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White Avenger

Joan the Vampire Slayer

Carpe Spuffy!
Jun 5, 2008
WA State
I just found out about this morning. I can't believe he died a year ago and I didn't know. I don't know how I missed this thread.

I'm very upset to hear this news. Him and me were close friends. We talked all the time over private message, about all sort of things, for several years. He was such a nice guy, smart and articulate and a supportive friend. He would always check in with me if he didn't see me on the board for a while. We both loved Spuffy, and talked about Buffy a lot, but we also talked about our lives. He was one of the first people I started talking to on here. I really appreciated his insights on the show and we always knew how to carry a good debate.

I spent some time today looking over our old conversations. The last message he sent me was in June of 2020. He knew I lived in Seattle, and at that time there was some rioting and protests going on. He wanted to make sure I was okay and to tell me he was thinking of me, regardless of what side I was politically on. I never responded to the message. I feel really bad.

On Dec of last year, I did send him a message though. I had been thinking about him randomly. I must have sensed something was wrong. He never responded. Now I know why.

He was 74, my mothers age, they were born in the same year.

He will definitely be missed. If there is any way his family could see this thread, I think that would be very cool. I'm looking through our old messages and maybe I can find some info on what his email was or maybe his Facebook, if he had one, and I can contact his wife or kids. Will keep you all posted.

Rest In Peace friend. I will miss you.
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Mr Trick
Mr Trick
That's a beautiful tribute. I'm glad he could have such an impact on your life. I hope you can get those details. Sorry for your loss.
He was such a compassionate person. Keep us updated. He is missed every day. I think of him often. ❤️


Bangel in the soul
Sep 5, 2010
Italy - Sardinia -
OMG. I only find out now by reading @Joan the Vampire Slayer post. This is terrible news that saddens me enormously. I'm comforted by the fact that shortly before I left from BB, I wanted to greet him personally with a private message, and he greeted me with his usual irony. He and I were often on opposite sides, indeed to tell the truth we hardly agreed on anything, but mutual respect never failed, and it was often fun to respond to his threads.

Rest In Peace White Avenger 🌹
may the path be light to you


Nov 30, 2016
Montauban (France)
Has anyone ever actually met him in real life ? I know that some of you see/have seen each other in real life..
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