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Buffy-Boards Newsletter - Issue 9 - February 2009

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Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada

February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day BB! :kiss:

And Welcome to the lovely February 2009 edition of the Official Buffy-Boards Newsletter!

New to the boards, wondering what the heck this is all about? The BB Newsletter is a monthly thread put together by a team of three moderators here at BB. It contains updates on Board upgrades and features, member and other board news, features outstanding members and posts, and it is also your chance to speak out by sending in YOUR submissions.

Be sure to stop by our Newsletter Feedback Thread and let us know what you think of the newsletter. And if you're looking to catch up on some reading, last month’s edition of the newsletter is always available to read here.

Welcome New Members!

On behalf of all the members and staff of BB, we’d like to send out another board-wide welcome to our first batch of new members for the year of 2009. It's great to have all of you a-board and we hope that you're enjoying yourselves! Be sure to stop by the Check In forums and say "hello" to your fellow members, and take a look over the handy FAQ section before posting.

And if you think that you could use a little extra help, the Bad Eggs section is a great feature on BB where a fellow Buffy-Boarder will take you on as an "adoptee" and be your guide to the boards. You can also post a request in the The Sorting Tome to be sorted into a Board Dormitory; a great way to get to know your fellow Buffy Boarders.

Our new members for the month of January, 2009 were:


Moderator Updates

This month two of our Moderators underwent very intense username changes: the lovely "Keanoite" is now going by a popular BB-nickname "Kean" and "~angelic slayer~" has dropped her squiggly lines for good and is now known as "Angelic Slayer". In other news this month, palabravampiress is making a move across the USA!

Moderators are identified with the title “Junior Partner” and a custom avatar. They perform such duties as planning board events, overseeing assigned board sections and the chat room, editing or moving posts or threads as required and responding to member complaints, queries, or infractions. Members are invited to please feel free to take concerns or questions to the appropriate member of the Buffy Boards staff.

Board News

The Buffies 2009: A Huge Success!

On February 7, 2009 at 7pm GMT, Kean and Lyri hosted the much-anticipated Fourth Annual Buffy-Boards Awards Ceremony! Always a member favourite, the annual event honours members of the boards who have stood out during the past year. Award nominations are submitted by members and then narrowed down to a single winner by a panel of moderators and selected judges from the membership, and from there comes a night that always proves to be an exiciting event! With heels-flying, text-message acceptance speeches, Lindsey Gangs storming the stage, Profile Attacks and more-- this year was certainly no exceptions!

This year the Buffies had a total of 81 nominations in 10 different categories, with three surprise Buffies awarded at the end of the ceremony. Meanwhile, in the Feedback thread, over 500 posts were made by attendees before the two day after party began. For full coverage of this year's awards, see the main thread here.

Taking home the House Cup for this year (for the second year in a row) were the folks of Vahla Ha'nesh! Congratulations to you all!

The winners of the Fourth Annual Buffy-Boards Awards Ceremony, 2009 are as follows:


Storyteller- Best fanfic posted (or completed) in 2008.
o OM3.0 - Giles Incarnate

Sunnydale Art Gallery - Best piece of artwork posted in 2008.
o ~angelic slayer~

L'il Pumpkin Belly - Cutest member or post in 2008.
o Bangelxx

Xander/Anya - Funniest LOL BB moment (thread or post) in 2008.
o April Fools 2008

Doyle - Most missed member.
o Elmo

Class Protector - Most helpful/supportive member.
o Joyce Summers

Faith - Coolest member of 2008.
o DarklyDreamingDrusilla

Giles - Biggest Buffy/Angel expert,clever-clogs, know-it-all.
o Allycat

Andrew - Best RPG "actor" or "actress" of 2008.
o Palabravampiress

Goldenboy – This award is for the member who displayed BB spirit at its finest in 2008.
o Lou

House Pride– This award is for the member who shows the most House Pride of 2008
o Fake Shemp

A Sharp Stick – To an outstanding member who has contributed immensely to the boards
o Mr. Pointy

Hot Chicks With Super Powers – To the two members that are truly the heart and soul of BB and give their all to the boards each and every day. They make BB the place that we all have grown to love.
o Buffy Summers & Faith

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. Way to go! :yay:

And just one final note, Mr. Pointy has asked us to pass along the following thank you for his recognition this year:

Mr. Pointy said:
I just wanted to say thanks properly to you guys for my special award...my teachers always said I was "special"...

My acceptance speech was a bit pants but I really did appreciate the award and I was genuinely moved. I didn't agree to become a mod for the fame and fortune ;) but this recognition was a lovely gesture.

Thanks again to all my good friends on BB...I love you to bits :)


--Boards Buzz -- Inside the "Buffies" Breaking News--

Could it be? Things at the Buffies didn't quite go as planned? Black Eye Guy has tirelessly worked behind the scenes and has now revealed to us an EXCLUSIVE sneak-peak at the scandalous mishaps coming soon to the pages of Boards Buzz.....

By "Insider" BEG

1 Presenter, 2 Presenter…3 Presenter More!

Last night was a first for the glamorous Buffies, it was announced a few weeks before the event that the presenters for the night would be Kean and Lyri, two well respected and loved members of the Buffy Boards. But it did come as a bit of a shock, after all was this not Pointy’s thing?

Since the awards launched, Mr. Pointy had arranged and hosted the awards, but for the first time, this year we got two new hosts. Both Buffy-Boards and Mr. Points Reps have stayed very quiet on the subject with a formal announcement being made by Buffy-Boards, stating that ‘Mr. Pointy has been an excellent host for the last number of years, but wished to take a break this year, and we have Excellent host’s lined up to take on the fun and exciting challenge’.

But that didn’t seem to be the full story.

Apparently the original line up for the awards included Mr. Pointy and Faith to be hosts for the evening. Faith had been away from the boards, but had returned a while ago (incidentally for each of the years she was missing, she turned up around awards season to collect her award before disappearing again, will she be around after this years awards??).

Faith had jumped at the chance to host the awards, but Mr. Pointy apparently wasn’t as eager. But as soon as the figure he was originally promised to host the awards was doubled, he was on board. And so rehearsals started and the preparations got underway, but things weren’t going as smoothly as you would expect, with Mr. Pointy skipping meetings and Faith showing up a few hours late citing fatigue and exhaustion as the cause.(Who isn’t exhausted after partying all night and 16 shots of JD??)

Producers quickly became worried that the pair would pull a Elton and Lily at the Buffies. At Last years GQ awards, hosts Elton John and Lily Allen made headlines when the two bantered on stage which went a bit to far, While Ms. Allen was clearly under the influence of allot of alcohol (She drank while hosting, on stage and told Elton John to “F**k off” to which he responded “I could snort you under the table”)

So with this incident in mind Mr. P and Faith were dropped from their hosting duties and Presenters Lyri and Kean were drafted in last minute. When Mr. Pointy was asked to comment on his replacement, he laughed “The awards are a lot of pressure, I’ve made some big shoes for them to fill, I’d be surprised to see if those two manage to keep it in their pants for the entire show, if they do we should consider the awards a success, if they don’t we should just consider it a day that ends in ‘y’ ”

When we eventually managed to track Faith down (to a bar at 3 in the morning on her 8th shot of the evening) we asked her about her replacements, she seemed blissfully unaware she had been replaced “No…No, Yes, no. You guys have it all *hiccup* wrong, Im presenting (She starts to poke herself repeatedly, spilling her drink) ME. Its going to be good, I love the Oscars… (She pauses) Sorry golden Buffies! Yey!

It seems that our "sharp stick" may not be as gracious as he'd like you to think, and it looks like Faith will need a little more than a golden Buffy to get herself out of this embarrassing mess. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies for more behind the scene leaks -- Boards Buzz


Board Upgrades: Now Complete!

After four gruelling days of tweaking our beloved boards, Buffy Summers has posted a list of Changes/ New Features brought in by the recent upgrade and has invited members to voice their thoughts on the new and adjusted features.

The main changes are as follows:
1.) "Community" dropdown on navbar.

There is a new category in the toolbar with links to the chat, the current newsletter, BB's Myspace etc and other member/community type things.

2.) Social group discussions/categories.

Instead of just being like a giant tagboard, you can now make thread-like "discussions" within the fan clubs. There also is the ability to seperate the clubs into categories, but we haven't actually created any of those yet lol. Social groups can also now have icons.

3.) Private Message Sorting

You can now sort your pm's by sender or title. You can also filter your pm's by sender or title (which is kind of like a mini-search).

4.) PM History

From vbulletin.com: "When you receive a message from another user that is in reply to something you sent them, you can now view a history of replies."

5.) Quick edit for visitor messages

You can now edit vm's the same way you can posts.

6.) Private Message Quick Reply

7.) Profile Privacy

You can now limit who can see your profile info.

8.) New Template Set

The main change is to how posts are displayed, most everything else was just cleaning up old code.

9.) New display when posts are merged

Now it will display the time of the original post and the time of the post that was merged.

Be sure to drop by the thread for more details and voice any feedback that you have on the new upgrades!


Note from the Board Staff: Signature Rules

All members are reminded that although signatures over BB's limit are no longer being "cut off" at the required size, they are still expected to be no more than 150 pixels high by 725 pixels wide. Moderators will be editing and/or removing any signatures that are not within these limits so please double check yours to ensure they are within the rules.

More information about signature limits can be found here, in our FAQ area.


Interdorm Competition: Buffyverse New Year’s Resolutions

Last month, the artists of BB were asked to create "New Year's Resolutions" banners for select characters of BTVS/ATS. The competition, with 32 initial entries has been narrowed down to five finalists and have been voted on by the members of BB! Final voting is now closed, stay tuned to The Slaying Times for a list of Winners and House Points!


As the RPGs Turn: the latest and greatest in BB Role Playing entertainment

The Buffy-Board RPG "The Dark Age: Through the Looking Glass" is moving forward with some exiting new storylines and a revamped cast. Also notable are the cast’s two recent Andrew Award nominees: Kean, Palabravampiress and Mesektet Ra. Along with the rest of the cast, they deliver fantastic performances as good guys gone bad and bad guys gone good in this upside down take on everyone’s favourite ‘verse.

The current cast list is as follows:

Kean Angel
Black Eye Guy Faith
Mesektet RaDrusilla
Joyce SummersBuffy
Crazy FlakesWillow
Lindsey MacDonald Glory
palabravampiress Giles
Faith - Xander

If you're interesting in joining the cast, please PM Lyri with your top three choices along with an 'audition' as one of your choice roles! The following characters are still available:



"New Horizons" is the longest running RPG here at BB, so be sure to check out at the Cast List and Plot Summary in order to get up-to-speed. NH has recently been on hiatus, but has come roaring back with the much anticipated War of the Slayers! Both team Scooby and the rogue slayers led by Ansara, Drusilla, and Indra have been feverishly consolidating forces for the past year and the situation has reached a boiling point. Also, all three of the Andrew award nominees (Kean, Mesektet Ra, and palabravampiress) hold roles in this RPG, so this is one fight you’re not going to want to miss!
The current cast list is as follows:


Angel - played by Slayergal
Illyria - played by Angels Baby101
Spike - played by Mesektet Ra

Buffy Summers - played by Kean
Willow Rosenberg - played by Black Eye Guy
Xander Harris - played by palabravampiress
Faith - played by Faith
Gwen Raiden - played by Lyri


Indra - (Slayer) - played by palabravampiress
Drusilla - (Vampire) - played by DarklyDreamingDrusilla

New Horizons is currently casting for the roles of:

Robin wood

If you're interested in joining in, please post in the Sign up for the RPG thread or PM Black Eye Guy with your audition!


Art Classes: First Classes Completed!

Scores have now been posted for both of the first BB Art lessons and a list of those moving up from the Intermediate to Advanced classes is also now availible. The next round of lessons coming very soon so all those taking part are reminded to stop by the BB Art Tutorials forum frequently for updates.

Class sign up thread is again, now Closed as the lessons have started. If you would still like to participate, please send a PM to either Faith or Lyri.


Guess the Big Bad: Bonus Round!

Over the past few months, the dorms of BB have been asked to come up with three guesses as to who the mysterious Twilight may be, as well as an explanation as to his background/ possible motives. Those involved in the Season 8 comics are starting to hint at a reveal of his identity coming very soon, and with that reveal the chance to make a guess with your dorm disappears!

All guesses should be submitted by a house representative to this thread, so stop in your dorms and come up with your guesses as soon as possible!


In Other News…

Joss Whedon's new series "Dollhouse" (starring the familliar faces of Eliza Dishku and Amy Acker) has made its debut this month, and thus far has been a hit on sites such as Hulu and iTunes. Residents of the USA can watch full episodes here, in the meantime be sure to stop into the Board Discussion Area for the latest news on the series.

Also, members can still pick up their Official Board Merchandise here. These are a must-have for Buffy-Board lovers, so be sure to get yours now!

BBTv is still going strong with both screenings and re-screenings of your favourite BTVS episodes happening two days a week! Stop by the main area or check out the Calander for dates on the next event!

For those James Marsters fans on the boards, the trailer from his new movie "Dragonball Evolution" (hits theatres April 8th, 2009) is now open for viewing at the Official Site. Keep an eye out for the character named Piccolo to see James' colourful new role!


This month we've seen quite a bit of Member News popping up around the boards, so in case you've missed something here is a recap of what happened to some of our beloved members this month. And remember, if something newsworthy happens to you or a fellow BB-er, you are more than welcome to send it in to palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer; and we'll be sure to spread the word!

xgirlanachronism245x has recently returned to us (now from her new apartment, through a brand new computer!). Congratulations on both bits of news!
Bluebird is currently visiting fellow a fellow BB-er in Sweden, we wish you all the best on your trip.
wehappyfew is currently working on a very interesting sounding graphic novel
CordyCat has recently met a guy who sounds like a keeper! Congrats and all the best in your new romance.
and last but certainly not least, yellowcrayon has met everyone's favourite potential Felicia Day! We are all pea-green with envy!

From The Members

This is the section devoted to YOU, the members here at BB. Here is where we feature all art, writing, photos and videos that are sent to us by members just like you! All submissions can be sent in to palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer.

This month the newsletter staff went searching to see what BB-ers were up to this Valentine's Day, we came across quite a few "greeting cards" from BB-ers. Straight from the Valentine's Day Thread, we thought it would be festive to show off these members' festive cards for anyone who hadn't managed to come across them:

With Love, Crazy Flakes

With Love, CotA

With Love, DarklyDreamingDrusilla

With Love, Harm's Way

Burning Question

Does the mystery of the "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" mod keep you up at night? Ever wonder why Faith chose the rogue slayer as her username? One question every month will be answered, so put your thinking caps on and go ahead, dare to ask that burning question! All Burning Questions can be sent via PM to Angelic Slayer

Question of the Month

As many of you know, each month the Newsletter Staff posts a question for the members of BB to answer as best as they can. Once all of the submissions are collected, the top entries are featured right here and a new question is posted for YOU to answer! Last month, we asked:

"If you were presented with the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, in what capacity would you want to work with him and why?”

This month with the Dollhouse premeire now said and done, we are wondering if that has sparked any new answers among our resident Dollhouse Fans. So we're asking again this month: "If you were presented with the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, in what capacity would you want to work with him and why?”

Please PM palabravampiress your answer by March 17, 2008!

Five Questions With…

In this section of the newsletter, each month the Moderators of BB send out a list of five questions for one lucky BB-er to answer. In return, that member is allowed one question to ask the Mods (to which we will feature two of the best responses). The questions that will be asked are…

What is your fondest memory of BB?
If you could rule BB for a day what would you do?
What's your earliest memory of BB?
Who do you admire?
What is your favourite thing to put on your toast?

This month, the Mods of BB called upon Airam for her
Airam said:
1) My fondest memory of BB would definately have to be being chosen as Member of the Month for November 2008. Since joining I've always considerded that to be such a neat feature and lovely way of recognizing members. I love awards and my whole life have been such a sucker for awards shows, so in the same vein each month it's something I look forward to seeing announced, never thinking it could be me since I was relatively new, but so excited for the potential recipient. So that day, when I came on BB and up popped the PM from Angelic Slayer, I was shocked, ecstatic and so honored. And now each month when the new winner is announced it's almost as if I am happier even for them because I know what it felt like for me.

2) If I could rule BB for a day... oh wow... ummmm... Okay so, I'd want to use my power for good, like come up with an awesomely fabulous new feature that would make everyone super happy... that would be ideal right? But just one day? The pressure would be on hardcore, I'd be hard-up to come up with something spectacular in just 24 hours and implement it.... So... for one day I'd completely ban hurt & heal games in Slaying Practice cause honestly, nothing annoys me more on forums than those. And I'd allow just for a day for everyone to have custom avatars. I completely agree with why we can't have them but, with all the drama around the issue, I'm riddled with curiousity as to what everyone would pick to use and since Kean used that delicious Pacey/Joey av, I'm super jealous that it couldn't be mine!

3) My earliest memory of BB is the day I first came upon the site. I've told the story before, but for those that don't know... One day I picked up Chaos Bleeds again after not having played it for years and still I couldn't make it past the darn Initiative level so I went on the internet looking for help and in my google search BB appeared and it was like a gift from the Buffyverse Gods. I haven't picked up Chaos Bleeds since, lol... I'm been pretty much engrossed in BB. I had a look around for a few minutes, made an account, posted an intro thread and the rest is history... love you guys!

4) I admire many people of course, but if we go the the celebrity route, first and foremost on the list would absolutely be Robert Downey Jr.! And it is far from being only a silly celeb crush, I honestly admire the man, the actor, the person he is. I think I first fell in complete and utter love with him in Weird Science, he played a total jerk but his brilliant spark still shone through. I followed his career and his life's ups and downs ever since. We all know the downs were significant, but he came through it all never once really loosing that spark. His ability to go through so much and overcome it and wind up, arguably, an even better man for it all, to me, is the epitomy of admirable. LOVE HIM... brilliant, genius, legend, I KNOW will all be words used to describe him now and for lifetimes to come.

5) Fave thing to on my toast? I guess I like to keep my toast simple... I'm totally an only butter girl. Sometimes some sharp cheddar cheese as well, but mostly only butter :)

Awesome answers Airam! For once, we are all thankful for that "darned Initiative level" ;) In return, she asked the mods....
“Which Buffy or Angel character, major or minor, would you say you are the most like (and why) and which one event, experience, or decision in that character's life has caused you to identify most with them?”​

palabravampiress said:
I am most like Anya, as I seem to be lacking in social graces. I am very much driven by rational thought so that both strong emotions and emotion-based social cues catch me off guard similar to the manner in which they catch Anya off guard. I identify most with Anya's experience of falling in love with Xander. Like Anya, I began my significant relationship from a very practical, no-strings-attached sort of perspective; in hindsight, I would say that I guess Anya and I were both guarding our hearts. Falling in love was perplexing and seemingly unnatural. Like Anya, I resisted the irrational pull of emotion. Like Anya, I found resistance futile and ended up being the first in my peer group to take the walk down the aisle.

Fortunately, my story ended up happily ever after. :)

Kean said:
If pushed I think I would have to say Angel. Although that isn't the whole story.

I'll start with the second part of the question first. There are two specific events that resonate within me from Angel's life: Whistler giving him the option to make something of himself and his epiphany. I know it may come as a shock to you considering my quick wit and roguish charms ;-) but I'm big on the brooding. My thoughts consume me at times and I have been known to get lost in my past. For a long time I was consumed by shoulda, woulda, coulda's and I feel, like Angel, I am now living my life almost in an effort to make up for my past. Like Angel, me doing this was a conscious decision that I made to be better, to be someone of merit.

Although I come off as horrifically negative at times I am hopelessy hopeful for the future. I genuinely believe in the better. Better me, better you, better life. I know in my bones that there is nothing that I want that I can't achieve if I put my mind to it and work for it. I get disillusioned from time to time but I always get pulled back in either by myself or the people I care about. I'm intensley loyal and terratorial. Someone crosses me or mine and I go Cave Kean on them kinda like how Angel is prone to his bouts of Dawson Lerryitis, very attractive I know. ;-)

For a long time I stayed in the backround, in the shadows. I watched from a afar but never dared to test the waters. Now I like to be the leader. My first instinct is to take charge of a situation. We'll be given a project in college/work/mentoring and immediately I am thinking of possible solutions and delegating jobs.

You can add protective to the loyal and terratorial (nice combination right?). If I can spare the ones I love any pain I more than likely will. Not necessarily a good thing. I have a bit of a martyr complex and I'll often leave myself suffer rather than have a loved one hurt. This has varying levels of success. It is definitely something I have to work on.

What is it with February and all these topics forcing me to have inner monologuey, self assesing serious thoughts? (which according to the above I do anyway...so, um...I'll be over here>>>>get my brood on :-D)

Thanks you two for the very insightful answers! Remember to watch those inboxes BB, you never know when your turn may be next ;)

Quote of the Month

Another month of great posts has passed, here are two in particular that really stood out in February, 2009:

Posted by Fusions2 in the "Did she care Buffy died? (Minor season 8 spolier) " thread:
I thought Cordy cared that Buffy had died, ok she didn't do an Angel and go away for a few months but to me I thought she showed respect. Look at the way she spoke to Angel about it all, she didn't crack any jokes about Buffy. If it had been Cordy from when she was back in high school then she would have made fun but this showed that she had grown as a person and cared for them.

Ok she and Buffy weren't on the best of the terms but I think she was sad that Buffy had died and also seemed pleased to know she was alive again. As for not saying her name I think it was more of a joke on the show as much as Cordy not wanting anyone to say her name, but still I didn't see any disrepect over her death from Cordy.

And posted by WannaBlessedBe in the "Worst Spoiler You Accidentally Got" thread:
The first time I saw Buffy, I had no idea it was Buffy. I was down at my friend's apartment watching tv with his roomate. There was this STRANGE show on where there was this girl and a guy fighting... with swords... then there was this girl speaking this weird language in a hospital bed and this glowing orby thing and then WHAM this guy doesn't want to fight this girl anymore and he's all sad and confused and then this chick kisses him and I think everything is happily ever after and then BAM before you know what's going on this girl runs a sword through the guy who gets swallowed by a big rock and she's all crying about it.

So a few years later I'm watching Becoming Part II and I'm all "cripes! NO NO NO!!! Angel's going to die!!! WHAAAA!!"

Thanks to you both for your insightful and entertaining posts! And watch out BB, your post just may be next!

Member Recognition

We're almost at the end of this month's issue, which means it's time once again to announce the Member and New Member of the Month for January, 2009.

This is the much-anticipated section of the newsletter where our moderators take the time to recognize members whose contributions to the boards have been outstanding over the past month. They have exuded the spirit that IS Buffy-Boards with every post, and really set a great example for their fellow members. So without further delay, congratulations go out to these BB Members:

The New Member of the Month for last month, January 2009 is:

The Member of the Month for last month, January 2009 is:

Congratulations to you both, without a doubt they are well deserved! Keep up the great work!


On behalf of all the members and staff of BB, we'd like to wish the following members a heartfelt Happy Birthday and all the best in the years to come:




Happy Birthday!


And that's all for this month, BB. Thanks as always to all those that helped out with this month's newsletter, as well as a special thank you to all those who made this year's Buffy-Board Awards happen! It's an event that Buffy-Boards members really look forward to and this year was certainly no let-down. It was great way to kick-off a great month!

If you have any ideas, comments or concerns about the Newsletter, please feel free to PM either palabravampiress or Angelic Slayer with your thoughts, and don't forget to send in those submissions!. Readers are also always welcome to stop by our our Buffy-Boards Newsletter Feedback Thread and give us your thoughts on how we're doing!

We can't wait to see your submissions BB, the deadline for the March, 2009 issue will be March 17, 2009, so be sure to send in those submissions ASAP!

Until next month Buffy-Boards, Happy Staking!


Edmund Blackadder
You need to check some facts. On the day of the last Newsletter I sent Palabra an answer to the question. Since then I have deleted my 'sent' messages so I don't have a copy, but you should check with her!
Awesome! Thank you!! :D
A joy to read as always :)
Loved it. nice work.
Amazing job, it's like my school's newsletter... but BETTER! :)
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