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Spike's Cousin



I believe the reference to Spike's cousin being married to the regurgitating Frovlax demon was added with little thought and not ever meant to be treated seriously. Like enough, it was just meant for laughs. However, I wonder if anyone else has ever imagined what that cousin might be like.

I have yet to read the comics, but I don't recall hearing about her being addressed again. Personally, I have envisioned a spoiled, belle of the county, Vivien Leigh type, who liked to pick on young William mercilessly as a young man, and who got her comeuppance at the hand of Spike after he was turned. Not sure how I would go about it, but I've thought having her be turned into a vampire, and then somehow under a spell to fall in love with the Frovlax demon for eternity. Spike seems to know a thing or two about spells, so maybe he's worked one before.

It would be interesting too, if this was the reason why, after all the good he did in Season 7, he was still sent to hell, because he left his cousin like that, in a perpetual state of mischief/torment. It would have made for some interesting TV, as I can see one pissed off vampiress after being released from such a spell. It would also be hilarious to see her still having some latent bad choices in men after being attached to something disgusting for so long...maybe even an attraction to Clem?

I've also thought, in a separate Spike TV series or movie, which we never got, she could have been the new character everyone was unwilling to kill, simply to give Spike a chance to try and fix the situation, kind of like Spike was with the chip. Ultimately, though, I'd probably like her to stay evil, as she kind of started off that way, and for Spike's attempts at that redemption to fail. It could make for some nail biting television to see it almost get pulled off, only for another better avenue to open for him.

Anyway, I like the series as it is. This is just some mind wandering on what could have been if they had continued with the character in a separate creative endeavor. Does anyone else have a creative head canon for this, or even given it any thought? Maybe I think too much.


Sep 11, 2017
Sometimes, the story has a fox with an inner monologue in it.
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