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Question Does anyone know if Angelus raped as well as tortured?

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Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Why is the same standard not set for torture? They are on the same level of unsettling acts to watch.
I think they are pretty light on the torture scenes, too. I can only say for myself that I find rape scenes more disturbing, because often they are done for titillating effect, which is not true of torture or murder scenes. We'll just be glad that Angel turned good again!


Cause He is worst of worst in his kind.The ones I remember;

Holtz's wife
-A woman in Amends
-The Gypsy girl who is the reason why He is cursed
While I see Holtz as a villain, I can't help but root for him at times, at least until he gets his hands on Connor, and even then I understand his thinking.


Mar 13, 2016
Why is the same standard not set for torture? They are on the same level of unsettling acts to watch.
One, society pressure. It has always been hypocritical, but most people abide. (And in real life many if not most would be more outraged that a director or someone like Joss bullied or even raised his voice to an actor or actress they liked than the everyday sexual abuses of kids on the street, etc. I'm not counting "safe" activities like tweeting, at least some of which are just for the endorphin rush of the thumbs up than actually giving a damn, not that different from people who act holy and dress up for church but then turn into their usual profane, perverted, corrupt scumbags after leaving church.)

Two, there are far fewer (that more than many realize) victims of torture (at least who'd watch this show) than there are of rape.

Muddying it is the vampirism and sex/rape metaphor. Sometimes it's "forbidden sex" but other times in vampire fiction it's rape, and on the nose blunt about it (though only depicted as vampire violence) in some shows and movies, and yet with plausible deniability for those who wish to do so (be it writers with censors or fans with others).
Mar 5, 2022
Angelus also makes a comment in season 4 to Fred. There are a couple of other times where something is said in the show, but I can't remember right now.

"I bet you Wes would never hit her. He's all proper and English. And that accent... ooh, chicks just love a good accent. Makes them all buttery in their nether regions. Isn't that right, Fred? You know, I had a bit of an Irish brogue back in the day. If you like, I can use it on you when I rape you to death."


Oct 24, 2005
Neptune, California
Rating. Buffy moved to a new network for Season 6 and 7, one that didn't have its censorship guidelines set up yet so the writers took the opportunity to push boundaries with the Spuffy sex because they could (hence why Season 6 is the season with the most sex), they had to tone it back for Season 7 because then the network had got it's censorship in place. It's also why they could be so graphic with the AR and make it so prolonged because there was nothing stopping them.

Buffy Seasons 1-5 and Angel the show remained on WB so they had to imply rather than show.
Buffy moved to UPN in season 6, which is was the same age as the WB. The difference is while the WB leaned hard in the teen demo at that time, UPN’s target demo skewed older. Both networks were established at that time.


Bangel in the soul
Sep 5, 2010
Italy - Sardinia -
There is no episode in any season where a scene is said or seen where Angelus has ever sexually raped any woman. Sure Angelus tortured and brutally killed a lot of people, but rape is never mentioned. Angelus tortures his victims more psychologically than physically, as he did with Buffy and Drusilla, and doesn't seem to be particularly interested in rape. Many fans claim that Angelus raped Drusilla, but there is nothing in the canon to indicate this is true. Angelus mentally tortured Drusilla until she was crazy, but there is never any talk of rape.

For this Angelus is extremely more dangerous, because he is a mad sadistic psychopath.

Then the story changes, Angelus is cursed by the gypsies and the scenario changes.
In the story of the narrative he becomes the "eunuch" and the rapist is another vampire, just as dangerous, second only to Angelus in wickedness.


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Feb 16, 2022
Westchester, NY
I think it’s more of a “up to the viewer” sort of situation. There are hints and suggestions, but never a direct statement.

As far as I’m aware, neither show comes out and says Angelus was a rapist. What the shows do say is that Liam was a womanizing drunk before his vampirism and became a terrifying menace after the vampirism. It’s theoretically possible that sort of behavior would carry over to his vampire days, with a potential increase due to the lack of danger or consequences.

Angelus is a real piece of work and delights in torturing and making people suffer. Think back to Passion, where he not only killed Jenny (whilst cracking jokes the whole time!), but posed her, set up a whole situation to mentally and emotionally scar Giles, then went to Buffy’s house to watch her get the news because he reveled in the grief and torment. That episode alone shows that he is just a cruel monster.

That being said, it’s my belief that if Angelus thought raping someone would horrifically torment another, he would have done it in a heartbeat. He loves nothing but suffering and anguish, and sexual assault checks those categories bigtime. The shows never showed this because you can’t show that kind of horrific content on TV (I also doubt a large portion of the audience would enjoy seeing it. Example: Seeing Red) and because it would have sabotaged Angel’s character bigtime. There’s a massive difference between Angelus killing/torturing people and Angelus being a sexual sadist, and I think the latter is much harder for an audience to look past and absolve, regardless of if it was a different personality or not.

Just my thoughts though! :)
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