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Showing a Link to a piece of fan fiction


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Several times I have asked to have the word, 'Completed' added to the title when I have finished a piece of fan fiction.
I have been told to add a link to the story, then told off or reprimanded for not giving a link. However when I said I don't know how to give a link none of the Staff Members would tell me how to find a link to the story.
I saw on, 'Can someone please delete my comment' in Angel Investigations that Buffy Summers (reply#13) stated to give the number in the top right of the post. I looked at my story but found there was no number at the top right of the post, the highest number (on the page) is the post number ie #1, when I ran the pointer over that post number I get a 6 or 7 figure number, is that the link to the post?
If not I won't bother asking again. I'll put my question in the too hard for me to find, basket. I'll endeavour to write shorter fan fics in future so I can add the word, 'completed' at the time of writing.


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Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn
Here I have clicked post #1 of one of your fics, then copied the link to the page (from the browser)

Link to post:


However, if you just want to add the link to the fic, it should be enough to copy the browser link (which will take us to the story) rather than a specific post.

Link to thread:
Demons or Aliens, Which is Wych

We need a link so that we know which story you wish to be marked completed.

Edit: @Spanky it is Buffy season 5 and I love it
what is that ghastly color scheme you have!!
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