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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - issue 69 - August 2019


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Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn
Newsletter Issue 69: August 2019

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Welcome to the Buffy Boards Newsletter! Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy…

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We’ve already grilled @Puppet, @katmobile and @Name the Stars and are currently grilling @Give Us A Kiss, go here to get in on the fun… and cheese. Buffy Boards School of Slayers and Demon Hunters


Feeling like a re-watch, well BuffyTV is live… join us in a rewatch. Currently on episode 5 of season one. The unforgettable, "The Pack" - hyena possession and accidental cannibalism, yum fun! #BuffyTV

Angel 20th Anniversary Forum
Re-watch of Angel season 1 is still on going, we’re currently on episode 13 – "She" – the episode literally no one likes? Correct me if I'm wrong! I'll need a written affidavit and at least two witnesses to have signed it.

Please join us and re-live the wonders of 1999!

Rest of the schedule
August 10th - I've Got You Under My Skin
August 17th - Prodigal
August 24th - The Ring
August 31st - Eternity
September 7th - Sanctuary
September 14th - Five by Five
September 21st - War Zone
September 28th - Blind Date
October 5th - To Shanshu in LA

We also had some drabble competition this summer. What kind of competitions would you like to see on the boards? Comment below and let us know!

Oh and let's not forget about Agents of Shield, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 6 discussion



It happened, it happened! An Angel 20th Anniversary Reunion! David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Amy Acker, and J August Richards got together and reminded us all why we miss this show so much, and what made it great. Only issue - it was too short! What didn't they talk about that you wish they would've? It's hard to please everyone, but let us know what you missed or loved.

Thank you Entertainment Weekly for this treat

What was your favorite part of the reunion? Amy Acker’s enthusiasm might be mine, she is ready for season 6! So are we!

And Buffy herself wanted in on the action


The Nevers

Cast list and critique, love it or hate it, The Nevers seems to be steaming ahead and in full production. Fresh Whedon-TV, soon available near you!

The Nevers full cast and characters

Boom! Studios: Buffy lives!


The Buffy Saga continues in its new format, building towards the big crossover event that’s coming.

Buffy is currently on its sixth issue Discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6 - Released 7/3/19 (Boom! Studios)

Angel is on it’s third Discussion of Angel #3 - Released 7/31/19 (Boom! Studios)

Has anyone seen The Griddle House yet? Let us know what you thought about it1
Charisma Carpenter, Amber Benson and Clare Kramer all together in a movie. Also featuring the now deceased Luke Perry, RIP.

So Social!

Eliza Dushku welcomes baby boy! Congratulations to Eliza and her family!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jersey Shore’s Snooki seem like a true love match

Quote of the month

r2dh2 in Was Buffy or Xander more persuasive about killing or not killing Anya in Selfless?
I mostly agree with you. This is one of my favorite episodes and this is the episode where I like Anya the most. Anya hits rock bottom here and she genuinely repents to the point that she’s willing to sacrifice herself to undo the wish (I hate that they did not push this side of Anya later on in the season and decided to forgive her immediately). But more importantly, IMO, Anya stops making excuses and acknowledges that Buffy is right. I truly love how Anya tries to make Xander understand that she knows that she crossed the line and that there might not be a way back.

Now, I also agree with the idea that Buffy jumps into it a bit too fast. I’d like to have seen her more conflicted when making the decision; regardless of what Anya did, she was still a part of the Scoobies for a long time. But I’m with Buffy here and I agree with D’Hofrryin, Xander was looking at the situation from a place of love and, rationally speaking, his arguments were not strong enough – emotionally speaking, however, I understand him completely and I agree that if Buffy had let her heart decide before, she could have given it more time to find a “better” solution.

But, as it has been pointed out above, it is Willow who understands both sides and saves the day by understanding what Anya was going through and giving her the opportunity of making a choice: repent, atone and accept the consequences, or continue in this path.

Art of the month
Feeling arty but need inspiration? Check into the art challenge forum, currently an A to Z banner challenge is going on

A to Z banner challenge

Currently on the letter B, as @Puppet shows with this banner

You haven’t missed @MrTrick’s Youtube channel have you?
At BoredNow over on Youtube you can catch some classic Buffy reviews, among other things

The ever prolific writer Illyrian wrote this story during the summer, go to the Watcher's Diaries to find more, and feel free to let us know if you want your own featured in the Newsletter.

Liz Beth Ory

As Buffy and Willow walked into the classroom they were surprised to see the new teacher.
She had written her name on the blackboard, LIZ BETH ORY, she told the class she was there to teach European Studies, she would start by teaching them about early Romanian make up.

Willow drew Buffy’s attention. “No boys.” Buffy looked around the room. “You may have noticed there are no boys here and why would there be they look wrong in makeup,” said Liz Beth.

Later that day while Willow was at the local shops to get a magazine, on her way home she glanced at the magazine then by complete surprise she was dragged into an alley, expecting the worst she gasped and stared at her assailant. “Drusilla! Er what do you want?”asked Willow.

Drusilla sat on a bin, “You are one of the slayers friends aren’t you?” asked Drusilla. “I am, who told you?” asked Willow. “I am Spikes girl, he told me who you are. What I want to know is who is the new big evil in town?” asked Willow.

Willow ran to Buffy’s house, Buffy saw her friend was panicking and asked her what was wrong. “I was dragged into an alley by Drusilla she didn’t want to hurt me though, she wanted to know who the new big evil is. Buffy why would Drusilla ask me that?” asked Willow.

“I told her I don’t know, I even asked Drusilla why she thought I would know,” said Willow. Buffy told Willow to say what she was told. “Drusilla said she asked me because I am your best friend, then Drusilla said the new big evil is at the school, she talks to us girls, and only us girls.”

Buffy decided she would ask Giles in the morning.
In the library the following morning Giles was pleasantly surprised to see Buffy and Willow waiting for him at the table. “What can I do for you?” he asked.

“Last night I was confronted by Drusilla, she said about a new evil at the school, when I felt Buffy’s house I was followed by Drusilla, she stayed back and didn’t approach me, if anything I thought as though Drusilla was protecting me, don’t know what from though.”

“Giles, Dru said about a new big evil in town, that the new evil was at the school, talking with us girls,” said Buffy. Giles promised he would look into who it was, he would see who the new girls at the school were.

He spent the rest of the day trying to see who the new girl was but discovered that the only girl who had transferred in was Buffy. He was at a loss. That evening after Buffy had finished her homework she sat on the couch near Willow and watched the television.

There was knocking at the front door, Willow gets up saying she would see who it is. She wanders to the door and is about the see who it is. “It isn’t Xander, he hasn’t knocked again,” laughed Willow. Willow answered the door then stepped back she turned then goes to get Buffy.

Buffy is about to run to the door but stops, she faces Willow and tells her off, “Why did you invite her into my house?” asked Buffy. Willow stared at her then at Drusilla and back to Buffy, “I didn’t, just a minute I couldn’t this isn’t my house!” Exclaimed Willow.

Buffy looked at Willow and realised that her friend had spoken the truth. She turned to look at Drusilla. “How did you get in my house?” asked Buffy. “Why couldn’t I, your mother invited my grandmother into here and you invited my father, my sire so I can come in any time,” said Drusilla.

Buffy stared at her, “Drusilla, who was your grandmother?” “Darla, but forget about that, I am here to tell you who the new evil is, she is your teacher of European Studies who goes by the name of Liz Beth Ory. Her real name is Elizabeth Bathory, a woman who has killed more than any other.”

Drusilla steps closer to Buffy, she stops at a foot away from her, her face changes as the vampire becomes evident. Buffy I want you to stake her, I do not like her,” said Drusilla. After Drusilla leaves Buffy’s house Angel enters the house.

Buffy tells Angel, “Drusilla was in this home, she identified the new evil as Elizabeth Bathory then left. I want you to escort Willow home.”
The next day at the library Buffy told Giles all about Drusilla’s revelation.


Blast from the past
In honor of The Nevers cast list, let's all admire a young Olivia Williams as a flawless Jane Fairfax. She pretty much looks the same! Is she drinking from that same fountain of youth as James Marsters or are they just blessed with genes the rest of us would kill for? ;)

Also, not to end on a sad note, but
RIP Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallet who couldn't be there for the 20th Angel Anniversary

You are gone but not forgotten!

Because he wasn't mentioned in the EW special, let's sign off with a bit of Lorne!

Until next time!
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