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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 67 - January 2019


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Jan 1, 2010
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Newsletter Issue 67: January 2019

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to the Buffy Boards Newsletter! Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy…

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So it’s been a month since the last newsletter, sorry for the delay. The month of februarymarchaprilmayjunejulyaugustseptemberoctobernovemberdecember just seemed to swoosh by in 2018, don’t you think? @Nix however reminded me of just how fast time flies so here it comes, the newsletter!

So, let’s not dwell in the past... to business!

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*Did you know that the Buffy Boards is 17 years old? Almost grown enough to vote! Did you also know that Angel beats us by three years? This, still pretty shiny, 20 year old is going to be celebrated throughout the year, please visit our special forum for the 20th anniversary of Angel

The 20th Anniversary of Angel

Start by following along our 31 days of Angel extravaganza!

20th Anniversary of Angel: 31 Days of Angel

*Bookclub: Sometimes I lie – Alice Feeney

My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me: 1. I’m in a coma. 2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore. 3. Sometimes I lie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest project is a tv-adaptation of this book, so we’re reading it to get the lay of the land... get into this disturbing mystery presented from the perspective of a woman in a coma! Claustrophobics beware! Book Club: Sometimes I Lie

*Bookclub: Slayer – Kirsten White

Incoming bookclub is one of the latest installments of the Buffyverse, pending European release, we will be discussing this book come February. Stay tuned herehttps://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/buffy-boards-book-club-slayer-kiersten-white-sign-up-thread.74128/


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Boom! Studios: Buffy lives!


Boom! Studios Buffy the Vampire Slayer

No one has missed this right? The new and updated 2019 Scoobies in High School all over again adventure? Bury yourself in this forum for all the ins and outs, predictions and fears for the most recent iteration of your favorite vampire slayer and her friends and foes.

Did you also know that Serenity is still flying?

Boom! Studios has also released new Firefly comics! Prepare for an all-new era of the pop culture phenomenon Firefly, as one of the most demanded stories in the franchise’s history is revealed for the first time! Focusing on family, loyalty, identity, and the price of redemption, writer Greg Pak (Mech Cadet Yu, Totally Awesome Hulk) and artist Dan McDaid (Judge Dredd: Mega City Zero) take you back to the battleground where Mal’s journey began—the War of Unification!

Go here to discuss Firefly

Issues 1-3 out now!

The Nevers

Joss Whedon has a new HBO project in the works, a Victorian drama called The Nevers, so far details are few, but keep your eyes open! The Nevers

Buffy Reboot:


Buffy returns to the small screen? Is it happening? Are you excited? Go here to discuss all the theories and hopes for what a brand new Buffy might bring, The Buffy Reboot

You didn’t miss Alyson Hannigan and her daughter (brief sighting of Alexis Denisof as well) on Masterchef Jr, did you? Go here to check it out:

Alyson on Masterchef

So Social!


Superbowl will get a taste of some slayage this year… Full commercial now up on SMG's instagram!


Netflix’s dreams comes true!

You can also consider streaming giant Netflix to have been slayed by the attention of one Buffy Summers, I mean Helen, I mean Sarah!


Also, gone by not forgotten, Glenn Quinn.


Quote of the month/including that swooshy-pasty 2018 one

SunnydaleGlitz in Did BtVS redefine depiction of gender rules?

Buffy was a breakthrough female superhero in a way there never was one before, and NOT because of her size or because she was a "little slip" of a teenager. IMO, I don't think that's what sets her apart from other women superheroes. It's very personal to me because one of the main reasons I've loved this show since I was a teenage girl myself is that Buffy, a young girl, is allowed to be a thinker. She is allowed to be a ponderer, a philosopher. These have been mostly male domains. I never saw that in any female superhero before in any true or satisfying way. There was never a model like that before.

Buffy was allowed so much subjectivity, we got so many glimpses into her interior space, she is allowed so much critical thinking, AND she is allowed to be powerful without having to be titillating all the time. Unlike others - Wonder Woman, Xena, Lara Croft etc, she wasn't subsumed by previously held models for feminine power - that of the femme fatale, which is performative and has stereotyped, negative connotations - nor did she fit the standard of the "pin up" - which is exploitative and opaque. Both the "pin up" and the femme fatale are male constructions or interpretations of feminine power, re-channeled in alluring ways & imbued with mystique. But they aren't fully fleshed out or fully human.

Buffy was neither - she was a kind of Hamlet. Who ever heard of a Hamlet-ian female superhero before? She delved into existential questions, she was allowed self doubt, free will, agency, anger, and other emotions typically considered unwanted if found in excess in a woman. So were other female characters on the show - including Willow, including Anya. These were always the privileges of male heroes, whether taken from mythology or in literature. Buffy had skill and resourcefulness but this was never translated into female 'cunning', she retains her innocence. She's a strong warrior, but her character is never reliant on this as her only quality. She has a capacity for humor, she can be wry or jealous, she can be weak, she can also be a pathetic mess and still be a hero. That's empowering.

The gender dynamics in Buffy are unusually volatile and complex. Buffy is steeped in gender ambivalence and fluidity. I feel like Buffy was allowed the full range of human emotions usually denied to women characters. And these traits aren't caricaturized either - because they're never static. Everything in the Buffyverse changes, evolves, grows, as part of the human dance. For Spike, it is the confidence he gains from his masculinity that affords him the right to enact his vulnerability, his weakness. He is capable of being completely submissive or entirely in control. Sure, there are still gender tropes/ stereotypes that exist in Buffy, but I think its fair to say Buffy does redefine gender as we see it.

Smickers in Buffy's Boyfriends

If you look at Spike's background and behaviour, he has historically looked to someone, usually a woman, to give himself self-worth and a purpose in life. From his Effulgent poem crush prior to turning into a vamp, to his love and care for his mother and also his love and care for Drusilla. He has always put women on a pedestal, but it hasn't been to his detriment, he has always become a better person once he has a person in his life that gives him purpose. He tells Buffy 'And you treat me like a man...'. Buffy gives him confidence in himself and a greater purpose in life.

On the flip side, Buffy has an unbelievable burden for a young woman that not even her friends can really relate too. They can walk away if they choose to, at any point. They can have relatively normal lives, they can choose a career, a partner, whether they wish to have a family or get married. Buffy also is going to have concerns and frustrations about the group, her relationships with her friends, her mother and Giles. She can't confide to the everyday public about her wicca best friend, her watcher father figure and about hiding her ball of energy sister. This is why both Spike and Angel make great confidants to Buffy, they share her world but aren't really part of it.

It's only when they both cross the sexual line that problems occur, Buffy uses Spike to feel better about her situation while Spike develops an unhealthy attachment. It's only at the end of season 7 you see the way the friendship should have flourished.

Quotes/predictions for the future
Before the comics were released we speculated about their form, so far, with the release of only issue one and no Angel in sight, @WillowFromBuffy's prediction seems prophetic
Boom Comics officially announces Buffy comics reboot, coming January 2019

From October 2018
Angel is probably a bit of a conundrum, because his story is so specific. If they are gonna tell his story from scratch, they can either go through the motions of making him evil again, which could end up being boring and predictable the second time around, or they could drop the whole soulless arc, but then he wouldn't be Angel anymore.

@Mylie speculated that member Angel would be gender swapped
Maybe they'll make Angel a female character? That'd be a nice twist :)

@famicommander hoped for a more competent Giles, fighting wise
I'm hoping Giles is more of a badass fighter from the start of the series.

By the end of the original show he was extremely formidable for a human fighter, but in the beginning he struggles with one vampire and is knocked out what seems like dozens of times.

@HowiMetdaSlayer had some reservations about the new Dru, as did DeadlyDuo… time will tell if this changes
Ooh me likey the new Willow so far! 💜 Not so sure about the new Dru, though... 🤔

As for Drusilla' look, I don't like it. As for the emphasis on her being "The Mistress", I wonder if they're going to give her The Master's role. The title is too reminiscent of when they genderbended the Master from Doctor Who, who was then the Mistress. The suits aren't really a Drusilla thing, they're more something Darla would wear. We saw Dru briefly wear something suitlike in Redefinition but she always looks better in a dress. I wonder if they're actually kind of merging Dru and Darla's characters in this comic.

@ MrsGordo just wanted a good story... let's hope that comes true!
I just want it to be good. I am craving a good Buffy story. Oh and I want Angel there. In his tall dark and broody incarnation. I know, I'm greedy. New stories are fine though. It's the comics. I'm used to calling them alternative canon. With or without Joss' name.

I really don't know why the fandom at large is having such an allergic reaction to "going back to high school"? What is the big deal? That is when the show was at it's best. That is the metaphors that works the best. High School is Hell. That space is ripe for great storytelling in the modern age. I was a bit on the fence about a TV reboot because I am very attached to the OG show and actors. (Although I'm also not staging a riot but taking a wait and see approach). But in comics? I think it's a great idea.

@DagonSphere put Dawn on the agenda... will she be part of this version? Yay or nay?
I am excited that they are going back to highschool, as I have been fairly unhappy with the way all the post S7-comics have panned out, there is just so much stuff in there that is not good, so it's kind of nice to reboot the Buffyverse in comic form and get away from those darn canon continuations.

That being said, the original Buffy comics set in high school when the show was still airing were not that great either. So it all depends on execution, but it is nice to have a fresh start. I wonder if they include Dawn in the highschool comics as well.

Here are some of our members predictions about the Boom! comics and their future, now that the first issue has been released. Have your feelings changed since the first thread? What are you favorites? Cordy and Willow romance? An Angel/Robin character merge? Spordelia or high school Cangel? When will Faith show up, if she will, and what will her relationship to Buffy be?
Let us know, keep the predictions or guesses or fears coming, here or in the thread! Boom! Buffy Predictions

I predict that Buffy will start dating Robin. They’ll be very in love in a Bangel-y way. Spike will vamp Robin, leading to an Angelus style big bad in Robin. Maybe they’ll find a way to curse him. They will have rolled Robin and Angel into one to put a new spin on it.

I'm worried what they will do to update Cordelia. She needs to remain Queen B, have a good IG following. Maybe they'll hook her and Willow up.

One of the Buffyverse’s biggest missed opportunities was not having Cordelia and Spike interact much so sign me up for Spordelia.
I have zero idea where anything is going. But based on JB's interview, I have fears along the lines of @DeadlyDuo. That Buffy and Robin start dating or at least mutually flirting. Spike turns out to be the vamp who killed Robin's mom (slayer or not). Robin wants to kill Spike, but since he's a helpless puppy vamp with "no agency," it's really all Dru's fault. So Buffy, who feels sorry for Spike, has a falling out with Robin, and she "rescues" Spike by taking out Dru (with his covert assistance).

My other greatest fear is that they will do high school Cangel.

I am hoping that by putting this out there that I will turn out to be wrong.

Maybe one surprise is that Faith was the slayer before Buffy and died, but was resuscitated/resurrected somehow.

Keep it coming guys, whatever else you think of the comics, once has to admit they're a breath of fresh air to the Buffyverse!

Art of the month
Need more Buffy in your life?
How about giving @caitaintdead's Buffy videos a glance!

Or sing-a-long with @Phizzy's karaoke vids of OMWF!

Blast from the past
Ok, so it's not quite the 10 year challenge that's been going around, but fun all the same
Aly & Joss how time flies!


Before I leave you, I'd like to add a notification that the newsletter will probably be more on a quarterly release now, and I'd also like to ask for your help! From now on you can send in submissions, nominating which post/s you think should get a quote of the month/s shout out! Just send your nomination to me and the staff will look it over!
Until next time, hope you all continue to rock!
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