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Once More, Twice a Month!


The original one-eyed chicklet
Feb 2, 2016
Black Thorn
Some exciting news for listeners of our Buffy Boards podcast, Once More, with Podcast :D

@Taake and I been doing this for 16 months now (time really flies!) and we've really grown to love this little show. I'm not going to lie and say we're putting in 16 hour days in or anything, but we love putting it out and getting feedback from folk on what to do next. We try to listen to everything you suggest to make the show better, funner and more Buffy Boardsey than ever!

Now, we're the first to admit, we're not professional presenters, editors or producers. (Hard to tell though, right?! :p) We do this as a hobby and fit it in around our other commitments. Some months have been tougher than others and some late night last minute edits have occurred... but we've been getting feedback along the lines of "once a month is too long to wait" and "other podcasts are weekly" etc which is absolutely a fair point to make and as a subscriber to many podcasts, I love to know that I don't have to wait too long for the next show.

So, we hear you. Once a month is too long, so as of next episode (which will be out this weekend-ish!) we're going to be putting out new episodes fortnightly (aka biweekly!), like a couple of other Buffy podcasts out there. We've talked about it and we think that little bit of extra work is worth it to get people listening and enjoying more :)

We're still on Instagram and Tumblr, but recently we also set up a Twitter. If you're on any of these social medias we'd love a follow, a like, a comment, a mention or a retweet ;)

Instagram @oncemorewithpodcast

Twitter @omwpodcast

Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/oncemorewithpodcast

And as always, pop any episode suggestions in Podcast Episode Suggestions


The Overlooked One
Jul 5, 2008
Cool, personally I have problem finding the time to listen once a month though...
But I like it. Someday I will take the time and listen through the ones I've skipped. :)

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