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Week 23: Buffy Season 10 #21-25

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
This week we are discussing Buffy Season 10, volume 5 (issues #21-25).

"In Pieces on the Ground, Part I"
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Rebekah Isaacs
Demon invasions are becoming a worldwide threat, and Buffy is tasked with convincing the vampire community that they should help fight the invasions. But to win them over, Buffy and Spike have to triumph in one-on-one battles with the finest vampires around—and Harmony is organizing the event!

"In Pieces on the Ground, Part II"
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Rebekah Isaacs
Willow’s loyalties to Buffy are questioned when she makes a decision behind the Slayer’s back . . . Are the besties growing apart? Also unknown to Buffy, Spike has a conversation with an old friend that leads him to question the patterns of his relationship with Buffy.

"In Pieces on the Ground, Part III"
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Megan Levens
The Sculptor makes a tempting offer to Andrew that requires a smidgen of Buffy betrayal. But the potential gains seem too good to pass up. Will Andrew go evil, or will Buffy need to keep the former ne’er-do-well in check to ease the tension among the Scoobies?

"In Pieces on the Ground, Part IV"
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Megan Levens
As new jobs, new relationships, and new priorities arise, the Scoobies' personal feuds are becoming a big issue for the team. When the trail of the Restless Door leads to the Demon Lord's hideout, the Mistress takes advantage of their discord and presents the team with a terrible decision that could tear them apart.

"In Pieces on the Ground, Part V"
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Megan Levens
Defeating the demon lords has been priority one for Buffy and team—to stop the continual opening of portals to dangerous demon dimensions . . . Suddenly there is a new priority one: closing a portal—and one portal in particular. Will the team be lost?

Source: Wikipedia


Jan 25, 2016
Another excellent volume. Season 10 has been great. Love seeing Spike and Buffy as a normal couple, with added complications. Fun to see Harmony and Vickie tryng to split them up, and Satsu and Dylan making appearances. Buffy is definitely worrying about her future and is thinking she might never have that normal life she craves. If Spuffy haven't split up by the end of this season, I'm sad to say I don't think they'll last much long :(

Willow gets a reasonable chance at a love life with Lake. This could go either way, her name could mean that she and Willow are made for each other, but she works for USUCC, which could be a bad omen. But they do seem suited and happy together and that's nice to see, Lake accepts and enjoys Willows magic and she seems as intelligent as Willow, and I like her sophistication, she's not a girl like Tara or Kennedy, she's a full grown-up woman., a reflection of the women Willow wishes/hopes she is becomming.

I like Buffy and Willow falling out, growing apart and even when they try to be friends, they just can't get past their differences. Buffy is moving away from Willow and Spike emotionally and Xander and Dawn physically, and I enjoy all that emotional stuff

For once Andrew doesn't betray Buffy - yay! He might actually be growing as a character which is good see after all these years :)

Xander is heartbreaking, and seeing that one tear roll down his face is so sad. I think he did the best think by going with Dawn. And Dawn! Love that the Key is playing a part in all this and that Dawn is ready to sacrifice herself for the world, she really is a credit to the village that raised her.

I am skipping over Giles because I am now bored and a little creeped out by him. Please Joss let him grow up! Let him be trapped in a hell dimension for a few months so the time difference ages him.
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