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On Politics

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
The staff has been listening to comments from you, the members, as well as our own feelings on the discussion of politics on the board. We feel, as it seems like a lot of you do as well, that this is a board that is ostensibly supposed to be about discussing the Whedonverse, something light hearted and not stressful. The current state of the world can be unsettling, and we want BB to be a place that can be an escape from that and a positive experience.

So while it is very important to us that all topics are allowed to be discussed here on the board, and that all viewpoints are allowed to be (civilly) discussed, we must also consider the tone that certain topics can bring to the board. An element of toxicity has been felt by many, including the staff, making BB a less pleasant place to be. We don't like to see members spouting vitriol or being angry at each other, or the lines of division we so often see nowadays in the real world spilling onto BB.

For this reason, we have decided to revise the policy on political discussion on the board.

Political discussion will still be allowed in the official thread; however, derogatory remarks about other political parties and groups will not be allowed. Slurs - whatever the context - will also not be allowed. Posts containing such remarks will be deleted. On the first transgression, the member will be pmd and reminded of the rule. On the second, they will be barred from the political thread permanently.

If this goes well, we may be able to allow political posting in more than one thread once again. If it does not go well, and that toxicity remains, we may be forced to disallow political commentary altogether. This is an effort on our part to compromise between the comfort of members and the wish to allow free expression.
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