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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 7 - December 2008

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

December 2008

Happy Holidays and Welcome Buffy-Boards to the special December 2008 Holiday issue of the BB Newsletter!

For those of you who are reading for the first time, the newsletter is the place to find out what is going on around the boards every month. Interdorm Competitions, Special Announcements, Member News, BB Events and even your own Submissions"”we've got it all right here. This is your chance to show off your creativity BB, so remember to get in those submissions!

Once again if you missed out on last month's issue don't fret, it's always available to read here. And please feel free to stop in to the Newsletter Feedback Thread and let us know how we're doing!

Welcome New Members!

On behalf of everyone here at BB, we'd like to send out a warm welcome to all of our new members for the month of November, 2008. We hope that you're enjoying yourselves and finding your way around; but if you do happen to be a little lost don't worry! A good first step is to post an introduction in our Check In forums and take a look over the handy FAQ section.

Still trying to figure it all out? The Bad Eggs section is a great place to stop by. Just post a thread there and a fellow Buffy-Boarder will be more than happy to "adopt" you and help you find your way. Not your style? You can also ask to be sorted into a Board Dormitory and get to know some members in a smaller setting.

And of course if you're looking to jazz up your signature, stop by the Official Banner Makers Thread and one of our official banner makers will be more than happy to create a custom banner just for you!

Our new members for the month of November were:


Board News

As many of you have already seen, during the first week in December the Buffy-Boards Store introduced two new Limited Edition holiday products for 2008. From now until the end of January, you can order two great porcelain ornaments to help celebrate the holiday season. Not only are these a must-have BB original (designed by our very own Lyri), but the price of these two ornaments has been marked up by a couple dollars with proceeds going to charity and the boards themselves. So each purchase not only helps out Buffy-Boards, but it also helps those in need during the holiday season.

Final Polls for the charity we will be donating to should be taking place in your dorms now, so stop in and cast your vote! In the meantime, here are some photos of the ornaments hanging on Keanoite's Christmas tree!



Coming in January to Buffy-Boards is our very first month-long Fanfiction Marathon, and we want YOU to participate. Each day in January a new fanfic, short or long, will be posted for the boards to enjoy! The only criteria is that it is beta'd (proof read) and submitted to Keanoite or Lyri by December 31st, 2008, is kept family friendly and that it centers somehow around Buffy's Birthday (any age). Please stop by the thread here to see more details. Don't be shy BB and send in those stories!


Are you a budding artist? Want to learn how to make one of those awesome banners that you see all over BB? A new Art Classes project is coming to BB! If you're interested you can sign up by posting what graphics program you have and what difficulty level you would like to start at (and with three levels of difficulty there's plenty of room to grow!). So if you're interested in learning the fine art to banners, icons and more be sure to check out the BB Art Tutorials forum for updates and more information!

Also, Art Classes Tutors are reminded to please stop by the Tutors Area asap!


With twenty issues of Buffy Season 8 already released, no one knows just how much time there will be before Twilight's identity is revealed. Check out your dorm for more information on the Guess the Big Bad for House Points: BONUS ROUND!

Each dorm should work together to come up with their three best guesses to who Twilight is and an explanation of his background/motivation. But keep in mind: once the identity of Twilight is revealed no additional guesses will be taken. So hurry to your dorms and put your heads together BB! See the thread here for more information.


BBTv is quickly working its way through Season 2 of BtVS and is inviting YOU to participate! Screenings take place every Saturday at 8PM GMT (3PM EST, 12PM West Coast and 8AM NZ) in the BBTv Chat Room. To play along, just get your DVD or Online Episode ready for the appropriate time, and enter in the following information to join the chat room.

Server: irc.vbirc.net (same as the BuffyBoards chat area)
Channel: #BBTv

For more information you can take a look at the main area here, can't wait to see you there!


The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is still going strong and is casting for FOUR unclaimed characters. Ever wondered what the buffyverse would be like if the good guys weren't so good? Be sure to check it out!

The current cast list is as follows:

Lyri - Darla
Keanoite - Angel
Jenny - Tara
Black Eye Guy - Faith
Mesektet Ra - Drusilla
Joyce Summers - Buffy
Crazy Flakes - Willow
Bufsum - Xander
The Heartlist - Spike
Five by Five - Glory
palabravampiress - Giles

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



Just a reminder that the BB Staff is still working on a potential Buffy Boards' Big Brother event for the coming months! Just like in the show, contestants from BB will be "˜locked' in a forum for the duration of the event and will have to win challenges and votes to keep themselves from being evicted. If you think that you would be interested in this, be sure to stop by the thread and let us know!


"New Horizons" is another great RPG here at BB that you can check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary. NH has added a new player to their cast this month, with Faith taking over the role of none other than Faith. Great to hear!

New Horizons is currently casting for the roles of:

Robin wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


Just to clarify after some recent confusion about the IRC, to access the Buffy-Boards Chat room the information you'll need is:

Server: irc.vbirc.net
Channel: #BuffyBoards

If you have any questions about how to access the room with a specific program, be sure to take a read through the Update New (and improved) Board Chat Channel thread as many users have posted a "how to" for most of the programs you will encounter!


Keep an eye out for a New Column coming to the Buffy-Boards Newsletter next month! The mods are coming... ;)


And finally, this month in Member News we have tracked down a few tidbits of information from our wanders. Remember that if something newsworthy happens to you or a fellow BB-er, you are more than welcome to send it in to ~angelic slayer~, we'd love to hear from you!

T.I.P., like many BB-ers is going on holiday for December, we hope you enjoy yourself!
ckg927 has recently celebrated getting their computer back up and running after a fried registry! Yikes!
Our very own Dancing Man has been given a job at a glass factory this month! Great work!
This New Year's Eve, Kryptonite will be hosting her very first New Year's Party. We're sure that it'll be a smashing success!
And last but certainly not least, CordyCat is now an uncle! Best wishes to you and your family CC!

From The Members

Just a reminder that Submissions are still open for the "Speakers Corner" section if anyone is interested in submitting anything for that. This month though, we did receive one dorm-pride submission from a familiar Drogynite:

Submitted By: ILLYRIAN

Here lies the moment of our past glory,
When we came to relive the Buffy story.
In pastures of pure festive pleasure,
That only time knows how to measure.

The distant view of a great Slayerdom,
It feels the power of Drogyn's freedom.
The old ones of past to here did wander,
And join in graves to those down yonder.

So distant now though those times may be,
The time will soon come when we shall see.
Why Drogyn strove to help with destiny,
And the slayers shall return to the unity.

The earth shall rise up from the waters,
Illyria and Drogyn shall come to us all.
To guide and influence the Buffy Boarders,
And give the Drogynites the future plan.

And now with eyes to see what lies ahead,
Ears to hear the voices of the ex-members.
A mind to read the administrators thoughts,
And now to do what the mods have taught.​

And on that note: with the members of Drogyn showing off so much dorm pride, this month we are challenging YOU to show off your dorm pride! Whether you send in your banners, poems, drawings, short stories, photos, animations"”we want it all! Just as long as it shows off love for your dorm. All submissions should be PM'd to ~angelic slayer~ by January 17, 2009

Question of the Month

This is the section where each month the Newsletter Staff posts a question for Buffy-Boarders to tackle. Once all of the submissions are collected, the top entries are featured right here and a new question is posted to see what YOU all think. Last month, we asked:

"From any of the holiday episodes or scenes we saw on BTVS/ATS, what was your favourite moment?"

Unfortunately, we did not receive a single answer this month, however we did receive a very interesting answer to last month's question that we'd like to show off. So in answer to the question: "If you were given the chance to change ANY event that happened on either BTVS or ATS, which would you change and why?", from the lovely Tranquillity:

Interesting question, though one thing I've learnt from playing "The Corrupted Wish Game" here on the Buffy Boards is that if you change one thing then a string of other things change too "“ usually with dire consequences.
But, that being said, there is one thing I would love to change in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that would be the whole Spike/The Doctor connection in As You Were. In my opinion, the story line doesn't make sense and was executed quite clumsily. Spike's suddenly an international dealer of demon products? Oh Please! He doesn't even have a phone! Actually, while I'm changing things can I make it so Riley and Sam never actually come back to Sunnydale too? I can? Oh good, they really are superfluous in my new and revised version :)

I'm not against the writers showing us that Spike was still very much a grey character and that he still had evil tendencies or that Buffy had to get to the point where she would break up with him; all these things were completely necessary. So I don't want to change the story "“ I just want to change how it was carried out. It would have been so easy to show Spike doing something dodgy for cash (to give to Buffy to help her out with financial troubles, of course), and have Buffy find out about his dealings which would put her in the situation where she is confronted by real moral ambiguity "“ does she accept the money or not, knowing where it comes from, knowing how much she needs it? And thus, that would provide a metaphor for the dilemma of her sexual relationship with Spike and lead her to an epiphany moment in which she comes to the decision that she needs to break up with him. So the same point would be reached in the end except that Buffy's decision about her and Spike would have been based on exactly that, her and Spike, and not on the magnificent, too-good-to-be-true-larger-than-life re-appearance of Riley Finn, demon hunter extraordinaire.

I wouldn't change everything about As You Were - There are some things I really love about this episode "“ Todd's Machiavelli speech at the beginning is priceless as it contextualises Buffy's situation of being closer to her "˜enemy' than her friends but also sets up the intriguing (and completely unprovable) theory that Riley is somehow the Machiavellian mastermind of the demon egg plot, solely and wholly to set Spike up as the fall guy. Also, the interlude Spike and Buffy share in her front yard is interesting too; He is sooo close to getting "˜into' her everyday life. They've moved from an anonymous (and very breakable) house, to his crypt, to her front yard "“ If she doesn't end the relationship with him now, then the next step is inside her house and then it will be real and undeniable"¦ Oh, and her fight with the vampire after she finished work is hilarious too.

Thank you again for the great submission Tranquillity! This month, we are asking Buffy-Boarders:

"The Slayerettes: Who is your favourite potential and why?"

We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Please PM ~angelic slayer~ your submissions by January 17, 2008!

Burning Question

Have you ever wondered what Faith's favourite tear-jerker is? Wondering why Old Master is number 3.0? One question every month will be answered, so put your thinking caps on and go ahead, dare to ask that burning question!

This month's intriguing question was submitted by Spirit_Of_Fred, directed towards none other than palabravampiress: "If you could write a fanfic where Buffy-Boards somehow crosses into the Buffyverse, what would the plot be like? "

And the answer?
If I could write a fanfic in which the BB and the Buffyverse somehow collided, I would use one of two plots:

1.) My first idea would be a Buffy season 8 plot in which Faith teaches Giles how to use "that dreaded machine." Giles then becomes addicted to the BB, as the members do often come up with interesting insights that Giles is able to employ to his advantage. For example, N4H might put forth an interesting theory about the weakness of a specific demon. Giles would then encounter said demon in his "real life" and use N4H's method of dispatching it. Giles would become an active member of the BB -- and an avid defender of Buffy's actions and motivations.

Meanwhile, lonely, isolated Buffy would still be trapped in Fray's time. She would be searching for any long-lost reference to herself and her friends. In doing so, she would come across a long defunct, outdated website in which, strangely, many of the insights seemed related to Buffy's current predicament. Fueled largely by advice from a certain member whose screen name I haven't figured out yet, Buffy would use the information on the website to defeat Dark Willow and co. and to return to her time.

In this story, Buffy would have turned to her watcher for guidance and come out on top because of it, but neither Giles nor Buffy would know (although they might have an inkling) the truth about what had happened. Back in her own time, Buffy would pick up the phone and call Giles. With the help of the BB, the Buffy/Giles rift would be repaired.

2.) A wackier fanfic might involve a difficult-to-find thread about an incredibly ridiculous topic. Once a BB member wanders into said thread, the BB member is pulled into the Buffyverse. The story would take place during season 2. Drusilla would kidnap our favorite techno witch and force her to create the spell so that unsuspecting BBers are pulled in to be dinner for Dru's sickly little Spikey-poo. Buffy and the Scoobies would have to save Jenny and the BBers from Spike and Drusilla and then Willow and Jenny would have to reverse engineer a new spell to get us all back to our real lives. Some of us might end up getting stuck in Roller Boy's fangs, but I figure that's a small price to pay for being rescued by our favorite super hero.

I will, of course, resist any horribly shallow attempt to write a Mary Sue fic involving Giles, a police car, band candy, and a timely body switch with Joyce. :)

Seriously, guys: this has been a blast! Great question! It really made me think. Besides, I feel honored to have been asked.


Great Q&A you two! Definitely a memorable submission! Be sure to PM ~angelic slayer~ with your Burning Question BB!

Quote of the Month

After another 4 weeks of leafing through threads, once again we bring you the two most awesome posts for the Quote of the Month:

Posted by Joyce Summers in the " Any freakish Spuffy/Bangel hybrids out there?" thread:
Okay I must be the ultimate freak in the Buffy relationships then. I love Bangel, I love Ruffy and I love Spuffy. I don't hate any of the relationship.

The great romantic part of me (a huge part, haha) adores Buffy and Angel. Their love for one another is what every girl dreams love to be like, but the tragedy of their situation is something awful yet romantic that appeals to that same girl. The tragedy we worship yet would hate to be put through ourselves. Bangel allows me to indulge in all romantic cliches.

Riley makes me like the Buffy and Riley coupling. He is so sweet and gawky at the very beginning that I am immediately endeared to him and I'm soon rooting for the two crazy kids to make it work, haha. And the way he continues to love her no matter how much she shuts him out or how much he knows she doesn't love him back as much, endears me even more. He's such a pure good guy that I don't doubt would jump off of a cliff if he knew it would save her from god knows what, and I know that's, metaphorically, what he wanted to do for her when her Mom was sick. Make the pain go away. He's a sweetie and if a load of, well, crap hadn't been going on all at once in her life I think the two would have worked out.

And Spuffy....there's passion there. No doubt about that. But Spike's adoration stops it from being just raw heat and adds sentimentalism to it, which makes it...realer I suppose and more able to appeal to the audience. I always had a soft spot for Spike though and when, in season 5, he starts being good for Buffy's sake, that was enough for me to see the potential. But then you know, Buffy had been down that road and it led to craposity so I never really cared too much for it until Dead Things when he just let's her beat the hell out of him because he knows she needs too. That's when I was all 'oh my gosh' and I loved it as much as I loved the two previous relationships, but not for the relationship itself, not for Buffy but for how Spike was in the relationship. He was the one that made it work for me I think.

And posted by Kelsey in the "The Slayer Made the correct choice" thread:
I have a hard time understanding the basis of the argument against Buffy's decision. I mean, I do understand it, but the idea that Buffy could talk her sister into jumping off of a tower just goes against everything Buffy is. Regardless of whether or not you liked Dawn, from Buffy's standpoint the girl was her sister. The words she used to describe Dawn, as a "part of herself," show the deep love and affection she holds for her sister. I can't imagine that it would have been more heroic for Buffy to push Dawn into the portal. More practical, I will concede to, but if Buffy had done that, how could we love her anymore?

I was actually very... proud of her, during the Gift.


A huge, holiday thank you to Joyce Summers and Kelsey for your unknowning contributions! They were both pleasures to read! And always remember to look out Buffy-Boarders, you never know when your post may be chosen!

Member Recognition

It's that time again BB! This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. So without further delay, congratulations go out to these BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, November is:

The Member of the Month for last month, November is:

Two well deserved recipients, a big congratulations to the two of you!! :D


On behalf of all the Staff and Members here at BB we'd like to send one final Happy Birthday to all of the following members (and there are certainly a lot of "Happy Birthday"s to give out!):




Happy Birthday Everyone! :bday:


And once again, that brings us to the end for another month! Thank you to all those that sent in submissions this month as well as those that helped out behind the scenes. We hope that everyone at BB is having a great holiday season, and wish you all a safe and happy new year!

As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for future issues, feel free to PM ~angelic slayer~ or stop by our our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback thread! And for those amazing folk that would like to send in a submission, the deadline for all submissions for the January, 2009 Issue is January 17, 2008. We couldn't do this without you BB, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Until next year"¦ Happy Staking (and a happy new year!) :thumbsup:

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