode 16 is out! In Athena’s words, we’re going “fortnightly” and we’re starting this change with a four part Faith extravaganza! From This Year’s Girl to Who are you? To Five by Five to Sanctuary! Why? Because you gotta have Faith!

Episode 1 of this series “Cleavagey slut bombs” is available where you find podcasts!

Once More, with Podcast Episode 16: Cleavagey Slut Bombs



The comic seasons are starting to wrap up, the finale of Buffy sending a thrill through parts of the fandom with four simple words…

Angel issue 11 will be released on November 22, last issue Angel made with the smoochies with a certain non-human...where will it go from here? Some fans are skeptical....
Discussion of Angel 11.10 - Released 10/25/17 (Dark Horse)

*SEAL TEAM! David Boreanaz has been over the place promoting his new show which seems to be getting a pretty warm reception on social media and has been given a full season on CBS!

David also appeared on Rachel Ray

In an interview with Watch magazine he talked about: his success rate with television shows and if there’s any pressures approaching SEAL Team. He says, “Whether it’s a championship level or another game, whether you win or you fail, you have to take something positive out of the experience.” Boreanaz adds, “If Bones had gone one episode, or two seasons rather than 12, if Buffy never went where it did, there’s something positive about it.”

Source: s://www.thefashionisto.com/david-boreanaz-2017-watch-photo-shoot/

*Buffy Re-boots as a comic book geared towards a younger audience
Buffy gets a reboot! It's official.

*Seth Green will guest-star on Star Wars Rebels
Seth Green Will Play a Trandoshan in STAR WARS REBELS (Exclusive) | Nerdist

*Catch James Marsters as one of the evil parents in Marvel's Runaways

He also opened up to Nerdist about playing the villain

The thing that I love about acting is that for me, it’s an empathy machine. I’ve played so many villains. I’ve been forced to feel empathy for people who’re making huge mistakes. I don’t think there are villains in this world, I think there are human beings who are hurting each other. Sometimes with the best intentions. Sometimes we really are less than our best selves, and to be able to recognize that and not judge the huge mistakes that my character is making is a challenge but also a gift,” James revealed.

read more here:
MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS’ James Marsters Opens Up About Always Playing the Villain | Nerdist

*Halloween Cuties!

OG Buffy

And SMG lit up her 16 Candles

*Halloween terror!

Have you ever dressed up as a Buffy character? Maybe this year? Go check out Joan the Vampire Slayer's thread Dressed up as a Buffyverse character for Halloween?

*Tom Lenk keeps Tom Lenking in style

Buffy fanvideos
@MarlieTheSlayer shared this delightful video in the thread What if Buffy, Angel, and Spike just had an eternal threesome?

Quote of the month

September, @Taaroko in How Do You Ship

I feel like there’s something massively fallacious about the idea of “happily ever after” as presented in a lot of fiction, particularly romcoms and Disney movies. It’s not that many of these stories aren’t good, it’s that there’s this assumption that nothing bad will ever happen to the couple again once the credits roll—that the courtship is the most interesting phase of their lives and the relationship, and once they're married, everything will be fine forever.

This is absurd. Marriage is not a finish line, it’s a checkpoint. Happily ever after is something you create one day at a time, not a prize you receive. What I wish more writers would realize is that a stable relationship is a lot of really hard work and has tons of potential for drama, like navigating each other’s families and friend groups, getting used to each other’s weird quirks, learning how to resolve disagreements, continuing to find more things to love about each other, and surviving the various stages of parenthood while still making the relationship work. As much as I love well-written courtship stories, I want more “us against the world” stories about established couples learning how to work as a team to overcome anything life throws at them and struggling and falling and helping each other back up again. Better, richer, and health are lovely, but I want to see couples staying strong through worse, poorer, and sickness. The more difficult the obstacles, the more satisfying their success will be.

A movie, play, or book can get away with treating the courtship as a complete story because there isn't room to do justice to the rest in that format, but that way of thinking about relationships is crippling for long-form fiction like TV shows (and for real life, but that's a segue for another day). When writers have room to explore what comes after courtship and don't because they think courtship is the only interesting and dramatic part in the story of a relationship, the characters, the relationship, and the story all suffer. I submit that what makes for stale storytelling is not the stability of a relationship, it's the fakeness of stretching the pre-stability phase out until it loses all meaning or tension. (And an endless string of failed relationships isn't much better than endless will they/won't they, at least for me.)

So I don’t buy Joss’s argument that a successful relationship is a hindrance to a great story. It’s okay if that’s not the story he wants to write, but claiming that such a story can’t be interesting is a shameful cop-out. Parks and Recreation gave us April/Andy, Leslie/Ben, and Ron/Diane, each of which made the characters more interesting to me because they were allowed to continue growing naturally, and while The Office definitely wasn’t as good in the later seasons, that wasn’t because Jim and Pam were married with kids. It happens in genre shows too: Grimm with Monroe/Rosalee and Nick/Adalind, Doctor Who with Amy/Rory, and Orphan Black with Alison/Donnie. I love fiction about power couples whose relationships, while not perfect, last and continue to make the people involved better and stronger versions of themselves. That’s why I write so much Buffy/Angel fanfiction. They have always struck me as that kind of power couple, but they weren’t given a chance to do that in canon thanks to Joss’s philosophy about relationship drama.

@GraceK in Jesse - Why we forgot about him?
I think it was a missed opportunity to be honest. If Jesse was as important to Xander and Willow as they claimed he was, it would have explained SO much of Xander's resentment and hatred of Angel, and Vampires in general. Instead Xander used Jenny's death as more of traumatic experience instead of his best friend. Even just mentioning him, or dealing with Xander's anger down the line , like in Restless, or at any point in season 7 as a way for the First to mess with him would have been great.

But I think that what is really boils down to is that it was a new show, just getting on its feet, and they weren't sure yet where it was headed..and then when it was good to go for a second season, they didn't bother with a character who dead in the first episode.

@crazysoulless in Sarah Michelle Gellar best roles ranked: from ‘Cruel Intentions’ to ‘Buffy’
I could do a top 10 just using characters she's portrayed on BtVS. Buffy. Buffybot. The First Evil. Cave Slayer. Noblewoman. Faith-in-Buffy's-body. Love Spell Buffy. Paranoid Schizophrenic Alt World Buffy. Primeval joining spell Buffy.

I think Helen was the best thing about IKWYDLS. She was much more likable than Julie, her relationship with Barry was more believable and grew closer as the stalking progressed, waking up with her hair cut & tiara and the chase leading to her death are very memorable scenes in slasher history. "We used to be best friends" "We should have a plan. Angela Lansbury always had a plan" "Listen you little dipshit Mayberry ass reject, there's been a murder and you're gonna fry in Hell if you ignore it"

Simply Irresistible is underrated. It's the kind of movie that while not a box office success should've done great on tv or dvd and is easier viewing than most romantic comedies. The only thing I disliked was it wasn't vegetarian or vegan but that's because I haven't eaten meat in 15 years. I love all the relationships in it, that it had a big romance but they both had a best friend of the opposite sex that they had zero sexual feelings for. I would've watched a series about Amanda and that department store.

I think a lot more people would've been obsessed with Possession if the director and marketing knew whether they were making a twisted love story or a thriller. Lee Pace was amazing and had chemistry with SMG but I think maybe he didn't have the right fanbase for this movie because if someone like David Boreanaz or James Marsters portrayed Roman we'd never hear the end of it or their love for Jessica.

Sorrow in The Air I Breathe. A depressed alcoholic pop star gets humiliated in an interview and mentions she has a rare blood type and it's one of the things that makes her special then she falls in love with a psychic working for the mobsters who own her contract and is tied to a chair and gagged while forced to watch him beat to death and finds out she's pregnant and tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building only for the story to come full circle as a doctor who saw her interview saves her life so she can donate some of her rare blood to save the life of the woman he's in love with.

@TriBel in How old were you at first watch?
Late 30s when it first aired in the UK so already a grown up. I watched both Buffy and Angel from the beginning. Liked Spike and Angel then (but preferred Spike) and still do (although I prefer Angel on his own show). My work informs my viewing and my ideological worldview (rather than viewing informing either). I liked but didn't particularly identify with Buffy (despite Whedon's assertions, I find her conservative in many ways) in the first instance but saw her in a different light on re-watch. What reviewing both series (particularly BtVS) did was allow me to see a coherence - a logical progression - I hadn't seen before. Season 7 Buffy is far more progressive. This was further enhanced by the comics. I read all the library editions etc. over summer and was genuinely surprised to see events (Twilight, transhumanism, therapeutic journeys etc.) come to fruition that were predictable from both series.

I watched it with my twin sons who would have been 12 when it first aired and asked them that question recently. They don't recall being particularly traumatised and I don't think their analysis of the programmes has changed over time (that said - one's a psychologist, the other's a film-editor so perhaps it informed them in other ways and maybe their understanding is retrospective). One did remark that Spike "made them gay" (which they are) but I'm taking that as an example of his usual facetiousness and on par with "I'll pay for that mum" :).

Art of the month

Need even more fanfic? Go read some of @WillowFromBuffy 's stuff. I hear Spuffy gets married and that she does in fact give refunds!

Buffy - Return of the Vampire Slayer

You can also check out @MarlieTheSlayer 's own videos

Blast from the past

Was this the beginning of Xander and Dawn... or of Xander/Riley, a new ship on the horizon?

That's it for this issue, ta-ta for now! Leave your comments below!


And a huge thank you to @GwenRaiden for the stunning art made for this newsletter! Your check is in the mail!
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As always @GwenRaiden gets a gold star for her art.

You on the other hand @Taake Bella, you get a bronze at best for not changing the spelling of bi-weekly.... :p
Dammit, knew I'd forgotten something!

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As always, great job guys! I'll keep my eyes open for that contest :p Hope it's not an art thing, because @GwenRaiden is Black Thorn and my side will lose against her for sure.


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Wow, normally I don't like newsletters, but this is awesome :D I didn't know James Marsters is playing one of the parents in the Runaways :eek: I might give it a try now.
Thank you so much for mentioning my fan videos :) That really means a lot to me!
Lmao, the Don't Cha video is seriously iconic :cool:
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